Haunted – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:
In this episode past and present simultaneously…

Now present,

Laksh holds Ragini and makes her to sleep on bed. Magician is looking at the glass bottle in which KAvya’s soul is locked.

Shekar grabs Laksh’s collar.
Shekar: this was all because of you..why did you come again??

Laksh in red eyes: are you a father? To make her far from me, you made her weak to be possessed by Kavya..

Dadi shocks with his statement.
Dadi: shekar..! what is he talking??

Dadaji: yes..! It was mine and Shekar’s plan to make Ragini far from you. If we kill you, she becomes mad. If she misunderstands you, she can forget you easily. That’s why we unlocked Kavya’s soul which was locked in that mansion..!

Dadi looks shocked…

Laksh: to make me bad in her eyes… you need to play this much drama? You need to risk her life??

Shekar: then how she is going to misunderstand you? She is never going to believe any blame on you, bcz she loves you deeply and madly. What she hates the most Laksh..? She hates it when you kiss her or hug her… bcz, she has a phobia if you do something like that, you will die… she is too innocent laksh… she believes everything….

Laksh looks sadly at Ragini… “what kind of father you are? Does anyone do like this with daughter?”

Shekar: I’m her father, that’s why I wanted her to marry a rich boy and live happily. But, she loved a beggar like you..! that’s why, I have decided to separate you both, and my weapon is Kavya, who is in deep desire of you… she wants you. She was dead without getting you…

Laksh breaks a pot in anger.
Laksh: enough uncle, you have tortured my Ragini very well. Now, I won’t let her stay with you…
He says and lifts Ragini on his shoulder and starts going. The men who came to fight, he fights with single hand.
He places Ragini on back seat of bike and ties her to him with chunni. He drove off…

Dadi slaps Shekar and scolds dadaji…

Laksh keeps driving the bike, “I will save you at any cost my ladoo…” he thinks. Ragini was laying on him on back unconscious.

Now….Past continues…

Laksh runs near the mansion gates. He remembers some words, “Don’t step in this mansion again…” a old man’s dialogues.

“sorry for crossing your words, but I have to save her..!” says Laksh and crosses the gate. Wind start blowing vigorously. He reaches the main door. He looks at the pumpkin which fell down and broke.
“this is not good…!” laksh scares.

He runs inside mansion and shouts, “Ragini..!”
The echo resounds in every corner of mansion. It is totally dark. Spider webs are like forest. Some tress are grown and roots are came out of walls. The hugs chandler in center is swinging due to wind outside. Laksh knows very well, that mansion doors were opened after 20 years..! till now, even little air didn’t come into it.

Laksh keeps searching for her desperately in mobile light. Suddenly, he looks drops of blood. He follows it and reaches a dressing table. Where, the glass pieces are broke, and blood upon them, a little far from them Ragini is lying on floor unconscious.

Her head has a wound and her lip also has one wound. Her feet got struck with many glass pieces. Laksh gets tears with her condition.
“Ragini…” he calls and go near her. he wipes his tears and carry her in his arms.

{guys….don’t get scared now…}

While he is going like that, a dark shadow keeps following him. He didn’t observe it. that shadow is in women shape, it jumps on Laksh, and holds his shoulders by it’s hands. that shadow kept it’s legs on his waist. Totally it’s on Laksh’s back.

Laksh didn’t feel it or he couldn’t see anything. But, his tears are continuously falling on Ragini’s hand. That shadow keeps trying to kiss Laksh on cheek, but it can’t.

Laksh steps outside the mansion. Sunrays fall on him, that shadow scares and goes back into mansion.
It’s red eyes are shining as radium, from dark mansion, which are observed by Chotu. Chotu gets scared.

Laksh brings Ragini to tree house. Chameli is there itself. She too didn’t observe it. chotu keep dragging Laksh’s pant to notice that red light in mansion. But, Laksh was busy with Ragini. He takes her inside and chameli goes into forest to bring some herbs for Ragini.

