Haunted – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:
Laksh takes her face near, he touches her face with other hand too which has chain. Some black shadow comes out of her, and goes into a glass jar.

Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh too close to her. she pushes him.
Ragini shouts: what are you doing??

Laksh confuses. Again he thinks, “may be this is due to fever effect..”

Laksh: nothing Ragini, just checking your temperature.
That chain falls on Ragini’s lap.

Rag: call me ladoo..not Ragini…oh..do you check temperature like this also..? laksh, I’m warning you last time.. don’t try to come near me again…

Laksh stands and asks slowly: but tell me the strong reason Ladoo… why?? I’m your husband. And, we were lovers also.

Ragini looks at him sadly and goes to a flash back…
In fb,

**when Ragini and Laksh goes to register office to get marriage registration, after their marriage, they come out. Laksh goes aside talking with his friends. Ragini’s friends will be teasing her. Ragini plays with them and suddenly gets struck with a person. She turns back and he is a swamiji. When Ragini accidentally hits him, the holy water in his kamandalam fells down. He looks angrily at her. Ragini asks him for pardon. But he curses her, “I have gained this holy water by doing many sacrifices. You ruined it…! now, I curse you… if you get close to your husband, he will also ruin..!!!”
Ragini shocks with his curse. She asks for remedy and solution. But he goes away angrily. Ragini keeps crying and requests her friends not to say this to Laksh. Laksh who just comes there asks Ragini why she is crying. She simply says that she miss her parents…

Shekar looks all the scene smirking. He is in a car. That swamiji comes and sits in car. He removes the beard and reveled as dadaji.
Shekar: wah papa, what an action. With this, our Ragini never goes close to that beggar Laksh.
Dadaji: yes beta, and we can bring her back from him soon and make her marriage again with minister’s son.
Both smirk and give hifi…

Ragini is not aware of that plan. ***

Fb ends…
Ragini remembers Swamiji’s curse. (she doesn’t know that it’s dadaji)

Laksh sadly: tell me Ragini..why??
Ragini wipes her tears: I’m sleepy…
She says and takes chain fell in her lap into her hand. That chain has durga maata locket. She holds that chain and sleeps.
Laksh covers her with bed sheet and he too sleeps at other end of bed. Kavya soul tries to reach Ragini, but it can’t posses due to chain power.

Chotu keeps looking at that black shadow and scares. It sleeps beside Ragini.

Next morning,

Ragini wakes with Laksh voice. He is singing some song…

“tuje dek dek sonaaaa…
Tuje dek karhai jagnaaa…”
In a loud tone. Ragini closes her ears. Chotu too wakes up with his song. Laksh is putting tea in tea kettle.

Ragini takes chotu in her hands and kiss it.
Rag: hello mr. forest officer..! will you stop that song..??
Ragini keeps kissing chotu and rubs it.

Laksh comes with two cups near her.
Lak: hmm..chotu, I don’t have the luck which you have deer..
Laksh sits beside Ragini. Chotu comes near him.
Lak: take this bed tea…
Rag: bed tea? It shd be bed coffee right.
Lak: it’s not tea. Actually a medicine to your fever. You have to drink it before you brush.
Ragini takes that cup into her hand. Laksh was drinking coffee and keeps looking at her.

Lak: ladoo.. why don’t you do the same things to me which you do to chotu..?

Ragini blushes. He smiles and keeps his cup aside. He places his head on her lap. She can’t resist him. She too puts cup aside and rubs Laksh’s head.

–Kavya soul in glass jar looking at them jealous. It can’t come out in sun..—

Laksh and Ragini both are looking at each other. Ragini keeps rubbing his head smoothly. She bends and kiss his forehead.

Lak smiles: you said me not to sing. Then you sing…
Rag hesitates
Lak: come on ladoo…

She sings,
“Tuje dek dek sonaa…
Tuje dek kar hain jagnaa…”

Her voice fills all the house. Laksh gets up from her lap. She keeps singing.
Maine yeh zindagani
Sang tere bitaani
Tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai

(she takes his face into her hands)

jiya dhadak dhadak Jaayen…..

