A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 6


Chapter 6:
Ragini n laksh dance on romantically on Ijazat

Laksh keeps his hand around his hand..n she keeps both hands around his neck….he pulls her closer n thy continue dancing
Kaise bataye,kaise jataye
subha tak tujme jeena chahe
bheege labon ki,geeli haseen ko
peene ka mausam he, peena chahe

she turns on the other side but he pulls her hard tht het back crushes into his chest….his hand on her belly n her hand on top of his…

ik baat kahu kya ijazat he
tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ooo…aadat hai aadat hai
Aadat hai Ooo…aadat hai

She culd feel hw closer thy wer thru the warm on her neck….he moves her hair n slightly kisses her neck….she feels lyk currents passing thru her veins

ehsaas tere aur mere toh
ik duje se mil rahe
Ik tere talab mujhe aisi lagi mere hosh bhi urne lage…

She shyly turns n buries her face in his chest ….he lifts her face by her chin n she was trying had to avoid an eye contact

Mujhe milta sukoon teri bahoon mein
jannat jaisi ek rahat hai

Ik baat kahu kya ijazat hai
teri ishq ki mujhko aadat hai

aadat hai… Ooo…aadat hai

he cups her face n she luks at him n thy r lost in each other’s eyes….he immediately pulls her closer n kisses her lips….she too responds it well

At Splash cafeteria
Sanskar cms to Swara n Shomi….he takes blessings frm Shomi n hugs Swara
Swara:Maa he is Sanskar….my best frnd…..n sanskar she’s my mom
Sanky:don’t worry aunt i’m soon gng to be ur son in law….
swara:ya maa….in his dreams
Sanky:No nt in my dreams its in reality
Shomi laughs
Swara:very funny
Sanky:i knw tht
Thy all laugh….just thn Raglak cm thr
Laksh takes blessings frm Shomi….n stands wid Ragini
Ragini:Maa he is Laksh…My- (she fumbles as she was confused on wat to say)
Laksh:actually aunt i proposed Ragini n she said yes
Shomi in an angry tone:what??
Swara:kya hua maa??
Thy all worriedly look at each othr… Ragini was already teary eyed
Shomi:ye kya Laksh???i just gt my daughter n u already planned to snatch her frm me…
Thy all laugh
Shomi hugs Raglak n congratulates thm
Shomi:honestly ur faces wer worth watching ok now lets go home….u r gng to live with me frm tdy onwards Swaragini…..n Sanskar n Laksh u r my two son in laws..so u hv to come to visit my daughters everyday
Swara:maa plz sansky is nt ur son in law
sanskar:i knw bby u r shy
thy all laugh
Swara:Maa we want one day we hv to clear sm stuffs frm tmrw we wl b staying over with uu
Ragini:please Maa
Shomi:u cn take ur tym
Shomi leaves
Swara chases Sanskar out of the cafe thy run to the car ….Swara’s leg stumbles n she falls down n gts hurt…Sanskar goes n makes her
Sanskar:cnt u walk properly???wat if u wuld hv gt hurt more ha???
Swara smiles to see his concern…
Swara:i’m fyn sanky….
Sanky:shut up…ur hand is bleeding n u r saying u r fyn
Swara:Sanskar plz,,,,sach me i’m fyn
Sanskar ignores wat she said n makes her sit in the car…
He takes a first aid kit frm the car n start cleaning her wound….she winces in pain…he notices this n blows it slowly…n she smiles….he applies medicine n bandages her wound….she just keeps on staring at him lovingly…..he notices this n waves infront of her eyes n she comes in her senses
Sanky:wer u day dreaming about our wedding
Swara:ewww!!please okay….i hv other important thing to do thn day dreaming about us
Sanky:so it means wen ur important works r over u dream abt us
He laughs n thy drive off home
Swaragini n sanlak r sitting n plan on hw to unite Shekhar r Shomi…
R:i knw Jankimaa n papa dnt hv anythng btn thm bcz papa stl loves Maa…..
Swara:n myb thts y thy ddnt hv children together
Ragini tls Swara she gt an idea…..she tls ha smthng (in silent)Sanlak agree to it…
Raglak r in one room….while swasan r in different rooms..Swara takes her clothes n heads to the washroom….she opens the door n is shocked to see sanky in towel….she screams n turns around sanky gts shocked too
Swara:wat r u dng in my bathroom???
Sanskar:sorry the shower in my room had sm problem
swara:u shuld atleast close the door..
Sanskar:u shuld atleast Knock
swara:y shuld i knock in my own room??
Sanskar:now gt out lemme wear my clothes unless u wanna watch me change
Swara:Not intrested in watching uu evn if tht the only thing left to do in this world….
he cms infront of her n holds her by her shoulder tyt…she looks at him by one eye….she hurriedly closes her eyes…he pins her on the wall n gvs her a peck on her cheek….she opens her eyes in shock….she turned pink…actually she is blushing…she stares at him n is lost in his eyes..
Sanky:u wont look at me evn if it was the last thng left to do in this world..
Swara cms to her senses by his words …she pushes him n runs out of the rooms…

Precap:Shekhar n Mishti shocked to see each other

Credit to: Albina

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