A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 8


Chapter 8
Shekhar:Mishti kaha chali gayi ti tum???i knew u wl cm back one day…..i knew u cant abandon ur children n me…..i nvr blvd any of Maa’s words bcz i had complete trust in uu….i was sure she must hv told u smthng…
Shomi:but u married Janki……nw there’s nthng left btn except of the memories
Shekhar:No Mishti…..there’s no any relationship btn me n Janki….she’s thr bcz we dnt want Swaragini to lack either parents love….N u knw ryt Janki n i were always just frnds….we dnt hv anything lyk couples btn us..
Shomi:thank u shekhar thy hug again
Swaragini smile n join thm in the hug…..Shekhar is shocked
Shekhar:so u two knew evrythng
Swaragini:we just recently knew…
thy all four hug
Swalak join thm…..
Sanskar:keep sm space fr ur son in laws too
Laksh:only one son in law n thats me
Sanskar:Me too
Laksh:ok im SIL frm Ragini’s side….n wat abt uu???
Swara is interestingly waiting fr his answer
Sanskar:Im gonna be yr n Ragini’s child’s husband to be
Swara gts Sad n excuses herself…Laksh notices this n goes to her…he stands beside her. She fake smiles at him
Laksh:wen wl u tl him tht u love him???
Swara:i won’t ever tl him…(she cms to her senses)i dnt love anyone…
Laksh:i knw u well Swara….i knw u love Sanskar….
Swara:but he dsnt…..Laksh i knw the pain of gtn rejected by the loved ones n so i wl nvr b able to bear to loose him….im afraid tht if i express my feeling i myt loose everything including our frndshp
Laksh:n wat if he also loves uu??
Swara:thn ill wait fr him to confess it…
Sanskar cms thr…n thy hurriedly change the topic
Sanskar:swara ur family finally gt united so shall we go for a party tonight….. But its gonna be ur treat
Swara:sure….Laksh u n Lado shuld join us too….
Laksh:No Swara…..u guys go i hv sm other plans
Swasan say ok…..

At nyt

Swara’s Apartment
Swara gts ready….she wears a silver short dress….with silver high heels…high ponytail smoky eye makeup with dark red lipstick….she looked hot…

Sanskar’s Apartment
Sanskar wears grey T-shirt with black combat…..he made punk style….he was lukin dashing……
Sanky leaves to go pick Swara on his bike

Swara’s Apartment
Swara is crying…..
Swara’s pov
I love him…..but im scared n tdy i promise myself tht ill nvr lt my feelings cm btn our frndshp…..
Laksh calls Swara
i won’t pick up his call cz he wl make me more nervous….
She cuts the call n txts thm tht she’s busy n wl call him later…
Just thn sanskar cms thr…..she hurriedly locks her Apartment n goes to him….
Sanskar smiles seeing her…
Sanskar:u look hot…
She nods but dsnt say anythng….
She sits back of him but dsnt hold his back as thy she,always dd wen thy used to go fr bike rides
all the way sanskar keeps on talking to her but she just nods in yes or no….
Thy reach at the club….He applies a sudden breaks n she falls on him …..he gts down n looks at her…her big brown eyes wer full of tears she was trying her level best to hide thm…she avoids eye contact Wid him….he cups her face
Sanskar:Swara look at me
she looks down ….
Sanskar:Swara plz wl u tlm wat happened???y r u acting this way since afternoon…i called u almost 15tyms but u ddnt pick evn one call i txted uu n u weren’t replying n now this…..wl u plz tlm wats happening to uu???..y r u ignoring me???
Swara gts irked….she gts down the bike n heads towards the club…Sanskar holds her hand n stops her…she jerks his hand n gts inside the club she asks fr a drink……she drinks 8 shots she’s totally drunk….she isnt evn able to walk….
Sanskar holds her n takes her out of the club….
Sanskar:wat childishness is ths Swara….u r drunk u cant evn walk… Plz lets go home
she pushes him away
Swara:stop it sanskar…..stp pretending lyk u care fr me im nt a child anymore ok im a grown up…
She walks on the road sanskar Notices a car cmn wid a fast speed …he pulls her n the car passes by……Swara n Sanskar r lost in each other it starts raining……Swara moves closer to Sanskar tht thy cn feel each other’s heartbeats…..Sanskar holds her waist evn more closer tht their lips meet….he kisses her passionately n she responded to it…..in the rain their kiss became more romantic …..Swara pushes him away
Swara:i love uu Sanskar…..i love u so much…..its fyn i knw tht u dnt love me…..so plz just stay away frm me plz…..

She stops a cab n leaves fr Apartment….
Sanskar is left thr in a deep shock…
Gunaah kiya plays in bg

Gunaah kiya dil maine yaar ka thodke …..gunaah kiya use ek din tanha chod ke
(Swara remembers hw he kissed her….n hw she pushed him away….she cries)

Gunaah kiya dil maine yaar ka thodke….Gunaah kiya use ek din tanha chod ke
(Sanskar is recallin she was ignoring him, her love confession…..he cries)

Tu mil na paye hum jee na pae
kahi marna jaye kaisi he jaisi je bebasi..dil phirse chahe teri hi panahe kahi marna jaye zindagi….
Gunaah kiya dil maine yaar ka thodke…

Mera har pal…ab to bojhal
veraan sa dil yeh har dum
Lakhon he gham tanha he hum
kese sahe itna sitam
(Swara cms n sleeps on Sanskar’s laps he was about to touch her but she disappears n he realises it was his imagination)

tu milna paye hum jee na paye
kahi mar na jaye zindagi gunaah kiya dil maine yaar ka thodke….gunaah kiya use ek din tanha chodke…..
(Swara caresses Sanky’s pic …she hugs it n falls asleep n so does Sanky)….

Precap:Swara isn’t at work nor dd she meet or talk to any one the whole day….Sanskar is worried

Credit to: Albina

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