Haunted – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:
The jeep is going through the forest.  Ragini is thinking something..

Lak: hmm ragini…

She beats on his hand. “Call me ladoo..”

Lak: that’s what I’m going to ask. Why ladoo, not ragini?

Ragini: laksh, you remember very well. How my dad shot me that day..(in 1st epi..)

Rag: he didn’t even care his daughter life, but he wanted only status. He tried to kill me, only bcz i loved you..

Laksh remains silent.

Rag: that’s why, i have hated to be called as Ragini, which is the name kept by him.

Laksh is silent.

Rag: and you know Laksh, it was only my mom who loved me. She always calls me ladoo with love..and i missed her, when I’m child…

She is in tears.

Rag:  i missed the call ladoo… So i wished, I could hear it from you..

Lak: ladoo…

Ragini smiles and keeps her head on his shoulder. They reach the town. Ragini does some shopping, she eats ice cream as she wished. And she forces Laksh that they will see a movie.

Lak: but ladoo, it will get dark when we reach.
Ragini puts a pout face. He smiles and agrees.

They watch a afternoon show.

It is evening when they will be reaching to village.

Lak: see it became dark..

Rag: I’m not at all afraid..bcz, ur beside me…

Lak: hmm, and how shd i feel brave..

Rag: don’t worry…I’m with you.
She says and puts hand on his shoulder.

Rag: everything will be fine, if the tyre doesn’t puncher.

Then suddenly, the jeep stops with tusss sound.

Just then Sahil will come in a car, on that way.

Sahil: what forest officer..?? Tyre punctured?? Send ur wife with me…

Lak shouts: sahil…!!!!

But he goes away in car.

Lak: i will kill that rascal one day,,,

He bends to tyre and keeps changing. Ragini is silent.

Lak: ladoo…why are you silent?? Did you remember our first meeting and our first love..?? The forest is only the place where our love started 1st time…

He keeps telling something…

Sahil stops his car near his farm house. No one is there. He is about to go inside, but he sees a girl shadow at back. He scares and turns back.

Ragini was bending her head.

Sahil: what baby..? Your husband left you..??
He asks and goes near her. Ragini raises her face suddenly, her face is grey, some breaks, her eyes are deep red.

Sahil scares and falls back.
Sahil: hey…stop scaring me…

Ragini: scaring… Can you get scared Sahil bhai…??

Sahil confuses… Only kavya calls him like that.

Sahil: who..who are you..??

Ragini shouts: how can you forget your sis sahil bhai…!!!

Sahil scares: kavya….

Ragini takes a fire log and keeps coming near him, he is moving back.

“Remember how you killed me…!!!” She shouts.

Sahil gets a fb, he is stabbing Kavya with glass piece.

Sahil: kavya sis, leave me please…

Ragini throws that fire log on him, he escapes and runs, but accidentally falls on a sharp branch and he dies.

Ragini puts her leg on his neck and laughs. “Still Adarsh and Laksh are left for my target.
Laksh.. I’m coming…'” She keeps going.

Laksh was still changing the tyre, he didn’t look at Ragini once, bcz he was busy in telling their flash back…their 1st meeting..

You know, we came to excursion to a forest. And we were just friends then. But, only we both happened to separate from our batch unknowingly. And, the fate designed it.
We stayed three days alone like that in deep forest, no one couldn’t find us… I took care of you and you took care of me… We both together finding the food, surviving helping each other… And, then love started… Of course, i proposed you first, but you took one month time to answer me….hahaha…you are too stubborn..

He says and looks in seat. Ragini is not there.

Lak: ladoo..??

Lak shouts: ladooo..??where are you…???

He goes a little bit far and shouts, Ragini…

He comes back again and finds her in seat. He takes breath. She is bending her head. Her hair is upon her face.

Laksh angrily: where did you go… ?

She won’t answer.

Lak: i asked, where did you go..??

No answer.

Laksh goes near her and shakes her, “tell me, where did you go,,??”

Ragini comes out of thoughts, “where did i go..? I was here only, I’m feeling dizzy..’

Lak: shut up… Are you playing with me..?? If you don’t like to live with me, then go away..!! Why are you torturing me like this..??

Ragini gets tears in her eyes with his words. “What did i do Laksh..??”

Laksh holds her shoulders strongly, “don’t you know…haaaa…?? Did you know, how I was tensed. Why are u dng like this ragini..??

He asks furiously. rag confused.

Rag: but I was here…

Lak sits in driving seat and starts driving furious with anger on Rag. Rag starts weeping silently.

They reach home, he puts a sudden break.

Rag in sad tone: what happened to you laksh? Why are you behaving

Lak in red eyes: that’s what I’m asking ragini…what happened to you???

Rag keeps crying and runs into house. She falls on bed and keeps crying. Laksh takes chotu from chameli and comes inside.

Ragini is weeping on bed. Laksh comes near her. He feels sad listening to her cry.
He puts hand on her leg.
Lak: ragini…

Rag crying: ladoo…

Lak smiles with tears and come near her. He puts his hand on her shoulder. she cries and hugs him. She holds his shirt tightly.

Lak: I’m sorry dear… my short temper is really problematic…

Some black fog enters into Ragini from mirror. Then, she smells Laksh’s neck deeply. Laksh amazes…

Lak: ladoo..??

She suddenly kisses his lips. He shocks. He closes his eyes and enjoys.

Chotu gets angry and suddenly jumps on them. They get distracted. Ragini pushes chotu in anger. It falls down.

Laksh shocks. “Are you mad..??”

He goes near chotu. It has a wound on leg.

Lak: whats going on in you Ragini?? How can you do this to chotu..??

“Nothing. ..!!!” Ragini shouts in a furious tone, for which even Laksh is scared. Chotu scares and hid it head in his chest.

She sleeps. Laksh sits on a chair putting chotu in his lap. He doesn’t understand what happened to her…

Precap: present story will be shown…

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