Haven’t Found Anyone Like You-Avneil FF (Episode 7)

Hello my readers… it’s late I know that….I thought I will not continue it but because of some readers I’m continuing it..So the episode starts…



It’s morning…8 am..Neil woke up from his sleep..
Neil’s pov:
As the sunshine fall on my face , I woke up and checked the time..OMG..its 8….oh my god…today I am gone…Avni will not spare me…I said to myself,Neil,today you’re gone..if you don’t make it fast,your death is for sure..
Pov ends..
Neil came out with his tore jeans and a black t shirt
Neil:Mom,give my breakfast quick..I’m getting late..
Shewta:khanna sab aj kaha se suraj Nikla???
Neil:very funny..it’s  not a crime to rise early..
Shewta:Don t get angry..I haven’t said it’s a crime..but I have said it kaha se suraj Nikla??I don’t know it..and so early where are you going??
Neil:I’m going to collect notes from a classmate..
Shewta:khanna sab I’m going to get a heart attack..Plz hold me.. Neil from when did you become so sincere in Study??
Neil:from tomorrow.. any problem with that???I’m going out I will eat there..
Shewta:Neil.. Sun…
It’s 9…there is a bell and Asha opens the door..
Asha:Dekho avni beta kaun aya Hai..
Avni:haan mumma….
Avni went there with her night dress and a messy hair..
Avni’s pov..
I went there and saw Neil.. I was surprised and shocked that he came so early..and I’m not ready yet..he was looking at me with a surprised eyes and he smirked..I knew he will tease me by saying it I’m not morning person
Pov ends
Neil’s pov..
I saw that Avni was not ready yet..I thought she might be a morning person..but no she is not..nor I…but remember Neil don’t tease her by saying it she will get hurt..and you have to be Avni’s bff…
Pov ends..
Avni:You are here so early???
Neil:I thought you will be like angry bird if I come late…
Asha:are u both going to talk like this..Neil have you done breakfast???
Neil:No mumma…
Asha:Avni also haven’t done it..Avni get ready …and have breakfast with Neil.. what will u have??
Asha:Avni why are u standing still now…
Avni:I’m going..
Avni’s pov…
I was standing and checking him if any ghost have taken him under control.. but no, ghost have opposite leg..he doesn’t have opposite legs..that means he is fine..but what’s the problem??why he is so good???let him be good or bad..why will I care???I got ready and came back ..he was checking me like never before..I was simply in a top and skirt..
Pov ends..
Neil ‘s pov..
Avni came down …she was looking beautiful..I have never seen her in regular outfit..she is always in her uniform…she looks cute in night dress and very beautiful in regular outfit..she looks also good in uniform..I was looking at her with attention..and suddenly saw that she saw me looking at her..
Pov ends…
They had breakfast with a pin drop silence..both of them don’t like to talk while eating…Asha sometimes ask Neil if needed something..after breakfast Avni took him to her room ..it was a simple yet classy room like this

it was a simple yet classy room like this

Neil:Avni I am not understanding it…Plz help me in a childish tone..
Avni again laughed at his childhishness..
Avni:it’s very easy..it looks like a hard one..but it’s very easy..let’s start..you will find it easy..
Neil: if it’s not easy,then I will cry..in a child tone..
Avni:lets us start first..
They started Neil listened to her with attention… sometimes he had confusion and would clear it..Avni also felt good with him..
Avni’s pov
He is good guy I think..he doesn’t have any bad intention..he didn’t even teased me for getting up late..he even didn’t make a single noise except than his confusions..he is good..
Pov ends..
Neil:Avni thanks..you helped me to understand better than a teacher..can u plz help in my study..if u help me,I think I will do good..
Avni felt good and was wondering how he became so good.. when did he become so sincere??
Avni: of course I will help you in all study..I am really happy to know that you have become so sincere…but you have to promise me you will do everything what I say without any ifs and but..and there are 3 conditions.
Neil:ok .. accepted..
Avni: first listen to it..
Neil:ok tell me
Avni: first you will not mix study time with another time and I will tell you that how will u  do good result later.. second you will not flirt with any girl and will not disturb any girl..and third you will do whatever I say and will not disturb me..
Neil:so many!!
Avni:I have told you..
Neil:ok accepted…
Avni: good for you..
Neil:so friends???
Avni began to think..
Neil:why are u thinking??I’m not telling you to suicide..
Avni: getting friends with you is not smaller than any other suicide…
Neil:was like…😤😤😤
Avni:ok friends…with a smile..
Neil also handshaked with a smile..
Avni: want some coffee???
Neil: wouldn’t mind..but don’t add spice
Avni:ok sit..I’m getting it..with laughing…
Precap:Avni Neil sit with eachother…and went out together with their friends…
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