A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 3


Chapter 3
swasan r disturbed by a phone call…
Swara:its frm the hospital….lemme pick it
he nods
Swara:doctor Sid, Yes
Sid:Swara it’s an emergency we need u ryt now
Swara:ok sid im on ma way

sanky:wat is it
swara:we r needed at the hospital
sanky:ok lets go
She gts ready…she’s wearing a short black n grey dress with simple sandles.

at the hospital
Laksh is wid Dr.Sid
L:plz do smthng doctor…
S:now only doctor swara cn do smthng n ya dw she’s on her way
Swara n Sanky run in n go to Sid…
Thy turn n r shocked to see Laksh there
Swara ignores him
Swara:wat happened???
Sid:she got a major attack….her health is gtng critical..
Laksh:Plz Swara save my mom
She leaves without answering him

1 hour later
Ragini cms to laksh….he hugs her
R:dont worry aunt is gonna b fyn
Laksh:Ragini aftr dad left us the only one i have is mom…if anythng happens to her ill die
R:nthng wl happen to her
Sanskar is hearing all this n is in tears
Sanskar’s pov
God plz save my mom….tho she dsnt knw im her son i stl love her n ik she’s my mom i have only two important ppl in my lyf n thts mom n Swara plz god save mom plz….

Just thn Swara cms out of the OT
Raglak go to her
L:hws mom??
Swara:the operation was successful….ur mom is fyn n out of danger ull b allowed to meet wen she’s shifted to normal ward
Sanlak gt happy n gv a sigh of relief…Raglak try to tok to her but she ignores thm n moves to Sanky…he hugs her
sanky:u dd it Shona…u proved to tht u wl always keep diffrence in ur personal n professional lyf….tho ur gng thru alot of pain u ddnt lt it come btn ur job….thank u so much u saved her
she hugs him back
swara:i knw hw important she is fr uu…n stop thanking me….ok in frndshp there’s no sorry n no thank uu

Raglak watch thm frm far….n think that this wuld b the best tym to ask frgvness frm swara….
Ragini goes to swasan holds Swara’s hand…Swara tries to leave but sanky stops her
Ragini:Swara….im sorry,im really sorry Swara..i knw wat i dd to uu n hw i treated uu was evn worse thn wat an enemy wuld do to an enemy..
Swara i love uu…no one understands me in this world more than uu ..not evn Laksh…Swara wat i dd was due to anger…i was provoked by dadi..plz fgv me n Laksh…he too ddnt hv anythng to do wid this plz forgive us Swara….
She n Laksh cry n wer abt to touch Swara’s legs but she stops thm n hugs thm
Sanky smiles
Ap is shifted to normal ward…Sanskar goes n sits beside her…he holds her hand n cries
sanky:Maa….i missed uu tho i culd nvr cm to meet uu..i really do love uu….forgive me Maa…..forgive me
he turns to leave
Sanky turns n hugs Ap
Laksh is watching all this

Precap:Laksh to propose Ragini….Swaragini to find Mishti

Credit to: Albina

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