Haunted – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

Ragini is sleeping. Suddenly, a hen shouts, “cocoro ko….” In her ears.
She trembles and wakes. There is a hen beside her. she shouts. Laksh comes, ‘Relax ladoo, chameli brought this. come on, cook it now…”

Rag: what?? I have to kill it and cook?? No way… I’m animal lover..! I will kill you, if you eat non veg.

Lak: not fair..i shouldn’t eat non veg if you don’t like??

Rag: you may eat…but, don’t ask me to cook.

Lak: it’s ok… I will ask chameli.

Just then Chotu comes near Ragini and sits in her lap. “oh my chhotu….” Ragini pats it.
Laksh bends to it.
Lak: you are your madam’s party. She pushed you yesterday, you still go near her??

Chotu keeps showing them a glass jar.

Rag: hey, what pushing? When did I push chotu??

Laksh sits beside her and looks at her lovingly, “didn’t you push it as it disturbed us”
Rag: what??? When did I do???? And disturbed in what??

laksh about to answer her, but someone calls them. Laksh looks down. It’s police. It’s Adarsh.

He takes Raglak to police station.

Adarsh: is this is your bracelet?

Ragini: yes…

Adarsh: why did you kill Sahil??

Raglak shocks.

Laksh: no sir, you are mistaken. She don’t even kill animals, how she can kill humans??

Adarsh angrily to Laksh: shhh..! we found it near his dead body and your vehicle is the only one which was there at that time.

Laksh: then suspect me..! why Ragini??

Adarsh: this bracelet will say that… (he turns to Ragini) tell me..! why did you kill him??
Ragini scares and holds Laksh’s hand.

Laksh: inspector…!

Adarsh: Mr. Laksh, you may leave now. she will be in custody.

Ragini in tears: no…no, I didn’t do anything. I don’t even know him properly, how can I kill him??

Laksh: yes…! It is a wrong assumption. That might me other’s bracelet.

Adarsh orders constables to drag Laksh out.

Ragini: laksh.. I’m scared….

Laksh keeps telling: Ladoo, don’t worry. I will save you…

Ragini keeps crying. Adarsh smirks looking at Ragini.

Laksh calls to lawyer.

Adarsh comes near Ragini.

Ada: sahil has said about you already, you are so beautiful. He was unlucky, he didn’t enjoy you…but, I got chance…
He is about to put hand on her… laksh and lawyer comes inside.

Ragini runs to Laksh and hugs him and cries. Lawyer gives bail. Laksh keeps hand on her shoulder and takes her away. Ragini looks back angrily at Adarsh. Adarsh still smirking at her. Then nobody knows how, a knife raises and suddenly stabs into his neck by itself.

He shouts and falls down dead. Laksh and lawyer are shocked. They don’t understand how it happened. But Ragini is just smirking. Lawyer looks at Ragini face, he scares looking at her and runs away.

Laksh: sir…sir…
Laksh keeps calling.

Ragini keeps smiling cunningly, and looks into mirror, Kavya face is displayed.

Laksh: he might have frightened by this? but, how he dead? Anyways, let’s go away quickly.

Ragini hugs him.
Rag in innocent tone: yaa…let’s go away quickly. I’m scared.

Lak: hey… don’t get scared….
Ragini looks romantically at him. She presses his waist with her hand.
Rag: let’s go home soon…

Laksh smiles. They both go.

They reach home. Laksh carries her in his arms and he throws her on bed. He bends to her, she removes choli on her shoulder. He is about kiss her neck. Suddenly someone knocks the door. Ragini looks angrily at door.

Laksh goes and opens the door. It’s chameli.
She is shivering in fear, “Laksh babu…”

Lak: what happened chameli??
Chameli looks feared at Ragini.

Rag: what happened chameli didi??

Laksh amazes with her call. Only Kavya calls her like that.

Rag: laksh, ooo laksh… ask her to go away…

Then Laksh looks at Chameli. Chameli nods her head. Laksh then gets tensed.

Chameli: let’s go away from here. She will kill you….
Says and holds his hand. Ragini comes furiously and pushes chameli. She falls unconscious. Chotu is near chameli. Ragini closes door.

She goes near bed.

Laksh: ragini…
She won’t respond.

Laksh: ragini..!!
She won’t respond again.

Laksh: kavya..!!

Then Ragini turns her head towards him. “call me Laksh…call me like that sweetly. I’m dying to hear my name from you…”

Laksh angrily: what did you do to Ragini??

Kavya: I didn’t do her anything still. If you don’t listen to me, I will kill her.

Laksh looks for his chain. Ragini(kavya) laughs.

Kavya: it fell from your neck accidentally in police station. Then, itself I came to her.. hahahahahahahahaa…….
Laksh looks on.
“Kavya, plz. Don’t harm Ragini. She is innocent.”

Kavya: how she can be innocent Laksh? She robbed you from me…

Laksh: she didn’t rob me. She loved me. And, we were lovers even before I know you.

Kavya: laksh…laksh…don’t trouble me more. I came here for my desire. Satisfy it.. I will leave her…

Laksh: shut up… I love only her. and I’m her’s. your wish never satisfies.

Then Ragini possessed by Kavya takes a glass vase and beats it on her head. Laksh shocks. kavya comes out of her.

Ragini holds her head painfully. She is shocked to see blood on her head.
Rag: laksh…what happened to me??? Did you beat me???

Lak: no ladoo…

Then suddenly Kavya enters into her again. She laughs vigorously. Blood is falling on her face too. Laksh gets tears. He joins his hands.

