A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 2


Chapter 2
Ragini’s Pov
i was wrong i always blamed Swara fr everything….i was wrong i have to apologise to her but how???
She dsnt wanna tok to me….but obviously i deserve it….its rather having an enemy than a sister lyk me …im bad

Swara’s cabin
Swara thinks to know abt who her real parents are where she really belongs to
She shares to sanky abt this n he promises to help her in everyway he culd
Ragini luks at Laksh wid teary eyes n thnks to tl him tht Swara had nthng to do wid their break up
Laksh:do u wanna say smthng ??
Ragini:actually Laksh Swara ddnt hv anythng to do wid our break up….the reason tht i broke up wid uu was Dadi
she told me u weren’t a nyc guy n tht u r just cheating on me
Laksh:so i insulted Swara fr the wrong accusation…
Ragini:we both wer wrong Laksh…we need to tl ha sorry…where is she??
Ragu:she left the house Laksh….ahe ddnt evn gv us a chance to apologise
Laksh:dont worry Ragini…we wl go to meet her at the hospital …nw u take rest i got to go…..
Ragini:okay..bye n take care
Laksh:u too
he leaves

@ Swara’s appartment
Swara is sleeping….she turns each side but seems lyk she’s having a nightmare…tears are falling frm her….she wakes up in shock n shouts
She’s crying…she calls sanskar
sanskar:hello Swara…wat happened r u ok???y dd u call at this tym
Swara is crying
swara:Sanskar plz cm at home please
Sanky:okay Swara 5 mins n ill b thr
Swara is scared….this nightmares have been haunting her night n day…wat was the truth behind these nightmares…..
Swara’s pov
who is tht woman who always cms in my dreams…she’s nt my maa thn y do i call her maa??
Wat is gng on wid me??!ill go insane if i thnk abt it anymore….but wat shuld i do it dsnt evn go off ma mind….

Sanskar knocks the door…swara opens the door n asks,him to come in…
Thy sit on the same sofa but opposite to each other
Swara:sanskar i need ur help….
Sanky:ya bolo…wat cn i do fr uu??
Swara:Sanky there are some nightmares tht haunt me daily…..due to those nightmares im scared evn of sleeping….im sure sanskar these are smhow related to my past….i wanna go to my past…please sanskar
Sanskar:okay fyn…tell me wen u wanna do it
Sanky:No not now…..its 3 am
Swara:please Sanky…fr my sake
Sanky:okay…n plz dnt emotionally blackmail me…

Swara is laying on a resting bed….sanskar has hypnotised her….her eyes r closed…she’s in an imaginary world…she’s still laying thr
Sanskar:nw u can see a door there…walk to it..(swara is walking to it…)now open the door(she opens it)there are colourful lights there …red ,then orange then yellow then green thn blue then indigo thn violet….n nw here u are

Swara is outside a big Mansion….smone is calling her…its a girl’s voice..its Ragini..Ragini is Swara’s twin sister….
Swara’s name is Samarpreet….but all call her Samaira as it is her pet name
Rachana is Ragini’s rame

Rachna:Samaira….please come fast…mom’s health is gtng critical..dd u bring the doctor??
Samaira:ha rachi….i brought him…
The doctor enters he’s non other thn sanky….his name is Rahul..
Samaira:please doctor cm fast
rahul samaira walk along the mansion N finally reach ina very large room..with gold decorations….there’s a big frame there it had Samaira ,Rachna ,her baba’s(her dad is shekhar)n her mom’s pic(her mom is sharmishta but nt tht Swara dsnt knw this lady in present)

Samaira runs to.her mother….her mother is laying on the bed….breathing heavily…she smiles at Samaira n Rahul
Samaira:maa…see i brought Rahul….ur son in law is gng to treat u n make u well..
Rahul checks her n tears flow frm his eyes he just nods no n moves behind
Her mother looks at her wid teary eyes
shamishta:Samaira if i die plz take ur sister n run away frm here go smwer far…or else ur tai ji (parvati…Ragini’s dadi ) wl kill uu…
She looks at Rahul n holds his hand
Rahul take care of my Samaira…coz,i knw she wl always take care of others n forget herself……Marry her Rahul now i snt wanna miss ur wedding…
Rahul, Rachna n Samaira r in tears….Rachna opens her mom’s cupboard n removes a mangalsutra n sindoor she gvs it to Rahul

thy make fire in btn thy take 7 rounds with seven vows….Rahul makes Samaira wear thr Mangalsutra n applies her sindoor…..the wedding is complete….thy take blessings frm her mom …her mom blesses her n dies
She shouts Mom
n wakes up in shock
….she’s sweating sanskar hugs her n consoles her
sanky:its past swara…..calm down
he gives her water….n asks her what she saw …
She tls him evrythng n he’s shocked to knw he was her husband in previous birth

Precap:Swaragini to unite to find their real parents

Credit to: Albina

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