A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 17


Chapter 17(the intimate scene)
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Doctor cms out of the OT….Sanskar rushes to him
S:doctor hws she??
R:she’s fyn ryt??
Doctor:She’s fyn…she’s out of danger…its nt less thn a miracle. She lost a lot of blood the wound was so deep but she fought over it…..
Sanskar gts happy
Sanskar:thank god…
Ragini:thnks doc….can we meet her??
Doctor:sure aftr we shift her to the normal ward…
Laksh:thank u so much doctor….
Aftr a while Swara is shifted to normal ward…
Raglak go to meet her first thn lastly Sanky goes to meet her he sits beside her holding her hand…she slowly opens her eyes
sanky:Shona tu pagal he??kisne kaha bichch me ane ke liye…dekha na kitne boori tarike se lagi…
Swara:kuthe thanx bol..
Sanskar:kyun??kudko lagane ke liye??
Swara:tumhe bachane ke liye….
Sanskar:nahi bolunga
Swara:thik he to bhar me jao..
Sanskar:stupid i ws just joking….srsly u ddnt hv to put ur life in danger fr me….
Swara:My lyf is all urs…..ill die incase anythng happens to uu…
Sanskar:shut up idiot….
He hugs her….

2 days later
at the hospital parking lot
Swara is discharged n Sanky n swara walked silently through the parking lot. When thy got to the car,he hugged her,holding her tightly against him,an embrace still on the right sight of priority considered friendly…but only wen thy broke apart Swara’s face was flushed her eyes wer shining…
Swara reached for him putting her small warm hand on the back of his neck…lifting her lips to his.the first kissed lightly… Then more urgently ,her whole body sending her message that was undeniable
Sanky:lets go???
Without sayin a word she climbed on the passenger seat smiling

Laksh’s room…
Laksh gazed at Ragini aa he slowly slipped her shirt from her shoulders letting it drop on the floor
He ran his hands down the length of her arms, his fingers entwining with hers….he crossed their hands behind her as he kissed her long n deep pressed so tightly against her that she couldn’t breath…as soon as he released her hand.thy found a way to a new place,tangled in his hair…he feathered kisses Down her neck to my collarbone n her breath caught in her throat…Laksh smiled against her skin as he knew this was her weak point…

** ** ** ** **

swara avoids eye contact with Sanskar…As soon as thy reached MM thy started kissing again…hers fluttered against his n his hand wer deep in the softness of her hair n it was lyk tym unspooled carrying thm ryt back to wen thy wer teenagers…
He pulled her against him,thnkin that he never had her close enough. ..
Taking her hand,Sanskar led her to his room, she nibbled at his chin,his ear touching his face wid her fingertips sighing….he gv her a passionate look…
“Sshh”he said this pulling her up so thy wer face-to-face again ..he nuzzled against her,his lips on her beck,nibbling n kissing his way up to her earlobe, where she’d always been ticklish…
“Ooh”she whispered,she sighed as he worked his fingers against her slick seam n then she fgt to pose, forgot about tryin to look good n lost herself inside her own pleasure……his warmness n touch was the thng she needed at the moment….
..thy get apart n rests on his chest n he hugs her…

In Laksh’s room
Thy moved together across the room struggling to remove his shirt….when she took the first look at him shirtless it was a good thng he was holding her so tytly as she feels her knees shake…
She lustfully stares at him
Ragini thnks:i nvr knew he was long n lean….strong n handsome
he notices her staring at him…
R:you….you r beautiful
she ran her fingertips lightly across his chest,lower stomach
he groaned
L:nuts girl,you r the one beautiful in ths room…
He was echoin her movements wid his own…thy stood a foot apart n she felt a sudden burst of shyness…she blushes n looked away….

They consummate.tears roll down her cheeks Laksh has turned red too….he gets apart n pulls her closer to him she hugs him tyt n fall asleep in his arms …..

precap:mehndi n sangeet ceremony of Raglak n Swasan…….

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