Haven’t Found Anyone Like You-Avneil FF (Episode 2)

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Recap:Avni helped neil and took blame on her.


One morning,Neil came and found Avni wasn’t till now.All students were there and class was going to begin.

Neil(thinking):Avni haven’t come yet.She is not late and she does not miss any day.What happendto her today?

The class began.Professor was writing something on board.And then

Avni:May I come in,Sir?

Professor:Avni why are you so late?You don’t come late.And the class is not also well arranged and clean.It’s your duty you know it.Don’t you?

Avni:Yes,Sir.I know it.But there are lot’s of Traffic.Henceforth,it will not happen.

Professor:Ok.I will not consider it again.Now come in and sit with Neil.

Avni:Sir,Can I sit with Nitya?


Avni:I have to take some notes from her.

Professor:You can do it later.Now sit with Neil and help him.

Avni sat with Neil


Avni cuts between

Avni:Don’t say a word! I’m not going to listen it.Firstly, I’m late and Second I don’t tolerate boys specially you who flirts with all girls.I’m sitting with you as sir told me so.

Neil:I was saying Hello. And I don’t Flirt with¬† all girl specially You who always stays as a math teacher.And I don’t have interest in talking to you.

Avni:So don’t talk. It will be better for us.

Neil:Yes.We should not talk.And why I am still talking to you?

Professor:Mr.Neil, Can you tell me what are you Talking about??

Neil:Sir, I was saying……

Sir cuts between

Professor:I don’t want any explanation.Stand up for Whole class.

Avni silently laughs.

Neil:Why are you laughing?It’s all because of you.

Professor: I can hear it,Mr.Neil.


After the class finish,Avni was going out and Neil stopped her by holding her arms.

Avni:What are you doing?Let me go.Stay away from me.

Neil: What’s your problem? Why can’t you tolerate boys specially me?

Avni’s panick attack started and she fell unconcious.Neil held her and Nitya came running to Neil.

Nitya:Did she panicked?

Neil:I don’t know.

NItya:Let’s go to hospital.I am coming telling Principal.You take her to Hospital.

Neil took Avni in his Arms and went to Hospital.On the other hand,Ntya told all to principal

Principal:Is she fine now?

Nitya:Don’t know,Sir.I told Neil to take her.And I am going there.

In Hospital

Neil:Is there anyone?Doctor!!!!!!

Doctor came and

Doctor:What Happend to her?

Neil:Sir, her panick attack started.

Doctor:Ok.Nurse take her to Cabin.And you(Neil) please do the Formalities.


Neil did the formalties and saw dev and nitya coming.he then hugged dev

Dev:What happend to you?Why are you so restless?

Neil:I don’t know why. but I don’t want any harm could harm Avni due to me.

Dev:OK,relax.Nothing will happen to Avni.

Nitya:Yes,Neil.But why did she panick?

Neil:Because I held her tightly.

NItya:You know Avni can’t tolerate boys.

Neil:But why?

NItya:Her cousins are her best friends.They are so close that they can know what she wants,does,likes,dislikes without telling them.And One day, a boy teased one of her cousins.She I mean her cousin against it . But the boys were the sons of powerful leaders.So they threaten her to death of her and peole whom she loved which resulted her deep mental pressure as they were from good family and don’t know about all bad boys. She stopped talking to all people even their counsins.So from that day, she(avni) hated boys

precap:avni regains coniciousness a
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