A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Laksh comes inside
Sanskar turns n finds Laksh thr…Sanlak hug n Ap smiles
L:bhai y ddnt u cm to meet us???bhai u knw mom used to cry day n nyt remembering uu…she used to pray everyday fr God to send u baxk home n now see bhai her prayers cm true u r back …u r back
Sanskar is in tears he looks at Ap n Lucky wid guilt…..
S:i cant come at home
L:but y bhai???

S:Papa dsnt want me at home…He hates me fr being disobedient….hes ryt wid was he’s doing i choosed my dreams over my dad….i became so selfish tht there’s smthng more than our dreams in our,lyf….
L:No bhai….papa choosed his ego over uu….me n maa wer always on ur side….u wer ryt n he,was wrng….papa nvr respected anyone’s feelings…he always wished everything to go according to wat he wants…
Ap:Sanskar u wl cm back wid us at home….ur dad won’t tl u anythng….he loves u alot…he thnks of uu day n nyt….he prays fr u to be happy wherever u r…..he loves uu Sanskar..
Sanky:sach maa??does he really care fr me?? Wl he accept me if i cm back
Ap:yes he wl…
Sanky hugs Ap n Laksh….just thn Swara cms in she takes Ap’s blessings n helps her to lay on bed
Swara:Aunt hw r u feeling?
Ap:better…thank u so much Swara u always dd alot fr our family ill always b thankful to uu
Swara:No aunt plz ur making me embraced by saying thanks…..it is my job to save ppl’s life….n u r my aunt …my best frnd’s mom…(she holds Sanskar’s hand)aunt u need to take alot of rest…n don’t take any kind of stress u hv two sons let thm take abit of ur stress…
L:dd u knw tht sanky is,my brother??

Swara:yes i knew…
Sanskar:we r frnds fr 10 years now….she must knw abt me
swara smiles
Ap looks at Swara:u remind me so much of ur mom
Swara:my mom??
Ap:u r mishti’s daughter ryt??
L:no she’s janki’s aunt’s daughter
Ap:sorry i thought u r my frnd sharmishta’s daughter
Swasan r shocked….
Swara:dd u say sharmishta???
swara looks at laksh
Swara:Laksh u knw hw to draw ryt???
L:ya y??
Swara rushes out n she cms back in with a white paper n a pencil
Swara:draw wat im gonna tell uu
just thn Ragini cms in n takes Ap’s blessings…
R:wats gng on??

Shona:lucky is making my mom’s sketch
Ragini:our maa
Swara:no Ragini….janki is only ur maa…..im nt ur real sister…Laksh plz make the sketch fast
Swara recalls her nightmares n tls Laksh the physical appearance….Laksh is done wid the sketch…Ragini is looks at the sketch first ….she gts shocked
Swara rushes to her n takes the sketch frm her…its the same lady hu used to cm in her dreams…
swara:do u know her Ragini?
Ragini:i dnt knw her but she cms in my dreams….i gt so many nightmares tht im now evn scared of sleeping…
Swara is shocked
swara:me too ragu…its two weeks now since i have started gtn nightmares abt her
Ragu:same here
Swaragini show the sketch to Ap
swara:is she sharmishta??
ragini:it means she’s our real mom
swaragini hug
the title track plays

Precap:Laksh to propose Ragini

Credit to: Albina


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