A haunting truth (A swasan n raglak ff) Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Swara’s pov
i dnt knw …im just speechless was i just hurting my self by thinking abt it again n again….whats in my fate???why is god so unfair wid me??y is all ths just happening…. first Laksh then Ragini n now
mom n dad ….i hate this….i hate myself i dnt dsrv to live…ill end evrythng today….but hw can i???Swara is nt weak nt at all weak ill prove to evryone tht i was ryt n thy wer wrng….

2 days later
everyone is tensed …..
Ragini cms inside:…dd Swara call anyone of uu??…Dadi Before swara left the house she was wid uu so without wasting our tym anymore just tlm wer my sister is…..n wat exactly u told her
Shekhar angrily looks at Ragini n slaps her hard
Shekhar:Shes ur dadi….hw dare u tok to her that way???n do u thnk u r the,only one hu is tensed about shona…we r tensed too..
Ragini:no papa….none of u cares abt her…i knw u all r happy tht she’s gone…bcoz she’s nt my real sister
Janki shook her
Janki:Ragini r u in ur senses??do u knw wat u r saying???
R:im in my senses but myb dadi wasnt in her senses wen she told Swara….tht she’s nt ur real daughter…..she’s daughter of a disgusting woman….
Shekhar n Janki r shocked thy angrily look at dadi
R:Dadi is the one hu provoked me saying tht Swara wants to snatch Laksh from me…n i ended up fighting wid Swara thinking she’s a cheater…..then she provoked Laksh saying Swara is the reason y i broke up wid him….while the reason tht i broke up wid Laksh was Dadi herself…..n thn 2 days ago Dadi crossed all her limits….she abused n taunted Swara n forced her to leave the house….
Shekhar yells at Dadi:Maa how dare uu???i always thought tht My Shona is wrong while the reality is tht u wer wrng…uu always provoked me against her..
Janki was crying in shock..
Janki:Maa….Swaragini r my daughters…..i love both of thm….i cnt live without any of thm…Maa if anythng happens to my Shona….ull nvr see any of us ever again
Janki,Shekhar n Ragini leave fr finding Swara

At city hospital
Swara is sitting in her cabin.
Swara’s pov
Wat happened in my lyf was so fast…it ddnt evn gv me tym to adjust…i lost everyone all at once

just thn smone knocks at the door
Swara:come in

A guy cms in hes wearing a white long sleeved shirt…black trouser with black blazer…Swara gts happy to see him she runs n hugs him tyt n he hugs her back….she cries the guy is shocked to see her in this state..
Guy:kya hua shona???….y r u crying???
Swara dsnt reply ..he thn breaks the hug n wipes her tears…he makes her sit
guy:Swara kya hua??
Shona:Sanskar everythng is over everone left me sanky…Sanskar kuch nahi bacha he
sanky:swara im here …..i ddnt leave uu n nthng is over btn us …
He hugs her..
Sanky:Dr.Swara u r too emotional nwdays ….i thnk we shuld go for a phsyco therapy
she smiles
swara:Dr.Sanskar thank u so much
sanky:no keep ur thank u wid uu…..u hurt me so much n instead of saying sorry u r saying thank uu
swara’s phone rings its Ragini….sanky asks to pick it n she nods
Ragini:Shona….kidar he tu yaar??aur kitna rulaye gi??
Swara:am at the hospital Ragini..bye
she cuts the call n hugs sanskar again
Ragini is also crying n Laksh hugs n consoles her

Credit to: Albina


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