Laksh places Ragini on bed and removes glass pieces in her legs. He cleans all her wounds. Her body is still in high temperature. He keeps worrying. Chameli comes with some herbs. She makes a medicine. She applies it to Ragini’s wounds.

“ok chameli, you go. I will take care of her. it’s getting late to you…” says Laksh. She nods her head and leaves.

Chameli, while going away, she listens a lady voice from mansion… “chameli…. Oo’ chameli didi…”
She gets scared. Because only Kavya used to call her like that….. she looks at the mansion doors. They keep beating with huge wind. Chameli scares and runs….

Chotu is sitting sadly beside Ragini. Laksh is looking after her. he holds her hand. She comes into little conscious.
Laksh: you are alright ladoo… you are alright…
Ragini in little conscious listens to it and smiles.
Rag: laksh…she calls slowly…
He bends to her. she says slowly, ‘you are seeing me as my mom…’ she says and goes into sleep. Laksh smiles and kisses on her forehead.

The pair of scary red eyes, see them from mansion’s window. Chotu gets scared, but it can’t speak.

It’s evening. Getting dark. Laksh goes near lantern to switch it on… Ragini is slowly gaining conscious.
A past flashes in her eyes.
** she runs into mansion for chotu. She holds chotu at gate itself. ‘where you will run?? Let’s go back…’ says Ragini and about to leave.

But she suddenly hears a sound, “Ragini……..”
Ragini shocks and looks back at mansion doors. “Ragini…” she listens to the voice again.
She leaves chotu on ground. Chotu clutches her lehenga with it’s mouth saying not to go.
But, she keeps going. She doesn’t understand why she is going but, she reaches the doors. The door is not locked. She opens them and looks inside. All dark…

She is about to go back, but someone pulls her in. she shouts in scare. She falls down on floor inside. The doors get closed. She stands and tries to open doors but they are locked. Help me…help me…she shouts.

Suddenly, someone grabs her neck. She feels suffocated. She suddenly gets free, and runs where she could. As she couldn’t see anything, she accidently gets hit to wall, and her head has wound.

She comes before a dressing table, she could see the mirror and her reflection in it. she is totally scared and her hair messed up. Suddenly her reflection disappears, and a black lady form appears. Ragini shouts being scared. The mirror breaks into pieces, and that form jumps on her.

Ragini steps on those glass pieces to run and get stuck to them. She falls down being pained with the glass. That form sits on her and bends to her. she shouts and faints. **

“Laksh…!” Ragini shouts suddenly and hugs him who is sitting beside her on bed.

Ragini is hugging him tight and shivering. She is wet with sweat.
Laksh patting her back, “it’s ok ladoo. All fine…”
Rag: no..no… I have seen something….
Lak: nothing is there. I’m here na…
Laksh sooths her. she gets relieved a bit. As she was in sweat, Laksh goes to open the window. Chotu keeps shouting in it’s little tone.

Laksh opens the windows, a cool breeze comes and touches Ragini. And her hair flies, she gets mesmerized with the wind. She smiles wittily and looks at Laksh lovingly,
Laksh was taking a divine chain kept near Krishna idol.

Chotu gets scared looking at Ragini and hides at a corner.

“Laksh…oo’ laksh…” she calls him lovingly. Her voice is somewhat different. Laksh amazingly looks at her. he loves the way she called.

He goes near her. she keeps looking at him lovingly. He sits near her. she hugs him. He amazes.
“I love you Laksh…” she says.
“ love you too Ragini..”

She smiles. Chotu closes it’s eyes.

Rag: truth..?
Lak: of course dear…

Rag: then kiss me…
Lak: what??

Rag: do it if you love me.
Laksh gets amazed with her words. he takes her face in his hands. she closes her eyes.
Lak: are you sure…?

Rag in low tone: do it fast.. I can’t wait…
Laksh smiles and takes her face near…

Precap: Ragini weird behavior.

/* guys… is the story interesting or boring? If boring, plz tell me…I will change the story line…. Tell me if it’s confusing also…*/

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