Lak: kavya…plz leave Ragini. Don’t harm her.
Kavya: give me what I wanted then… however this is your wife’s body. Why are you hesitating??
She laughs loudly and removes her choli completely.

Laksh closes his eyes.

Lak: but, now she is not her. you are in her. and I love my wife. Not you. And I never did anything against her wish.

Ragini again shouts in pain. He opens his eyes. Her wrist has cut. Blood is oozing out from it.
Ragini in tears: why are you doing this to me Laksh? Is this is love? Why are you trying to kill me…??

Laksh shocks. kavya again enters into her. Laksh runs near her to save her. but she throws a cupboard in between them. Laksh falls on his knees and begs her, “Please Kavya… leave her. I will give you whatever you want..!!!”

Kavya laughs.
Kavya: come near me.
He goes.
Kavya: lick my foot. Don’t worry they are your wife’s foot.

Laksh bends to her legs in tears and does as she says. He grabs her hand.

Lak: plz, let me tie a cloth. She is bleeding….
Kavya agrees. Laksh ties a cloth to her wrist. He stands and cleans her wounds on head. She keeps kissing Laksh while he is doing that. He doesn’t get any feelings as it is not Ragini.

Kavya holds his shirt and drags him. She falls on bed, and she make him to fall on her.

Kavya: enough of your treatment. Start your work.

Laksh closes his eyes painfully. He bends to her.


Now, present story….

Laksh takes Ragini on bike into a cave. He makes her sleep on a rock. He ties some raksha thread at entrance. He draws a white line. He comes near Ragini.

Ragini comes into conscious. She sees Laksh. She keeps moving far from him. Laksh keeps nearing her.

Rag: plz, leave me Laksh. Why?? My dad wants to kill me… you want to kill me…? I don’t know, what mistake I done???
She says and keeps crying. Laksh comes too near her. she closes her eyes and keeps crying.
He gently kiss her cheek. He hugs her to his chest.

Lak: this is the man who loves you ladoo… this is the man who can to anything for you… this is the man, who only can die for you… and this is the man who has only ladoo in her heart. Didn’t you listen that heart beat?? It pronounces your name…

Ragini listens to his heart beat.

Lak: why I will cheat Ragini? But, you broke my heart yesterday…

…….they goes to flash back……….

Laksh bends to Ragini. Kavya pulls his head holding his neck.

Magician and Shekar are in mansion.

Shekar: call back that kavya soul soon. Nothing should happen to my daughter. She should marry minister’s son.

Magician chants some charm… kavya soul comes out of Ragini. He locks the soul in mirror.

Shekar: yes..! Mission success. Now, Ragini misunderstands Laksh.

He sees Kavya’s soul in mirror and laughs. Kavya looks at him in anger.

There, Laksh kisses Ragini on neck. Ragini opens her eyes. She is shocked to see Laksh too close to her. he is upon her. and she don’t have choli on her. “Laksh…!!!” she shouts and pushes him.

He falls back. She looks her wounds. She shocks again.

Rag: what are you doing with me? Are you trying to kill me or force on me?? You are doing without my knowledge right…

Laksh runs near her. he puts hand on her cheek.
“Ladoo….ur back…”

Ragini slaps him with all force. He looks at her expression less.
She holds his collar.

Rag: why are you cheating me??? Did you really love me??

Lak: I really love you…! But, I didn’t cheat you..!!!!

Ragini wears her choli and leaves the place running. Laksh comes down.
“listen to me Ragini…”
She keeps going….

Then someone beats on Laksh’s head. It’s Shekar.

Shekar: hey…Laksh, what’s up??? Shocked with Ragini’s behavior?? Shocked with Kavya’s entry??? Yes, it’s me, who has unlocked her soul. I made her possessed on my daughter. Just for this plan. She might misunderstand you…

Laksh about to stand. Shekar men come and beat Laksh.

Shekar: kill that rascal…
Says Shekar and goes away.

Ragini keeps going on road as zombie. Shekar comes in car.
Rag: daddy….
She cries. Shekar consoles. He takes her away….

Chameli and chotu come near Laksh. Chameli joins him in hospital.

{Now, we know the story….. past is completed…. Guys if you have doubt, plz check teaser and epi 1 once.}

————-whole past is completed. Flash backs over. Now, only present..——-

Ragini was still resting on Laksh’s chest.

Rag: are you telling truth? Kavya soul possessed me?? And, my dad did all that??

Lak: don’t believe me Ragini. I will drop near your dad right now…
Says Laksh and stands.

Ragini holds his hand and she too stands and hugs him. ‘Ladoo…not Ragini..!’ she says. He smiles.

Kavya soul breaks from bottle in magician’s hand. It flies towards Raglak place.

Shekar: it escaped again..! my daughter in danger.

Dadi: don’t call her your daughter. She is Laksh’s wife and he saves her..!
Shekar looks on.

Rag: I’m sorry Laksh…
Lak: what is this Ladoo? You easily misunderstand and easily believe??
Rag: I said sorry know…
She keeps crying.

Laksh makes her sit on rock. He sits beside her. as it’s getting dark, they both feel cold.
He takes a rug and covers on them together.
He lays on rock and Ragini comes over him. Both have eye lock.
Both hug each other tightly.

Kavya soul comes near cave and looks their position. She shocks. she tries to enter. But can’t due to raksha thread.
She keeps shouting, “laksh…don’t do that…you are only mine….!!!”

But, Raglak are busy in their work. They can’t see her.

Their eyes are filled with passion and their hearts are filled with love. they both end their separateness and become one.

Kavya soul cries out….

Precap: actually what happened?? Kavya’s story, etc, etc…and…..

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