Haven’t Found Anyone Like You-Avneil FF (Episode 1)

Sorry!! Sorry!!I I’m very sorry.As my exams have finished recently..I had lots of pending work.Now I have finished it!!Hope I will be posting episodes..And spare me for my spelling,grammatical mistakes.Hope you will enjoy the episode..


It’s morning.Avni came first in the class and was cleaning and arranging the class.As she was class monitor she had to come first and arrange the class.After some time,few students came.And then Neil came.

Neil:Hey, sweeties!!Good morning!!!

Girls:Hi,Neil!!!Good morning!!!!!

Neil then went to avni.

Neil:Hey,Sweety!!Can I help you???

Avni (Thinking):Why he’s so good to me today???

Avni: First of all I’m not your sweety,Mr.Flirt!!And I didn’t asked your help.So better you go away from my eyes!!

Neil:What??Mr.Flirt???(whispering)What does she think of??Always avoids me as she is a heroine???

Avni: What???What did you say???

Neil:No. I didn’t say anything.Actually can you help me???

Avni:Can’t you talk in a straight way??You could’ve asked me straightly.

Neil:Ok. It’s my mistake.Can you help me as I  was absent yesterday  due to I went out of town???

Avni:Yes.I know you were absent but yesterday was a test.And you knew it right?

Neil:Yes.I knew.I wanted to go out. That’s why I didn’t come to school.

Avni:The world doesn’t run in your wish…Understand??

Neil:Yes.I understand!!! Ok . Tell me you will help me or not!!!!!

Avni:Is this how you seek help???

Neil:What??What do you mean??

Avni:Say politely and plead!!!

Neil:Ok. Fine. Can you help me please,Ms.Avni??

Avni:No.Not this way.Say politely.

Neil:Can you help me ,Ms.Avni,please please..

Avni:Ok.I will think about it…

Neil: What???

Avni went away from there.The class began..

Professor:Mr.Neil.Can you tell me why you were absent yesterday???

Neil:A…Actually Sir I was absent due to…

Avni:Sir…May I answer that question???

Professor:Why you want to answer that question??

Avni stood up.

Avni:Sir… Actually It’s my fault.Neil called me to tell that he won’t be able to come as he was busy to do some important work related to their family problem.But my phone had no battery.So It’s my fault.

Professor: I’m considering this as Avni told me your problem…Ok both of you sit down and Mr.Neil I don’t want it to happen again…

Neil:Ok.Sir. it won’t happen again.

The class finished.Avni went out of the class and Neil also went out of the class and ran towards her.

Neil:Why did you take blame on you??

Avni:I helped you because you told me.And I did what I felt right..

Neil: You helped me!!Means Something something!!

Avni:What something something ???And you stay away from me.I helped you and nowards you will stay from me.


Juhi:What is going on between Avni and Neil???I have to find out..

Precap:One day Avni was late.and she sat with Neil

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