Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 8)


Hello guys how are u all thanks u all soooooo for ur lovely comments and ha vaasu aaj pakka reveal KAR dungi may be ????? and adya don’t kill me yaar Abhi shots baaki hai ………….
So Chalo revelation par chalte hai …
Lets us begin …
Recap : twinj moments n kunj telling mahi what happen dat night …
The episode starts with kunj saying mahi when babee comes to his room and tells kunj to come down ….
Kunj n mahi nods n left from there ….
Manohar n usha were hugging one handsome boy kunj looks at him with anger in his eyes ….
B : kunj aa puttar dekh Arman kitne din baad aaya hai ….
Kunj looks at Arman with blood red eyes n he says babee I have to make an imp call I’ll be back soon he goes from there making excuses…
Arman looks at him with sad face n goes to his room ….
Ar : kunj …..
K : don’t u dare enter my room …
Ar : but kunj plz listen to me
K : just get lost I don’t want our parents to know about what u did with me
Ar : kunj ….
Kunj was going to slam door when babee sees them n kunj hugs Arman n whispers in his ears don’t think dat I’ll forgive u bcoz of you only twinkle gets me …
B : kitna pyaar hai dono bhai me
Arman n kunj smiles n babee left from there n kunj goes to his room

Next scene ::::
Mahi was going somewhere when a person pulls her she smiles n hugs him
M : yuvraj I missed u soo much
Y : I missed u too jaan …
M : u know yuvraj how my days went without seeing you. .
Y : same here jaan okay sorry n holds his ears ….
M : okay fine yuvi I’ll forgive you n hugs him ….
Y : u asked kunj the reason why he left twinkle …
M : he was going to say dat when babee came there …
Y : ufff i know when twinkle was coming here I know dat she’ll not take her revenge as I know twinkle loves him alott
M : even kunj loves twinkle too …
They talk about twinj n then about their love story ….
(Yuvraj n mahi loves each other alott when kunj left twinkle mahi came back to Amritsar n gets friendly with kunj to know the reason )
Y : thanks mahi ….
M : you are saying thanks to mee huh I hate u …
Y : but I love u jaan n pecks her cheeks
M : haww they both spend time …

On the other side ::::
Arman goes to his room n gets teard eye n says I was so wrong kunj I did wrong with u and twinkle dat time I wanna repent he felt a hand on his shoulder n sees ria and hugs her …
Ar : what to do now ria ?? I did wrong with kunj n twinkle …..
R : Arman don’t worry everything will be fine ….
Ar : thanks ria for making me understand what is right n what is wrong ….
R : no need Arman ….
They both hug n Arman recalls a flash back ….
When twinj went on dinner and kunj went washroom he gets a message…
He sees his n twinkle lip lock pics twinkle face is visible where as kunj face is hidden…
He calls Arman n ask him what’s that .
Ar : ufff don’t worry younger bro ..u remember u fought with me for that b*t*h …
K : Arman mind ur tongue
Ar : uff younger bro if u don’t want ur twinkle name to get spoiled then slap her n ditched hwr or else I’ll viral these pics
K : Arman but ….
Ar : no ifs and buts do it or else he laughs …
Kunj gets tensed and comes out of washroom ………. And goes towards the table n went from there …..
Screen freezes

So how was the Epi ?????
Do comments …..
Silent readers PLZZ break ur silence guys …
Chalo Chalo I am leaving….
Well this is my last article bcoz tu are not going to take articles on 31 and 1 …
So Happy New year guys ….
Love u all …..
Ummah ????
Sameera ???

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome Hate that Arman How could he
    Bechara Kunj ….
    Love you 🙂
    Happy new year in advance 🙂
    Hate this TU I wanted 1 more episode for this year
    but Love you 🙂

  2. SidMinTwiNj

    Yayyy meri dhamki kaam kar gai… Hate this Arman how dare he??? Happy New Year in advance… Next epi post it on 2nd without fail… I’ll be waiting…

    Love you?

  3. Chiku

    Awesome ?

  4. Aanya_pandey

    Wat a twist it is.. kunj’s brother is behind all that happened.. eagerly wanting to read coming episode

  5. SidMin23

    Awesome but how could arman do this hate arman ?????? poor kunj ??

  6. RUTU.....

    Best episode ever really loved it dear

  7. haye sameera dii…..u rocked u rock in each and every epi…

  8. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome epi.. that armaan???.. hate him.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  9. Adya

    Yay… Yay…
    Balle balle balle balle meri dhamki kaam aa Gyi… Yo-yo… Hehe…
    Ok don’t worry itni jldi ni marungi
    Well the episode was a wooowwww… Amazing I love it di … Superb
    Post soon…
    Happy new year
    Love you!

  10. Presha

    Hey sam amazing yaar

  11. Shalini15

    Hi Sammu, hawwww hate this arman how could he do this with his own brother… bechara kunj…. hope he’ll prove his inocence to twinkle n they’ll be one soon…. well it was awesome episode… loved it…. next epi ready rakhna monday ko post karne ke liye….

    Love you♥♥

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing sameera
    So kunj ki bilkul bhi galti nahi hai
    N yuhi r lovers sooo cutteee

    Loads of love keep smiling

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome shocking epi

  14. Kruti

    Nice epi
    Happy new year to u too

  15. Baby

    Ohhhhhh God sameera di…..???
    It was amazing fabulous emotional
    Pity kunj ???
    Well srsly loved it didu
    D truth was like u portrayed it beautifully
    Love u lods????

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