Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 9)

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Recap : actual reason of kunj ditching twinkle ..
The episode starts with Arman recalling how he blackmailed kunj to ditched twinkle and cries while ria consoles him
Ar : I was so bad dat time dat I didn’t even realise what I am doing is wrong
R : shh Arman I know u realised ur mistake but u can repent it ….
Ar : how ?????
R : u can tell truth to twinkle
Ar : how I didn’t know where is twinkle
R : I heard she is working in kapoor uncle company …
Ar : what ????? I’ll tell truth to twinkle now ….he hugs ria n went from there
Next scene ::::
Kunj was sitting in his room recalling how Arman blackmailed him n gets teard eye I didn’t wish to slap u twinkle but had to do this I am so sorry

At office ….
Twinkle was working bzy in preparing presentation when she heard a knock on the door….
T : come in ….
Arman comes inside n twi gets shocked n angry seeing him …
T : what the heck u are doing here jzt get lost from here ….
Ar : twinkle twinkle plz listen to me once
T : no I don’t wanna listen anything
Ar : twinkle tujhe kunj ki kasam ..
Twinkle gets quiet while Arman continues…
Ar : I know twinkle u hate me but I came here to tell u truth …
T : which truth ????
Ar : don’t u wanna know why kunj left you twinkle looks at him he tells twinkle the whole story how he blackmailed kunj everything …
Twinkle was crying tears were gushing out of her eyes when Arman sits on the floor apologizing twinkle …
Ar : I was mad that time twinkle I just wanted to take revenge from you so I did that plzzzz kunj is not at mistake it is me who did this twinkle plzzzz
Twinkle moves out of her cabin while Arman looks on sad ….
Twinkle was driving car recalling dat night how kunj left her n what’s the reason behind it she was crying so much her car stopped infront of gurudwara twinkle gets inside …..
Kunj comes from the other side he was sad as well his eyes were swollen due to crying ……
Twinkle n kunj goes to tie thread n thy look at each other with full of pain in their eyes their eyes wanted to convey their pain to each other ….
K : hi twinkle …..
Twinkle started crying n kunj holds her
K : twinkle what happen u know nah I hate tears i can’t see tears in your eyes what happen
Twinkle hugs kunj tightly n says I am soo sorry kunj for not believing kunj I am sorry Arman told me everything kunj
K : shhh no twinkle i am sorry for leaving you dat time but I didn’t have option I thought I will delete those pic from his phone n will clear everything to you n I went to your hostel where I found dat u have left twinkle ….
They both are crying hugging each other dat dey didn’t even realise dat they r in gurudwara…..
Kunj broke the hug n sees twinkle n people looking at them smiling …
T : let’s go from here kunj …
K : okay ….

They comes outside n continues talking and telling how much they missed each other n everything….
T : I came here to take revenge from u but can’t did that …
Kunj smiles at her n pecks her forehead
K : twinkle ….
T : hmmm…..
K : u love me ???
Twinkle looks at him angrily n says no I hate u I hate u idiot she his on his chest n says afcourse I love u more than my life kunj …
Kunj smiles n says siyappa queen chal lets go home ….
Twinj was going to sarna house when mahi calls them to some restaurant
Mahi was sitting on table when twinj comes there ….
K : mahi u called us here at this time
M : yeah kunj ….
Mahi sees twinj holding hands n smiles
M : so u both patched up …
Twinj smiles n says yeah …..
M : well kunj I also wanted u to meet my love ….
K : seriously mahi who ????
M : there he is …..
Mahi points out to yuvraj who was standing there twinkle gets shocked n looks at yuvi who nods yes n twinkle hugs him while kunj fumes in jealousy
K : why is twinkle hugging him …
M : don’t worry kunj yuvraj is only mine but he is also twinkle brother …
K : brother kunj jealousy turns into smile
Y : I know twinkle u must be shocked but I was my n mahi plan to make u and kunj together once again I knew dat time only dat U’ll not be able to take revenge from him bcoz u still love him more Dan your life hai na twinkle ???
T : ha bhai I love him alott kunj smiles n side hug twinkle …..
K : siyappa ab ghar walo ko kaise bataye ….
Everyone looks on tensed ….
Screen freezes
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  1. Very nice sameera dii

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    Awesome as always can tell you how much happy I am because finally twinj are together and thanks to yuhi for their planning in twinj

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    That was pretty good…..finally twinj r together….ab family ko patana hai….vo bhi ho jayega jaldi hi
    Continue asap

    Loads of love?

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    That was pretty.. finally twinj are together ?????
    Happy new year????
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  5. hey sameera di that was too good…love u

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    Wowm…sameera lovely episode….

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    Wooow samu Di..
    Finally..finally they are back together. So cute…
    Try to post soon..
    Happy new year..
    Love you !

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    Hey sam amazing

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    Awesome sameera
    TWINJS have patched up it’s great news
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    Awesome.. glad that twinj r back together again ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

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    awesome amazing

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    Such a splendid episode yrr.. emotional..
    N yeah.. again a very happy new year!!!

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    Hayeeeee Sammu, it was superb amazing epi… finaly twinjs misunderstandings clear…. wow its great…. loved it….. sorry for late comment…

    Love you♥♥

  16. Baby

    Osm fab di….???
    Everything got cleared?
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    Tooooo cute thank god he told her d truth n realised……
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