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I came home and took bath after that i did lunch with my family…i was thinking whether should i tell mom-dad everything…i was confused at this stage…Shivaay is really a nice guy but his story is very twisted !…He requested me to become his girlfriend but its not so easy for me to do that…I need to think about the after effects..like what happens if everyone gets to know that me and shivaay are not a couple but just friends…

Vaidehi “Ani…whats wrong with you…what happened”

Parimal “Beta are you tensed”

“Nothing like that mom-dad stay chill”

Vaidehi “Ehh…why you are sweating…its such a pleasant and cold weather”

“Uff mom i said naa…nothing”

I left the table and rushed towards my room…

Vaidehi rants “Ani ehhh…listen…see such a weird girl” ?


I called Prachi quickly…

Prachi “Bol madam”

“Prachi yaar its really important listen”

I told her everything about my and shivaay’s meeting…

Prachi “Anika…recall that how shivaay saved you from that Mr Bajaj’s hands” ?

“I know yaar…about that short story but dont forget that shivaay hided his identity that day” ?

Prachi “That day he used you to save million girls and then he also saved you from that criminal…and today he needs helpi think you should act…its just acting naa” ?

“Okay chal will call you later” ?

I put the phone down and decided finally to become his NAKLI GF !!…(Fake Gf) ?


Shivaay is busy in solving a case and on the other hand he is also in a thinking process…

Shivaay in her mind “Its true anika that we will act as BF-GF for somedays…but MY LOVE TOWARDS WILL BE ALWAYS REMAIN SAME…From the day when i met you during that taxi to club…i started falling for you and when i was finally ready to meet you again that wedding day came between and everything got ruined…but now we will clear everything together…by removing Avilasha from my life i will MARRY you…but that also after taking your and your family’s consent !..

Takshika “Sir…sir” !…

Shivaay “Yah”

Takshika “Sir this crime”

They continues the work…



Avilasha is trying jewelleries on herself !…

Avilasha “So pretty for the party…today is my birthday and the day for which i was waiting since many months…finally my dream will come true…Yes…

She puts down the jewelleries and walks towards the wardrobe and opens it…She takes out a file and opens it (SAME FILE WHICH SHE OPENED IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODE)…

Avilasha smirks “Cool…this is my key towards..hahaha” ??

She laughs hysterically…


I was knitting sweaters with my mom and suddenly doorbell rang…

“Mom…let me check”

Vaidehi “Go”

I went to open the door…I opened the door and got STUNNED !…

Shivaay is shown standing…


Shivaay “Ssshh…come outside”

Vaidehi “Who is there ??”

“Mom..Raddiwala (JUNKMAN)” ? (??)

Shivaay “Me and junkman” ??

I pushed him out and went outside…

“Yah say…one minute how did you get to know about my house” ?

Shivaay “Anika…such a weak memory you have…you forgot that i dropped you here once” ?

“Hey !…Brain hain daat nahi ki toothbrush se saaf karungi…” ??

TRANSLATION- Its my brain, not teeth that i will wash it with tooth brush…

He made me angry saying all this plus he was laughing…?

Shivaay laughs “Seriously” ??

“Soo funny haha…i topped in exams” ?

Shivaay “Ohho…actually i came here to tell something…though i can also tell you in phone but i felt to meet you and tell you” ?

I was so glad that he came to meet me ?…already i was getting bored of knitting…?..atleast he wont bore me ! ?

Shivaay “Actually tonight there is a party in my mansion…wow it sounds so good to say my mansion” ?

“Ohho…aage bolo” ?

Shivaay “Avilasha’s birthday…she will be throwing a party tonight and there will be your 2nd entry” !!…


He continued guiding me…?



Dadi, Tej, Shakti, Pinky, Jhanvi, ShiOmRu, Gauri, Soumya everyone are standing and meeting guests…

Om “Shivaay your wife has crossed all limits”

Shivaay “Bro pls dont call her my wife”

Rudra “Bhabs decorated well btw”

Om “Tu toh chup reh…bhabs ka chamcha” ?

Shivaay “Exactly” ?

Rudra “Om bhai you wont understand the drama” ?

Om “We all are acting only but your acting looks like overacting…itna zyada bhabs bhabs” ?

Shivaay “Exactly” ?

Rudra “Oh exactly…where’s Anika” ?

Om “Yeah shivaay…where’s anika”

Shivaay “Bro Om & Baby Ru…Anika will appear very soon” ??

Rudy “Baby Ru” ?

ShiOm laughs ??

Pinky “Atleast today needs to be finish her drama”

Gauri sarcastically “Chotimom atleast aaj ki party acchi honi chahiye…i dont want any drama vama at all” ??

Pinky “Bilkul sahi kaha tune gauri” ?

Jhanvi “Btw how’s my saree…tej bought it for me”

Pinky “Jethani ji…its my saree na…aapne meri saari kyun pehni” ??

Jhanvi “Pinky…whats wrong with you…tej bought it from ahmedabad from me”

Pinky “You are a liar” ?

Jhanvi “Shutup Pinky” !!…?

Pinky shouts “Oh u double shutup jethani ji” !!…?

Gauri shouts “Arey both of u shutup” ??

Pinky & Jhanvi gets scared !! ??

Dadi murmurs “Grand daughter in law’s should be like this only” ?

Tej “Shakti…its high time now…where is madam avilasha” ?

Shakti slowly “Bhaisaab…aapko nahi pata toh mujhe kya khaak pata hoga” ?

Tej “??”

ShiOmRu are gossiping…just then soumya hits rudy accidentally…She was about to fall but rudy holds her…Somu looks at his eyes…Rudy too gets wooed…??

Shivaay coughs “ahammahamm” ?

Rudra “Watch before you walk” ?

Somu nods yes and flees from there…?


After sometime,

Avilasha wearing a green glittery dress comes downstairs…


She starts dancing sedictively…

Family members gets disgusted…???

Pinky “She is no shameless” ?

Soumya “No she is shameless” ☺️


Shagana di raat raat, sajna jee hot hot
Shagana di raat raat, sajna jee hot hot
Naina vich sajna de laayi jaava shot wot
Main balkhaavan, haath na aava
Main balkhaavan, haath na aava
Yaar mere to bachna

Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna

Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna

She forcefully dances with shivaay ?…Though shivaay pushes her angrilly…??

Just then, I (Anika) entered…

I saw everyone dancing and i also started dancing with Shivaay…??…

Shivaay “Anika tum…aur ye kya pehn kar aayi hon” !! ??

Anika “Its latest” ??

ShiOm “Ohh Anika arrived” ??

Nose pin ke lashkarey
Earing ke chamkarey
Meri nose pin ke lashkarey
Earing de chamkarey
Tere utthe pai gaye
Te dil-vil tera lai gaye
Plan hai mera maahi tera
Plan hai mera maahi tera
Picchha naiyyon chhadna

Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna

Gauri “Anika entered like a celebrity”…?

Somu laughs “But di Anika is dancing like frog…she her jumps” ????

Pee ke do-do ghunt ve
Aa floor pe maar foot ve
Nach le with me soniya
Chal seat se ab utth ve
Maan lai kehna main dass laina
Maan lai kehna main dass laina
Picchho naiyyon hatna

Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Nagin dance nachna!

I dont know what Oberois were thinking about me…As i DONT know how to DANCE…????

Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin
Nagin dance nachna
Nagin dance nachna! (MOVIE- BAJATEY RAHO)




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