A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 5


Chapter 5
Sanskar takes the sketch frm Swara…he luks at her n recalls smthng
Sanky:i knw her….she came here last week fr her mother’s check-up….we can find her info in the case file
Swara happily hugs Sanky
Swara:Really Sanskar???honestlyi love u so much…u r my best best best frnd
thn realises the situation n she hurriedly breaks the hug n everyone laughs including Swara herself

Sanskar goes to his office n takes her file….Swara thn saves mishti’s no in her phone…

In Swara’s apartment
Swaragini r sitting in the room….swara calls their mom n keep the phone on speaker….the phone is ringing aftr a while a lady with a soft voice picks up the call
Swara:hello..am i talking to sharmishta??
Lady:yes..hu r uu??
Swara:i’m Doctor Swara frm city hospital
Lady:oh okay….is everything okay??
Swara:ya….evrythng is fyn i was just hoping if we culd meet… I wanna discuss abt smthng wid uu..
Lady:ok fyn…
Swara:lets meet at the Splash Cafeteria at 12:30
Lady:okay fyn ill come.
Swara:see u then..
Thy disconnect the call
Swaragini gt excited….n are deciding on wat to wear

on the side
A big mansion is seen…with brown flackes everywhere….A big garden ….a red carpet is at the doorstep….
A lady is dng pooja inside….she’s wearing a purple Saree…he hair r open with pallu on her head….She’s Sharmishta…..the lady hu created this empire on her own …..she’s the owner of two chocolate companies….
one is borno croliora….n other is SR croliora….
No one culd blv tht this rich lady cn feel tht she’s the most helpless person in the world….
Yes u r ryt this lady hu has evrythng is internally broken….she lost her husband n her 2 daughters 20 years ago…No she lost thm dsnt mean tht thy r dead….thy r alive…
A lady with an age btn 50-60 cms to Sharmishta….she’s Shobha….sharmishta’s mom n Swaragini’s nani…
Shobha:Shomi…aren’t u gng gng office today??
Shomi:i’m gng maa..but before tht I’ve to meet smone
Shobha:oh okay…go n take care n come soon
Shomi takes her car n leaves to meet Swara….

At Splash cafeteria
Swaragini r sitting on their table on the opposite directions…
Swara is wearing a blue sleeveless top with a white tight jeans with blue high heels…her hair r straightened wid bottom curls…she had a white shawl around her neck..
Ragini is wearing a black jeans wid a hot pink sleeveless top…with hot pink high heeled sandles…her hair full straight…she had a black shawl around her neck
Thy looked hot….thy were very excited….just thn Shomi came in…..Swaragini rushed to her thy took her blessings….she blessed thm n smiled
Swara:i’m Swara n she’s Ragini’s
Shomi was shocked as this were the name of her children but she dsnt say anything…..thy take her to the table
Swara:thank u so much fr removing tym fr us frm ur busy schedule..
Shomi:plz dnt say thanx
Ragini:actually thr was smth really important we had to tl uu…
Shomi:ya…so say it
Swaragini:we r the daughters of Shekhar Gadodia
Shomi was shocked…..it means thy wer really her Swaragini
Ragini:n we knw that u r our mom
Shomi is in tears
Swara:All we wanna knw is tht y ddnt uu evr try to find us??
Ragini:ddnt u miss us??
Swara:dnt u have any feelings fr us??
Ragini:ddnt u wanna knw if we wer evn dead or alive??
Swaragini:please tell us the truth
Shomi:yes i’m ur mom…i cared about uu thts y i had to go far frm uu….i think of u day n nyt….i cry front of god everyday fr ur safety…..n if u really care abt me thn plz dnt ask y i nvr tried to find uu
Swara:maa,u have our oath plz just say it
Shomi:Its abt 20 years ago wen ur dad married me one month aftr our Marriage i gt married…..ur dadi used to hate me since shekhar decided to marry me n it’s bcoz am a bengalan…..she used to talk cheap abt me…but i nvr said a word….Aftr 9 months wen i gv birth to u two i decided tht ill always b by ur side N so i gave u names Swaragini i hd trust that no one cn ever separate thm…..our family was complete ur dad n i wer very happy but dadi wasn’t her taunts nvr ended….ome day ur dad had to go out of the city fr sm business…..dadi took advantage n.threw me out of the house….she warned me to stay away frm Gadodia family or else she wl kill Swaragini
Shomi cries n Swaragini hug her…
Ragini:don’t cry maa….we r here na now we won’t let anyone separate us
Swara:n plz dnt leave us ever again maa we love u so much…..
Shomi:i won’t
thy trio hug….just thn Ragini gts a call frm Laksh….
L:its a big day fr uu…im sure u r happy bcz u gt united with ur mom…..i wanna double ur happiness plz come out i wanna tk u smwer
R:but –
L:plz Ragini no more ifs n buts
R:okay baba…im coming
She hugs Swara thn Shomi n excuses herself …..
shomi n Swara r talking n Ragini leaves…..
Laksh is wearing a black tshirt with black combat…..He luks Dashing…. Ragini cms out n he gts mesmeirised seeing her….he has only seen Ragini in long dresses,n alot of indian dresses but fr the first tym he has seen in a jeans,n top….she’s luking hot….he keeps on staring….she notices this n pinches him…he screams
L:pagal hai kya….it hurts
R:ur fault
L:ok ye sab chhor aur chal mere sath
L:stop asking questions
…..he blindfolds her….n makes her sit in the car he drives in reaches at an isolated place….he takes her in his arms while she is still blindfolded…..he takes her to a place near a beach..the place is fully decorated with lights black n red cloth n balloons……it has Raglak’s pic showing thru a projector….
He kneels infront of her with a ring in his left hand….he asks her to open her eyes…..she opens the blindfold n slowly opens her eyes she luks at the decoration n admires it heartedly …..Thn she notices Laksh on his knees she’s happy n shocked too
L:i knw Ragini…u must be thinking tht im gone mad tht i dd all this….but honestly i totally agree with uu coz yes im madly in love wid uu…..i thnk of uu day n nyt…..i just wanna be wid uu…..N have uu by my side always but not by dating….i wanna marry uu…i wanna make uu myn foreverr…..i wanna live wid uu forever n die in ur arms…..Ms.Ragini Gadodia wuld u Marry me n become Mrs.Ragini Laksh Maheshwari

Ragini hurriedly nods in yes n laksh makes her wear the ring
he stands n she hugs him tyt
R:i love u so much Lucky
L:i love u too

Precap:Swaragini to plan to unite Shekhar n Shomi ….Raglak romance n Swasan nhok jhok

Hi guys….
So sorry today i wrote to long one……but i hope alk Raglak fans enjoyed this…..n thanx to all of uu fr reading my ff….n sorry fr nt replying on ur comments….im busy wid my exams…..
Love u all

Credit to: Albina

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