a haunted mansion (part 9)soul of a girl

hello ishquies thank you for tolerating boring episode ,this will be longest part

note: not all the spirits are not bad now this girl will turn savior for oberoi family and for further twist read

rudra screamed seeing saumya fallen into river , he panicked and started yelling her name which diverts everyone’s attention towards her ,they were dumbstruck ranveer ask them to back off as he knew swimming so he jumps into the lake pick her on his shoulder and brought her back to the shore ,tears fell down rudra’s eyes ,he was shattered seeing her in this condition ,he reminisce about their forceful marriage and humiliation endured by her when their marriage truth came out ,those pricking words spoken by tej and insulting her in front of whole family which makes him sad and make him realize her value ,he whispered “sumo dare to leave me ,I will never forgive you please wake up for our love ,please give me one chance to rectify my mistake ,I knew that our engagement happened in unfavorable circumstances and I was ready to accept you as a fiancé but believe I have loved you by my heart as a lover I won’t let you go anywhere i am ready to fight anyone for you ,I am ready to leave everything behind even my brothers and my family but please open your eyes please”.
ishana pour droplets of water on her face ,she gradually open her eyes which make everyone heave a sigh of relief rudra hugged her tightly without a bit of delay and she reciprocate him.
shivay:we will not stay here for a single minute ,we will leave this mansion now only ,does anyone wants to say anything regarding this.
anika raised her hand and said” I won’t go until I will solve this mystery ”
shivay asked “if she is gone a nut”
anika: do you think that spirit will permit us to go ??????if you want to go you can but remember those attacks are not going to stop until we will find the root of evil and stop stealing glances over me.
she ask ishu prinku and saumya “if they will support her in this mission “they shook head in yes
ishana: let’s begin our mission from that girl’s room ,who knows what we will get there
they enter in richa’s room and start fetching clue about her past ,suddenly anika spots something near the cushion ,she spill out cover of cushion ,she found a family photograph in a distorted condition, she saw a girl with their parents ,she came across a her father’s picture which she resembles to someone ,she felt that she saw him somewhere but failed to recognize him, suddenly she reminisce about face feature of tia’s husband and she quickly recognized him ,she got the evidence against tia,she showed it to everyone .

ishana: your doubt might be true but what about that girl identity we are unable to find anything about her, she could only give us answer we have only one way to find about her and that is to call herself ,
anika: you are saying to call her spirit in order to know the truth ,is it good idea?????
everyone gave her suspicious look.
ishana: it might sound weird but I can see only this way. please trust me this is the best possible way to bring out the truth.
anika: I accede with you but do you know the consequence if any evil spirit appear in front of us ,it may risk our lives but there is no other way left for us we will proceed with that process ,she acknowledged her brilliance .
rudra: bhabhi this is too dangerous we already faced many troubles in this house now we have a chance to get rid of this trouble you want to indulge in that trouble again???
anika: rudra try to understand it is not easy to leave home easily there are many hurdles if you want to try you can .i won’t stop .
shivay: we trust both of you, we are with you .tell us, what to do .
ishana: we have to sit in dark room with a cardboard and coin ,lay cardboard underneath coin and start chanting hymns ,if soul appears that coin will start moving itself we have to ask them questions ,they will answer you by moving coins .
they froze in a terror for a while listening this procedure ,they once hesitate but they agreed. they sat in a dark room following candles coin and cardboard ,ishana kept coin upon cardboard put her index finger on coin and start chanting hymn , a coin started moving and everyone understood that signal .ishana starts questioning.
ishana: are you richa sehgal??coin moved in right direction. can you please appear in front of us ????we assure you that we are not here with bad intentions please trust us ,we want to help you please appear once .the coin moved again.
they saw a silhouette standing near window facing moon ,her face was lit up with moonlight falling upon her face ,she turned her face and she was looking extremely beautiful ,she came towards them .she said” I know what you people have called me but listen me carefully “when I took one of yours disguise I felt some connection ,then i entered in ishana’s body I found she is a pure soul ,I tried to save saumya by giving signals but she ignored , I just want you to leave this place ,it is not safe , a black witch in human form is had sacrificed many lives by black magic ,the lake which you have seen is haunted ,that witch is accompanied with three people along with them two of them are females, there is a graveyard behind lake where those souls are wandering whom were killed by witch .now you have question in your mind that why I am helping you???i have a connection with you ,I can’t let you die

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