Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 5)


Hey guys back again well well patience guys patience I’ll soon get to know the truth jab tak enjoy these shots ??????
So thanks to the members who commented …
Recap : twinkle recalling their flashback …
The episode starts with next day twinj coming to office n looking at each other k (thinks) : when u will forgive me twinkle i am not able to see hatred in your eyes
T (thinks) : this is the biggest mistake kunj I’ll never forgive u never ..
They both eye each other n left to their cabins …..
Mr kapoor comes to the office with mahi who was tensed and ask twinj to come to his cabin …
T : what happen sir u called us here suddenly…
K : yeah sir…
Mr k : I am soo happy seeing the ratings to the company guys I am soo happy u both are managing so well but now only I have one responsibility he looks at mahi
K : yes sir tell ….
Mr k : kunj no more sir now I want u to call me dad I have talk to your parents n fixed ur marriage date….
Twinj was shocked n looks at mahi who was tensed too ….
Mr k : twinkle beta u are also like my daughter so I want u to be with mahi as my wife is no more …
T : okay sir…
He left from there mahi n kunj looks at each other n twinkle too left from there shattered ….
M : kunj wo I tried to tell papa but …
K : mahi I know no need to explain …
Twinkle goes to her cabin n locks the door n cries harder recalling mr kapoor words ….

Twinkle went to the flash back …
2 years passed it was now last year of college twinj were very happy in each other company n kunj wants to confesses his love but was scared of twinkle answer ….
One day ::::
Kunj calls twinkle to the park and she comes there blindfolded n sees arrangements n gets super happy
She turns n doesn’t find kunj n then looks at kunj who was sitting on his knees
K : twinkle I know yar u think me as ur best friends but this relation is more than friendship twinkle I had fallen for u the first sight I saw you twinkle I love u soo much twinkle I love u …
Twinkle was just looking at kunj n a tear drop fell from her eyes n falls on kunj hands n he gets up …
K : twinkle it’s okay if u don’t wanna answer I can understand…
He turns to go but them he felt a hug from behind n he too felt happy …
T : no kunj plz don’t leave me kunj plz don’t yeah I love u too n I don’t wanna loose u you I love u plz don’t leave me twinkle cries kunj turns n looks at twinkle soon he captures her lips with his n they have a deep lip lock full of happiness soon they broke it ….
K : u taste so good siyappa queen
Twinkle was blushing like hell n hides her face in his chest n kunj smiles at her
K : hayeee dont do this I’ll fall for u once again….
T : kunj …
K : hmm twinkle …
T : U’ll not leave me nah …
K : till I am alive I will not leave u twinkle
He pecks twinkle forehead n they hug ..
Flash back ends :::
T : u promised me but u broke it kunj she cries and started to work to avoid any emotion ….

After sometime Mr kapoor comes to twinkle cabin n invites her to their house for dinner n twinkle agrees …
At night :::::
Usha Manohar babee kunj are at kapoor mansion when twinkle comes there too
Mr k : hey twinkle come beta …
Twinkle meets babee usha Manohar ..
B : hayee u are soo cute beta ….
U : yeah babee n smiles …
Twinkle smiles at them n then looks at kunj who was just eyeing her …
Mahi comes there n meets everyone n soon thy all had their dinner …
Man : so when will be the marraige …
Mr k : after 2 weeks ….
Twinj looks at each other …
B : wow this is good news …
Man : yeah my elder son Arman is also coming this week
Twinkle coughs listening Arman name n kunj gave her water n cares for her …
Everyone looks at twinj n then kunj makes excuses n left from there ….
Screen freezes..

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  1. SidMin23

    kunj married fixed with mahi nice track now want to see how twinj will be together like before n fb is cute do post ASAP

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    Sam dear its awesome ? ❤

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    Amazing episode dear loved it

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    Loved it 🙂 The flashback was so sweet 🙂 Love you 🙂 post soon 🙂

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    Sameera superb
    I loved twinj confession
    Loads of love keep smiling

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    Hey sammu
    Shocking Kunj marriage fixed with Mahi OMG… TwiNj flashback is so lovely… Wanna know soon reason behind TwiNj separation… Post next soon…

    Love you ?

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    Awesome.. loved the flashback ?? do cont soon ❤

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    Amazing episode yrr

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