A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 9


Chapter 9
The next day
Sanskar thinks to go hospital fast so tht he wl gt to talk Swara…
Sanskar enters in the hospital n asks the receptionist if Swara came….she nods no,,he waits fr her n sees no signs of her coming…he calls her but she isn’t picking

on the other side
Ragini n Laksh r tensed thy dnt knw if Swara expressed her feelings or not….Ragini calls Swara but she dsnt answer…..thy decide to call Sanskar…
Ragini:hi sanky
Sanskar:hi(he sounds low)
ragini:is Swara thr???plz cn i tok to her
Sanskar:No ragini….she ddnt cm at work….plz go check on her plz i cnt cm tl my work is over
Sanskar:n listen
sanky:plz inform me wen u see her plz

Sanskar gts totally worried fr Swara….Ragini n laksh go at Swara’s apartment thy knock n ring the bell fr a long tym but thr wasnt any response…
Laksh calls Sanky
Laksh:i thnk she’s nt in her apartment….we r here fr a long but no any response
sanskar:Laksh…talk to shomi aunt or Shekhar uncle ask thm if she went thr….
Laksh:ya ok wait….

Raglaksan n shekhar n shomi all r worried fr Swara as she hasn’t talked to anyone since morning thy dnt evn knw wer she is..
Sanskar’s pov
if anything happens to her ill nvr b able to forgive myself…..plz God show me sm way tht i can find….i cn tl ha tht always loved her….but it just took tym to understand it….
Just thn he sees the watchman sleeping thr he walks to him…
Sanskar:hello…..im here to meet swara hu leaves 4th floor….is she thr??
Watchman:r u sanskar???
Sanskar:ya but hw dd u knw??
Watchman:she gave me this to gv uu(he gvs sanky a parcel)

a letter was thr it smhw appeared this way

* Hi sanky…
*im sorry but i dnt really thnk *that ill b able to face uu aftr *knowin tht myb u dnt hv any
*feelings fr me….
* Sanskar i truly loved tho i *dnt evn knw wen this *happened…
*I gt rejected by my loved *ones alot of tyms but *probably ur case is *different…..wen ull b reading *this im sure i wuld hv *reached my destination….
*plz tl mom n dad tht im vry *sry…tl thm ill cm back soon
*ill cm back soon wen i hv *moved on completely……
*tl thn take care of urself n *remember tht i love u so *much……
* your best frnd
* shona <3<3 ******************************* Sanskar is in tears he wanted to shout n say tht he also loves her alot....he cries n goes to tl all tht Swara left.... 1 year later In Gadodia Mansion A girl is gtn ready she's wearing a blue lehnga with blue matching accessories..... Just thn a lady cms in Lady:Ragini beta....r u ready???Laksh has already arrived wid his family....the engagement ceremony is soon gng to start.. Ragini:im ready Maa... Shomi:ur luking lyk angel..(she kisses her forehead)i wsh Swara was here too... Ragini gvs her a broad sme n dsnt say a word..... Shomi:lets go she takes Ragini downstairs all eyes on her.....Laksh cms n holds her hand he is wearing a blue sherwani.....she smiles n walks along wid him thy sit n exchange rings everyone claps ......Sanskar is standing far away he's wearing casual clothes.....he smiles just thn light goes off.... Ragini smiles Precap:Sanskar to propose smone…..

Credit to: Albina

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