Haunted – Chapter 5

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chapter 5:
Past continues..:

Laksh shocks with her slap. He holds his cheek. A minute silence…
Laksh angrily: have you gone mad??
Ragini angrily: you have gone mad. I said you already I don’t like all these…
Laksh: are you stupid? We have loved each other since four months…
Ragini: but we never kissed or touched each other then…
Laksh: we are married now….
Ragini: so what?? I said I need time to do these things…. You very well know that I’m shy…
Laksh: oh… then why did you hug me?? Why did you sleep beside me?? Why did you hold me tight??

Ragini: because, I was scared…

Laksh: oh..then me too Ragini. I couldn’t control myself when you do like that..!

Again a brief silence. Ragini has tears in eyes.

Ragini: fine..! I won’t do that again..!
She says and gets off from bed. Laksh in anger throws a pillow aside.

Ragini: you need not be that anger..!
Laksh: you know very well that I’m a angry bird.

Ragini sleeps on floor. She keeps crying. Laksh knows that she was crying, but he won’t care and he sleeps. Both are in anger on each other.
Ragini sleeps. And, the weird sounds keep coming from mansion. She looks out of window, she gets much scared. She closes her eyes and shivers.

Next morning,

Laksh wakes and sees Ragini is still sleeping. Chotu is near her face and trying to wake her. laksh silently goes to wash room and takes bath.

She was sleeping still. He prepares some breakfast. He makes much sounds, so that she might wake up. But, she is still sleeping. Chotu sadly sat near her.

At last chotu comes near Laksh and licks his legs. It sees him and sees Ragini. He understands that it is asking to see Ragini. He goes near her being concerned.

Laksh calls, “Ragini…”
She won’t wake up. He touches her hand. And shocks. her body has high temperature. He feels sad. She gets fever as she was much scared all night.
“I’m sorry ladoo…” he says and makes her to sleep on bed. He takes a wet cloth and keeps on her forehead. He wipes her feet with other wet cloth.

She wakes with this. he comes near her.
Laksh: don’t worry ladoo.. I will be with you for today.
He makes her eat something and gives her tablet.

Ragini keeps looking at him silently.
Rag: I love you Laksh…
Lak: love you too ladoo…
He says and about to kiss her forehead, but stops remembering slap.

Then he gets a phone.
Man in phone: Mr. Laksh, how long will you take to come to office.

Laksh: sorry sir, I will not come today. My wife is not feeling well.

In phone: I don’t know all those things. There is urgent work for you…
Laksh keeps requesting him. He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder.

Laksh: ladoo..why did you come. Sleep…
Ragini: Laksh, I’m fine. I can take care of myself.
Laksh: but…
Ragini: I have taken tablet, I will be ok by evening. So, don’t worry. You go…
Laksh: ok, take care. I will come soon…

He says and leaves to office. But, he keeps worrying about Ragini. She can’t sleep.
She feels bored and comes down. Just then Chameli comes and washing cloths. Ragini keeps roaming here and there down.

Chotu looks at a deer near mansion and it runs. “chotu…” shouts Ragini and runs behind it.
Chameli shouts, “don’t go madam ji…”

But Ragini keeps running. Chameli looks shocked at mansion and runs away from there.

Ragini goes into mansion.

In office,

Officer: why did you keep case against Sahil??
Laksh: sir, what’s wrong? He was smuggling…

Officer: Laksh, we know how Sahil is dangerous. Messing up with him is dangerous.
Sahil comes in a laugh there.
Sahil: tell him like that officer..!

Laksh looks angrily at him.
Sahil: he is thinking he is alone. He doesn’t remember that he has a wife…
Laksh looks even more angrily at him.

Sahil: laksh, you kept case on me. You didn’t take it back. Now, my men went to your house. Your wife is alone…
Laksh holds his collar.
Laksh: sahil..!!!
He pushes Sahil and runs to home.

Laksh reaches home and keeps searching for Ragini. She is nowhere. But Sahil men are there.

“where is Ragini??” he asks.

“we don’t know..we didn’t find her too…” they says.

Laksh takes a log and starts beating them. “Tell me. Where is she..!!!”

Those men start running away as he was beating violently. “we don’t know really…” they keeps telling.

Chotu comes to Laksh and licks his legs. It keeps moving it’s face towards mansion. Laksh takes chotu into hands and looks at mansion.

Chameli runs near him from somewhere.
“Laksh babu… I warned her. but, she ran into mansion.”

“What..??” Laksh shocks and looks at Mansion.

“Ragini…..!” he shouts and runs into it.

Precap: can’t say…

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