Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 7)


Hey hello how are u all ????? Well I am back again before reading the epi I wanna say dat keep some patience guys ????? and don’t beat me after the epi …
If u want u can send me tomatoes eggs n sandals in comments but branded one okay
Sorry sorry no more bak BAK …
Recap : twinj in car n some Masti….
The episode starts with twinkle taking kunj to her bed room n lays him down and sees his high fever n gets shocked she tries waking up kunj but he was not responding twinkle cries n her tears falls on kunj hands he wakes up n ask twinkle not to cry …
Twinkle hugs him tightly and kunj smiles seeing her care for him n twi tells kunj dat she’ll prepare soup for him n covers kunj from blanket n goes from there ..
K (thinks) : I know twinkle u still love me he smiles n looks at twinj pic which was kept on her side table …
Twinkle comes there n sees kunj holding the pic n ask him to have soup as he will feel good …
K : no twinkle first say u love me nah.
T : no kunj I don’t love u …
K : okay then why u re caring for me
T : humanity kunj I am not like anyone who left me in the middle of road to die
Kunj gets hurt by her words while twinkle says now drink this soup …
She forcefully makes kunj have soup while he looks at her n tucks twinkle hair behind her ears they r very close to each other when twinkle moves back n ask kunj to sleep ….
Lights went off n twinkle gets scared n hugs kunj tightly they can feel heat of their bodies kunj smiles n ask u are still scared of darkness ….
T : no kunj n gets up n goes to couch to sleep ….and then they both sleep …
Next morning:::
Kunj wakes up n doesn’t find twinkle n looks for her twinkle gives him tablet n break fast he eats dat n left from twinkle house ….
Sarna mansion:::
Kunj comes n greets babee n usha n meets them n goes to his room for rest after some days mahi comes to meet him ……
M : may i come in …
K : yeah mahi come ….
M : so how was your health …
K : I am fine mahi …
M : did u talk to twinkle last night ..
K : yeah I did but she doesn’t reply anything ….
M : uff u both are really mad ..kunj can I ask u one thing …
K : yeah ask ???
M : what happened between u both dat twinkle hates u soo much …
Kunj gets silent n says our love story caught an evil eye …..
Twinkle on the other side thinking about kunj speaks to her self when u love me soo much kunj then y u did that day kunj y I came here to take revenge but I can’t kunj I can’t take revenge from u coz I still love u kunj …
Both recalls the incident which separated them ….

Flashback shows:::
Twinj exams have been completed and kunj calls twinkle for a date ….
K : chale twinkle ???
T : yeah kunj they entwined their hands n left for the restaurant
Kunj pulls twinkle chair n she smiles n they both sat…
K : what u wanna eat ???
T : anything by your hand kunj …
K : ahha someone is getting too romantic today uff …
T : ha kunj n blushes …
Kunj orders the food n both enjoys happily feeding each other taking selfies when kunj goes to washroom ….
Twinkle was waiting for him when kunj comes there pays the bill n left from there leaving twinkle alone …
She went behind him ….
T : kunj kunj stop what happen…she runs behind kunj n held his wrist …
K : what happened twinkle shouts kunj twinkle gets shocked. ..
He jerks his hand away n was walking
T : kunj why you are doing this u love me nah ….
K : nah twinkle I don’t love you
T : kunj what you are saying ….
K : yes u heard it right I don’t love u understand ….
T : no kunj I know u love me I know kunj
K : twinkle n kunj slaps her making her nore shocked ….
T : kunj ….
K : how many times should I told you I don’t love u did u get that …
He left from there leaving twinkle alone on isolated road n twinkle cries …
Flashback ends…
T : i still didnt got why u did it dat time kunj dats y I came here to know the reason …..
M : what kunj but y u did with her …
K : mahi ….
Screen freezes

So how was the epi ????
Pakka next Wale epi me suspense reveal KAR dungi pinky promise ????
Chalo I am leaving ….
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned …

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  1. sameera di what a nice epi u nailed it but y suspence plzz nxt one post soon

  2. Kanchi

    Sameera di u rocked ??lo ed the episode eagerly waiting for the next part plzzzz post soon plzzz

  3. SidMin23

    Again suspense can’t wait anymore to know the truth of this do post soon Sam

  4. Ramya

    But sameera ki bachi itni badi suspense mai kon chodta hai n kunj hw he had slapped twi
    Awesome episode
    Plss reaveal suspense
    Loads of love keep smiling

  5. Presha

    Hey sam its just amazing dear

  6. Amazing episode sameera I loved it

  7. Chiku

    Amazing!! Loved it to the core. Lovely
    Post soon ❤️

  8. Adya

    Samu di..
    Cheater kahiki… Very bad.. hate you.. itna Sara suspense..
    Bt episode to dhasu tha… Awesome..
    Post soon.. can’t wait..
    Love you!

  9. Kruti

    Sam…..jaldi nxt epi plssssssssss
    Nice epi
    post nxt one soon

    Love u ?

  10. KarthikaJasmin

    Dis is Not fair..
    How much suspense….?
    Post soon dr..
    Can’t wait for d next episode…☺

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Amazing.. but u left us in suspense ?? plz reveal the reason soon ?

  12. SidMinTwiNj

    Sammu??? suspense mein chod diya huhhh???? next epi mein reveal kar dena ni toh comment ni milega???? just joking???? awesome epi…

    Love you?

  13. Shalini15

    Hawwwwww Sammu, this is not fair yaar this is cheating…itna chota episode? arrey suspense toh khol deti meri suspense queen…achha chalo koi nahin I know you’ll post your next epi asap….well it was awesome amazinig epi… loved twinj scene n feeling bad for twinkle… chalo ab jaldi se next epi post kar do….

    Ba baye… love you ♥♥

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Want to know exactly wat happened that time ?
    Hope u post soon!!
    N this part was fab

  15. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Just loved it 🙂
    I want to know the past post soon can’t wait 🙂 Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Happy new year in advance 🙂

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  17. Baby

    Sameera do loved it….?????
    Bt aisa Kya Hua that
    Love u lod?

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