Haunted – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:


The way is clear and Laksh keeps going on bike. At house, Ragini was in fainted position. That magician was still doing some chants. The fire was not out. He takes a bottle and closes the lid.
Magician:- all set. I have locked the spirit in this glass bottle. Now you may turn down the fire. Your daughter is normal again.

They set the fire off. Shekar and Dadaji make Ragini to sleep on bed. Dadi is beside her.
Magician keeps looking at the glass bottle and shocks.

Just then, Laksh enters the palace. Some men are at gate. One of them calls to Shekar.
“sir, laksh has come..!”
Shekar: what?? He is alive?? Kill him right now…

The men come to fight with Laksh. He gets off the bike and beats the first man who came. He falls down. Laksh keeps hitting and fighting with all those men.
He reaches the entrance.

Magician shouts: no..! the spirit is not locked yet. That devil has cheated us..!

Dadi and rest all shocks. they move far from Ragini. Magician looks at the dressing table mirror. Suddenly, the mirror breaks into pieces and they forcedly shoot them. All escape. A white fog like thing enters into Ragini again.

Magician shocks. Ragini opens her eyes. Her eyes are all white. All get scared. She stands on bed and shouts.

Laksh was stopped by men at entrance. With her shout, all the glasses of windows and doors break. Dadi faints again.

Laksh: she is possessed again..! I have to go..!
He shouts and gives a nice blow to those men and keeps climbing the steps.

Ragini jumps from bed and holds magician’s neck. He beats her with a stick. Laksh who just came there sees her position. He holds magician.
Lak: why are you beating her like that??

Some men drag Ragini into circle and set the fire again. Laksh wants to go there, but some other men are holding him.

That magician starts throwing powder on Ragini. She suffers. Laksh feels very sad.
Laksh:- uncle, if you do so Ragini suffers not Kavya. This is not correct.
No one listens to him.

Magician beats Ragini with other stick. She shouts in pain. Laksh forcedly removes his clutches and jumps inside the circle.
Magician: have you gone mad??

Ragini who was controlled by KAvya looks at Laksh. She gives a devilish smile at Laksh. She holds his neck and presses. But, he holds her waist and drags her near. All are seeing at them in tension. Suddenly, Ragini’s eyes turn normal. He holds her head and kisses her lips. Everyone shocks.

Ragini becomes weak and kavya gets out of her. magician gets the soul in bottle again.
Laksh was still kissing her. she falls in his arms. Then he gently pats her cheek, ‘ladoo..’
She opens her eyes and sees Laksh. ‘Laksh…’ she murmurs slowly and faints. He hugs her.

Now past…. Flash back continues….

Next morning Laksh wakes as chotu was licking his nose. He wakes and takes chotu in his hands. ‘where is your ladoo madam?’ he asks. Just then, Ragini comes there. She has taken the bath and her hair was wet. She comes in front of mirror and keeps setting her hair. Water falls on Laksh’s face. He keeps looking at her mesmerized.

She sits beside him on bed and takes chotu into her hands. she is talking with chotu. Laksh bends near her to smell her hair. She stands and he falls on bed.

Rag: y did you fall?
Lak: oo..nothing…

Later he too gets ready. Ragini was preparing tea for them. She is looking beautiful in light pink and green lehenga. Laksh comes near her and stretches his hands, she looks and he holds his hands.

He stands beside her.
Lak: you are looking beautiful..
She smiles: you are also handsome Laksh..not today, everyday..
Lak smiles: by the way, why do you hate this hugging and kissing’s???
Ragini looks straightly, ‘you know, even at childhood also I never let dadi, dadaji or papa, mamma to kiss or hug me. I don’t know, I hate it.

Laksh moves close to her and keep his hand on her neck gently. ‘then, how we will have kids??’ he asks innocently.

She pushes his hand. “for now, let’s play with chotu…” “chotu…” she calls and goes near it.
Lak: she is miss. Impossible.

