A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 7


Chapter 7
swara bumps into Laksh n thy both fall down
swara:Meri kamar….OMG
Laksh:kya yaar dekhe nahi chal sakti??
Swara:sorry Sanskar….i mean sorry Laksh
Laksh:its ok….
He stands n makes her stand too….She sees Sanskar instead of Laksh….she smiles….Laksh is shocked he dsnt understand y she’s smiling n staring at him. …he shooks her n she cms to her senses
Swara:sorry Laksh
She runs to Ragini….she hugs her n Ragini hugs her back..
Swara:i dnt knw wats happening to me…
Ragini:kyun kya hua??
Swara:smthng unusual….i only think of him evrytym….i see him everywhere…..i love everything he says evn if its meaningless…
Ragini:u r in love
sanskar:ya she is in love
Swara is shocked
Swara:No im nt
Laksh:just agree to it
Swara:i said na am nt
Sanskar cms close to.her he cups her face…
Sanky:luk into my eyes n say urnt in love…
She luks into his eyes n hugs him tyt…
Swara:i love u sanky…
He hugs her back…
Sanskar:i love u too

Ragini shooks her…swara realises it was all an imagination….she blushes…
Ragini:y dd u cm running ??
Swara:kuch nai..
She leaves
Ragini:she’s gtng more mysterious each day…
Ragini calls Shekhar
Ragini:papa we need to have a talk
Shekhar:abt wat???
Ragini:i can’t say in phone…lets meet at the Park opposite to SR clornia aftr 10 mins

On the otherside
Swara calls Shomi
Swara:we need to hv a talk maa
Shomi:ya say
Swara:nt in phone..a face to face talk….lets meet at the park nxt to SR clornia..in half an hour

Swara is gtng ready…she wears a pink long Anarkali dress with purple borders n light embroidery…..she recalls when sanskar gv her this dress as her birthday gift…she smiles recalling moments with him…she blushes..She makes a fish tail hairstyle with side fringes ahead….she applies light make up n smiles…
Sanskar cms in n finds her smilin
Sanky:have u gone mad??y r u smiling wid no reason
Swara gts thinking if he’s really here or is it her imagination
Swara:it must b my imagination so never mind..
Sanskar pinches her..she screams
swara in mind:OMG so he’s real….shit
Sanskar:Swara u r looking gorgeous
Swara blushed:thanx
Sanskar:y r u blushing??anyways wer r u gng??
Swara:to meet mom n dad n thn ill go wid ragini to meet dida..
Swara:yes my nanimaa….i always thought if i had nanimaa i wuld call her Dida
Sanskar:oh so sweet…
Ragini cms inside wid Laksh..
Ragini:if u two love birds are done shall we go??…
Sanskar gives Ragini a WTF look while Swara smiles abit…
Laksh notices Swara,n smiles….
Laksh:ok so lets go….we btr leave before uncle n aunt reach thr Swasan leave Raglak inside…
Laksh hugs Ragini
Ragini:fr wat
Laksh:fr loving me back…
Ragini:stop finding reasons n lets go we wl gt late
Laksh:No first i need my kiss
Ragini:Laksh please we r gtn late
Laksh:no my kiss first…
She kisses on his lips lightly n punches his stomach
thy leave too
Swasan reach at the park first thy see shomi entering swara goes to her…..thn Raglak reach thr thy see Shekhar gng inside Ragini goes to Swaragini make their parents sit on the,opposite benches …swarag culd see each other but Shomi n Shekhar ddnt see each othr Swarag excuse themselves n hide behind a tree…Swara calls shomi while Ragini calls Shekhar
shomi n Shekhar n shocked to hear each others voices…..thy turn Shomi is in tears n gts emotional n so dd Shekhar….
Thy hug each othr emotionally
Swaragini smile

Precap:Swasan go for party…..Swara gts drunk n confesses her love to Sanky…..

Credit to: Albina

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