She touches her face to his face. Both close their eyes. Suddenly she remembers curse again. She removes her hands.

Rag: you said some medicine, give it…
Laksh keeps looking at her and gives her cup. She takes it and bends her head.
She takes a sip. “Wakkk…it’s very sour… I don’t want it.”
She is putting the cup far and about to go. But, Laksh keeps his hand on her shoulder and drags her near.
Lak: no you have to drink it. medicines are never tasty…
Rag: I don’t want.
He holds the cup near her mouth and both are very close to each other.
He kiss her cheek. She shocks.

Lak: if you don’t drink, I will kiss you…
Rag: no…

Laksh tries to kiss her, then she drinks whole cup closing her eyes.
Lak: that’s a good girl…
He says and kiss her cheek again.
Rag: whatever it is, you will kiss me right…!
Lak: you are so clever…
He tries to kiss again, she runs to washroom. He keeps laughing.

–Kavya soul in jar keep looking them with red eyes—

Ragini after getting fresh up…
Rag: are you not going to office today??

Lak: no… I kept leave for you… let’s go anywhere..

Rag: where shall we go??

Lak: shall we go to deep forest, for a safari… you can see many animals…
Ragini looks uninterestedly.

Lak: umm…shall we go to a tribal village, you will love that culture…

Rag: I want icecream…

Lak: icecream?? They aren’t available here..!

Rag: that’s why, let’s go to a town beside.

Lak: it takes long time. Ask me any other thing..

Rag: plz laksh… there is no tv, radio, internet here..! only mobile. That too less signal. i have been here a week without city life, let’s go to town once, a little shopping, one ice cream… that’s it…

Lak: no way..

Ragini puts a crying face… “ok, don’t take me anywhere. I will sit like this only as mad girl..” she sheds fake tears.
Laksh laughs looking at her. “ok, let’s go. But, we have to return before 5..”

Rag excites : ya…ya….

Laksh ties durga maata chain to wrist.
Ragini gets ready and keeps chotu in a big hand bag, so that it can feel air.
Lak: hey, leave chotu here. If anyone sees this, it becomes a big problem.
Rag: no..! how chotu can be alone here??

Ragini puts a small mirror in her hand bag, soon kavya soul jumps from glass jar into her mirror. Chotu starts doing mess in bag, being scared.
Ragini takes it into her hands.

Rag: what’s wrong chotu baby..?
Lak: hmm, how it will like if you keep it in bag..?
Chotu keeps showing something towards bag.

Lak: see, it’s getting scared of bag.
Rag: I can’t leave it alone here…
Lak: let’s give her to chameli. We will take chotu back when we come..!
Rag: hmm…ok….

Laksh and Ragini sits in jeep. Ragini is wearing red lehenga…
They go to chameli house and gives chotu to her. chotu keeps shouting.

Rag: my pyaree bachha..we will return soon…don’t worry.
Laksh drive off the jeep. Chotu keeps looking at them shouting. Chamlei too looks them doubtfully for chotu’s behaviour.

Laksh keeps driving. As it is open jeep Ragini enjoys the breeze. She stands and stretches her hands enjoying cool breeze. Laksh looks at her smilingly. Due to fast air, her lehenga goes aside, and her tummy is visible. laksh looks at it mesmerizingly.

Soon he turns away his face, “NO…no, I should not do this without her wish…”
He sees again. She is standing still. He keeps seeing.
Then he sees one man also seeing Ragini, then soon Laksh holds her hand and makes her sit.

Rag: what..?
Lak: what..? what? If you stand like that…ahhh…
Rag: aahhhh..? what happens?
Lak: your waist is visible and everyone are seeing you…
Ragini suddenly covers herself in shock.
Rag: how do you know that?? You saw it right…
Laksh just keeps stopping his smile. Ragini too turns her face other side and smiles.

The jeep goes on in that forest area…and they don’t know they are carrying a soul with them………

Precap: Ragini kills Sahil…

/* hello my dear friends, yesterday precap was ragini’s weird behaviour, but I thought to add some lovely Raglak scenes… that’s why, that precap is also for nxt epi… thanku guys…*/

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