They both get ready. This time, Ragini also goes to office with him. Laksh is busy in office works, Ragini sits out and keeps playing with chotu.

Suddenly a tata sumo stops there. Ragini looks them. Gundas like men get down the vehicle.
One of them shouts: hey forest officer..! come out..!!

Laksh comes out.
Lak: what mr. sahil??

Sahil: why did you put case against me??

Lak: you tried to smuggle red sandalwood. Everyone know, it’s a crime.
Sahil: crime…what about Kavya then?? Did you forget what you did??
Laksh looks angrily at Sahil.

Ragini: kavya???
Sahil grabs his collar. ‘take back my case..’
Ragini comes furiously at them and pushes Sahil. “don’t dare to hold his collar.”
Sahil laughs at her.

Sahil: where did you bring her officer? She is your wife or….
Laksh gives a nice punch on his face.
Rag: good blow lucky… I will beat him too…
Ragini is about to go… Laksh stops her. Police comes. Sahil and his gang go away.

Raglak are returning home in jeep. Laksh seemed to be upset.
Rag slowly:- who is Kavya??
He is silent.
Rag:- how long do you know her? do you know her before me??
But Laksh is silent.
Rag:- where is she now??
He stops the jeep as they reached home.
Lak:- ladoo, I will tell everything when time comes. Can you prepare tea, my head is aching.
Ragini nods her head and goes to prepare tea.
Laksh sits in balcony and keeps looking at mansion. She comes.

Rag:- who’s mansion is that??
Lak:- my grand father’s
Rag in little bit anger:- you need not do jokes ok…
She goes inside with pout face. He smiles and follows her inside. Due to breeze her pallu keeps flying, he holds it and drapes in her waist. She blushes. He smiles and starts cutting onions and tomatoes for dinner that night.

She stands beside him preparing the dough. She looks at mansion.
Rag:- laksh, do ghosts exist?
Lak:- why? Are you afraid??

Rag:- no..no..I’m just asking.
Laksh remembers what she did yesterday. He wanted same thing again. He smiles and starts telling,
Lak:- yes ladoo, they exist.
Rag shocked:- what??
Lak:- and there are different types…
Rag: ok stop….

Lak: you know…they come at late night…
Rag: ok…enough.

Lak:- and, they are not visible but makes sounds….
Ragini closes her ears. “I agree with ur knowledge, please stop.”

But naughty Laksh keeps telling, conjuring, 1920, …etc stories.

Laksh gets on bed after dinner.
Lak: ok Ragini, good night…off that lantern.
Rag: aaa..Laksh…
Lak: yaa…
Rag: can I sleep beside you…
Lak: with pleasure dear…
Rag holding wrists: just bcz I’m scared…
Lak: yaa..no advantage…
He smirks. Rag nods her head and sleeps beside him. Chotu is sleeping already.

Same as last night, she hears weird sounds from mansion. However, Laksh won’t hear them. She opens her eyes and looks out of window. Something is moving…

She turns to Laksh and hugs him. He feels happy.
Rag: smthng is moving…
Lak: that’s just tree branches….

Cool breeze is coming from windows, which even more increasing his feelings towards her. but, the freaky sounds keep coming from mansion, which don’t let her sleep.

She moves even more closer to him and hugs him tightly.
“jeene laga hu..pehele se zyada…” plays in back ground.

Laksh keeps looking at her lovingly. She has closed her eyes tightly and kept her head on his chest. She is holding his shirt very tightly.
Laksh gently puts hands on her hands. She gets relieved with his touch, and becomes normal. He gently rubs her head and cheek.
She looks at him. He reaches his face to her face.. she doesn’t want to resist him even she don’t like. He holds her face nearer and kisses her lips compassionately.
He keeps doing like that for a minute and she pushes him. She gives a thapad slap on his cheek.

Precap: Raglak jagada…Ragini missing…

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