Haunted – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Ragini is lying on floor. Dadi comes and feels tensed. She goes near her.
Dadi holds her and tries to wake her.. : Ragini…ragini….

Ragini opens her eyes. Her eyes are red…! She has black circles around her eyes.
She pushes dadi and she falls on bed.

Ragini laughs wildly, and stands. Dadi gets scared looking at her. her hair is all messed up and her face turned in grey color.

Dadi doesn’t get words from her mouth. She faints looking at Ragini’s condition. Ragini keeps laughing weirdly, all the windows and doors in house start moving.

Dadaji comes and sees Ragini. He soon calls to Shekar.

Dadaji: shekar..! She is possessed again. How is it possible? We have locked kavya’s soul right..!
Shekar shocks: I’m coming back right now papa..

Shekar starts going back.

Ragini starts shouting in ferocious tone, “where is Laksh?? I want my Laksh…!!”
She shouts in fox tone.. and keeps laughing.

Dadaji gets extremely scared.

Suddenly, someone beats her on head from back. She falls on knees. That stick is a magical stick and there was a magician behind her.
Dadaji has called him. Dadaji goes near dadi and wakes her.

Ragini turns back and sees magician. She is about to attack him. He throws some white powder on her. She falls down. Her face becomes normal. And she starts murmuring, laksh…

Dadaj: she is normal her. let’s take her back.
Magician: no..! that devil has just gone for a while. It will come back again. Be far..

He says and draws a circle around her.
Ragini is in half conscious state… she goes back into flash back…

Past… fb…

Ragini is resting her head on Laksh’s shoulder.
Lak: don’t worry Ragini..
Ragini raises her head and slaps him gently.
Ragini: don’t call me Ragini. Call me ladoo…
Laksh: my dear ladoo… don’t feel bad that you have left your parents.

Ladoo: I’m not feeling bad. But…
She gets tears and her tears touch his hand. He takes her face into his hands. he takes her face nearer and about to kiss her, she pushes him.
Ladoo: don’t do that.
Lucky: why? We are married now. I mean, registered marriage.
Ladoo: even though, I don’t want to kiss you or hug you right now. I want some time.

Lucky: but, we have loved each other.
Ladoo: even though…

Lucky: okok..as you wish. I won’t do anything which you don’t like.
Ladoo smiles.

They both are in bus, they get down in a village.
They start walking.

Ladoo: why we have to stay in this small village?
Lucky: I’m forest officer. So, my posting is here.

He takes her near a mansion. But, it’s very old and seemingly scary appearance.

Ladoo: wow..are we going to stay in that?? But, it’s very old…
Laksh holds her shoulders and turn her other side.
Laksh: we are staying here…

It’s a tree house. It’s very cute and small.

Ragini: it’s very cuteee… but, it’s small.
Laksh: ya..and you have to adjust.

Rag: no..! I want a big house. I’m a rich kid, I can’t stay in this small house.
Lak: I already said know, you can’t live with me…
Ragini pinches him.

They both stand on a wooden base, and Laksh pulls the rope, they go up.
Rag: oh..wooden lift.
Lak: yup…

Ragini stands near door.
Lak: wait here…
He says and goes inside. Ragini looks at all the house. There are four windows. A small bed. A small table and two chairs. A beautiful little lamp. No fan, no other lights. A small stove and tea kettle hanging to hook. On a shelf a small Krishna statue. Some books in a shelf. Three rose plants at other window. The tree branches are visible through the window. Always cool breeze is coming. Ragini likes the house.

Next, Laksh comes with a plate with aarathi and gives to Ragini. She smiles looking at him. Later, she goes inside.

Ragini stands in middle of the house and spreads her hands and enjoys the cool breeze. Laksh looks at her lovingly, comes near her and raises her up holding her legs. She keeps her hands on his shoulder. He rotates holding her up. Ragini keeps looking at him lovingly. He puts her down and hold her near. Both are in eye lock. Laksh sets the hair falling on her face back.
She blushes and next moves far from him.

Rag: I said we have to be far. And I need time…
Lak: yup…

…………fb end…

Present again…

Ragini was remembering all that and a smile appears on her face. Suddenly she smells fire. She opens her eyes. She is shocked to see fire is around her in circle.

She could see Shekar, dadi and dadaji out of fire. They are looking concernedly, at her. a magician was sitting and doing some chants.

Rag: papa… what is this?? get me out…
Shekar tries to stop fire.
Magician shouts: no..!!

Ragini gets scared listening his voice.
Magician: no one should go near her…
He starts some chants, for which Ragini feels troubled and holds her head in pain.

Dadi cries.
Rag: laksh….
She shouts…

Laksh who was on bike, suddenly feels pain in heart.
Lak: ladoo? Are you ok??
He thinks.

He stops the bike as a tree was fell. Some people are removing it. He stops aside and looks at ring on his hand. He goes into flash back…

Past again…

Ragini likes the tree house very much. It’s get dark as it’s evening.
Rag: hey laksh…there are no switches. On the light…
Then a glow appears. Laksh has lit the lantern and brings it on table. She sits down on mat.
Ragini sits opposite to him and puts her hand on table and her face on hand. She keeps looking at lanteer and then Laksh.

Laksh: what deary…?
Ladoo: why no current here?
Laksh: bcz, it’s a rural area.

“hungry..I’m hungry…” she shouts.
Then only Laksh brings two bowls of clay. And he gives one to Ragini. And it is maggi.
Rag: wow..maagii.
He gets two clay glasses.
Rag: why are you using clay?
Lak: bcz, it’s natural.
Rag: then why maagi?
Lak: bcz, you like it.
Ragini smiles.

They finish their dinner. Laksh and Ragini sleep on other sides of bed. Ragini starts feeling nervous. Laksh turns to her, he come over her and kisses her cheek. ‘good night ladoo..’ he says. Ragini looks at him lovingly and keeps her hand on his cheek. They both have eye lock.

Suddenly, she pushes him. She gets off the bed and sleeps down.
Lak: oh…ragini I’m sorry… I didn’t remember your decision.
Ragini throws pillow on him. “don’t call me Ragini. Call me ladoo…”

Lak: ok…sorry ladoo…come here.
Rag: I’m sleepy…bye…
Laksh sleeps.

Ragini keeps looking outside the window. She could see the mansion in moon light. She gets scared looking at it. The tree roots are covered the mansion, and some parts are broke. It’s very old and so many trees are around it.

She suddenly hears some weird sound from mansion. She gets scared and covers herself in bedsheet. She sleeps.

Precap: past continues…

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