Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 6)


Hello guys how are u all hope u all r fine well I am back with next episode …
Thanks for ur lovely comments yaar ….
Let’s js begin ….
Recap : twinj past n kunj marriage fixed with mahi …
The episode starts with kunj going to the balcony and twinkle comes to the other side of balcony n twinj sees each other n both felt pain n twinkle left from there
(Sajna ve sad version plays on bg )
K : twinkle I know U’ll not forgive me ever but I’ll try my level best to ask forgiveness from you twinkle he says n looks at moon …
Mahi sees kunj n felt bad for him ..
Mr kapoor Manohar n everyone where sitting in the hall twinkle comes there
T : now I wanna leave sir ….
Mr k : twinkle beta so early …
T : yeah sir actually I had work ..
Mr k : okay I’ll send my driver to you
M : dad he went to get groceries dad
Mr k : ohh now who will drop twinkle
M : dad kunj will drop her …
Kunj n twinkle both looks at mahi …
Mr k : kunj beta plzz drop twinkle nah
K : okay I’ll drop her ….
Twinkle n kunj left from there n mahi smiles n thinks now they will get time to talk to each other ….
Next scene ::::
Kunj sits in driver seat n twinkle goes beside n kunj makes faces …
K : I am not a driver twinkle …
T : huh I don’t wanna sat in front …
K : then I am not dropping u
T : kunjjjj
K : twinklleeee ….
T : okay fine ….
Twinkle comes on the front seat n kunj smiles n thinks U’ll not change siyappa queen he started driving n they both are feeling bored so kunj plays the radio …
Kya hua tera vada playa in bg ….
Twinj looks at each other n kunj changes the song there it was playing …
Dushman nah kare dost ne wo kaam kiya hai kunj again looks at twinkle who was trying to control her laugh n thinks lo kya songs hai situation ko perfect suit kar rahe hai huh ….
T(thinks) : he still looks like a cute baby no twinkle what u are thinking u can’t fall for him once again….
Twinkle was going to change song when kunj hand touches her they look at each other n have a cute eye lock (bas itni si tamanna plays in bg)
At kapoor mansion …
Manohar n Mr kapoor were bored so they decided to watch news …..
News : sansani there will be heavy rains tonight according to the weather so people who R out should go homes as it is high alert ….
Manohar n usha gets shocked n says kunj ….
Kunj n twinkle was still in car n when it starts raining heavily n kunj wasn’t able to see anything due to heavy fog …
T : kunj kunj what happen ….
K : twinkle I am not able to see anything
T : kunj don’t panic my flat is there I can go by walk …
K : no twinkle see this rains …
T : come with me to my home how u will go to home now …
K : no twinkle I can’t …
T : just shut up u are coming with me n that’s final …
Kunj looks at twinkle loving n they comes out of the car n gets fully drenched in rain n goes to twinkle flat
Next scene :::
Twinkle n kunj comes inside kunj was shivering n twinkle ask him to inform his parents that he is fine kunj nods n calls them n they get relieved…
T : I’ll prwpare soup for u kunj …
K : no need..twinkle he was not able to talk anything n slips …
Twinkle holds him n he looks at twinkle
Screen freezes
So how was the epi ????
Do comments ….
Ba byeeee …
Do read keep commenting stay tuned …
Sameera ???

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  1. Kanchi

    Lovely episode di !!! Twinkle caring for kunj it was very good plzzz post soon
    Love u di

  2. Oh god samy.. reading ur every ff m filling like how can u manage to write so well… U write funny scene though how much sad scene were going…that’s the best thing l love about ur writing..I love twinj car radio wala scene so much.. Its to funny.. Love it.
    Plz post soon… Love you..

  3. SidMin23

    It was good I love the part twinkle controlling her laugh ? and love to see twinkle concern for kunj and wating for next post if this ff

  4. Ramya

    Awesome sameera
    Car was so cute
    N I loved mahi character
    N finally twinj got free time
    Loads of love keep smiling

  5. Presha

    Hey Sam awesome dear loved it

  6. hey sameera di awsm epi…….mahi is playing positive role????

  7. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    Amazing epi… Loved it… Songs were so apt to the situation… So TwiNj are going to be alone in twinkle flat… Hope they sort out their misunderstandings… Mahi is so sweet coz of her TwiNj could talk to eo and sort out their issues… Sammu post next epi asap…

    Love you?

  8. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode dear

  9. Chiku

    Awesome!!!! Thats sooo cute?❤️❤️❤️Lovely. Post soon

  10. Shalini15

    Hayeeee Sammu my darlo episode was superb…. n the songs hayeee these are one of my favourite songs… thank u for putting this old songs in ur ff… it was perfectly suitable with the situation… I hope they’ll comes to close each other in twinkle flat n their misunderstandings will be clear… waiting for next episode… so post next asap…

    Till then ba bye…tc…
    Love you♥♥

  11. Kruti

    Hey Sam
    The epi was just amazing….loved it
    The songs were just perfect to d situation
    Continue asap
    Cant wait to read more

    Loads of love ?

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Lovely epi.. twinj alone in twinkle’s flat?? hope their misunderstandings will be cleared.. do cont soon ❤

  13. Adya

    Samu di….
    Hayeeeee so cute.. the song were perfect for the situation… I loved twinj scenes..
    Plsss post soon… I cannot wait more… Plzzz
    Love you!

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂
    Finally Twinj are going to spend sometime alone … Love Mahi 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Fabulous episode..

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  17. Baby

    hahhhaaaa osm didu…………
    twinkle hold kunj…….. 😀 hahhaaa
    loved it to core shoooo cute n d songs hahhahaaa
    luv u lods♥♥

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