Hatred vs love Twinj SS (shot 4)


Hello guys here I am back once again ???
Thanks for the comments who all commented
Chalo lets us begin …..
Recap : kunj telling mahi about twinj first meet n their flashback….
The episode starts with kunj n mahi talking n laughing twinkle comes there n sees them laughing ….
T : wo actually there is meeting in next 2 hours so I want ur ppt as soon as possible
K : okay I’ll send u don’t worry …
Twinkle looks at kunj n then left from there getting jealous ….
After sometime meeting gets over n everyone moved to their respective homes ….
At twinkle flat ::::
Twinkle gets freshen up n comes back to her room n falls on bed n thinks
Flashback shows
Here twinj was still not talking to each other as twinkle was very possessive about her studies n kunj he wants to ne friends twinkle ….
Twinkle was walking through the corridor searching for library with her friends chinki and she went to seniors floor and sees some boys teasing girls
That group of boys sees twinkle n chinki
And armaan was in dat group too n he comes infront of twinkle …
Ar : fresher??
T : yeah …..

Mitin (armaan friend) : yaar she is so cute just look at her … I am giving u a challenge if u have guts then kiss her
Ar : ohh u are challenging Arman sarna who never gets defeated every girl here was mad for me …
Mit : let’s see …
Armaan moves towards twinkle n says u are fresher n u have to obey ur seniors
T : huh what the hell why should we obey you ???
Ar : becoz we are ur seniors and comes closer to twinkle to kiss her
Twinkle kicks him hardly and he screams….
T : dont u dare…. huh twinkle left from there with chinki …
Mit : ufff Arman sarna ki bezzati …
Ar : I’ll not leave this girl now get her details …
On the other side ::::
Twinj was attending their classes having indirectly talks teasing each other and they are having their college fun when class ends ….
Twinkle was going from the corridors when she felt a strong grip on her arms n saw Arman looking at her …
T : what the heck just leave me …
Ar : now I’ll not leave u miss twinkle taneja he pulls twinkle n takes her to their ground….now I’ll kiss u infront of the whole college
He moves towards twinkle was was moving back when he felt a strong punch on his face n opens his eyes …
Ar : what thee heck u are doing kunj
K : how can u disrespect a woman
They get into a heated argument and fighting and kunj beats Arman n gives twinkle his coat twinkle eyes him lovingly he passes a death glare to armaan …
Everyone moves to their class n twinkle goes to her class n sees some girls gossiping …
G1 : omg kunj has fight with his own brother just for a girl …
G2 : yep yaar kunj sarna has fight with his brother Arman sarna just for a girl respect …
Twinkle heard then n thinks kunj was so good he has fight for hee respect she searches for kunj to say him thank you n sees him sitting in ground n looking at his hand which was bleeding ….
Twinkle takes her cursive n goes towards kunj n he sees her …
T : may I ???
K : yeah ….
Twinkle ties him cursive on his hand n thanks him ….
T : thanks to you kunj …
K : no need twinkle it’s my duty …
T : friends kunj n forwards her hand
Kunj happily shakes his hand with twinkle and twinkle holds his hand tightly ..
K : ouch. …
T : wo I am so sorry kunj she blows air n kunj eyes her loving n they have a deep eye lock …
Soon after dat twinj became good friends in fact best friends and they also started to fall for each other …

Flash back ends :::
T : dat day I thought u are so good but I was wrong kunj I was wrong what wrong I did with you that u left me why kunj why she shouts n cries harder ….
Here kunj was also sad thinking about their past happenings….
Kunj pov :::
Bàbaji give me strength to tell twinkle why I left her day day I had to do it or else ….Twinkle let me clear things I am not able to live with this burden he gets sad. …
Screen freezes on twinkle n kunj face ….
So guys so share ur views ….
Which truth kunj is telling about …
Has kunj really left twinkle ….
Will twinkle be able to take her revenge …
Will kunj be able to tell her truth …
To know more ….
Stay tuned to hatred vs love by sameera only on telly updates …

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….eagerly waiting for next part….

  2. Paavu

    Samu darling srry fr nt commntinf prev bzze hun can even post my ffs srry bt its awsmmmm lived it

  3. Presha

    Hey sam its just awesome

  4. Ramya

    Sameera amazing Superb l
    Loads of love keep smiling

  5. Ayu

    Awesome Sameera! Too much curiosity!!! Bachchi ki jaan logi kya? Please reveal soon…otherwise this curiosity will consume me

  6. Kruti

    Many things to be revealed ….hope u do that soon
    Amazing epi
    Continue asap

    Love u loads??

  7. SidMin

    Merry Christmas ?
    I Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 The flash back was so sweet 🙂 Twinkle is jealous I am Loving it 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  8. Chiku

    Awesome sameera!!!! Omggg so much of suspense… i am so much excited to read further. Bohoot zyaada curiosity hai.
    Jaldi post karna?

  9. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sameera
    The flash backs were so amazing… Why did Kunj leave twinkle? Wanna know the reason soon… Try posting next soon…

    Love you?

  10. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update yrrr

  11. RUTU.....

    A very nice episode waiting for next one plz yaar if is it possible then post soon

  12. Adya

    Wow…. soooooooo lovely…
    I’m too excited for the twists…
    Plsss try to post soon..
    Love you!

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh god sameera didu………… 😀
    i know late hun sry
    bt srsly sooooo cute flashbacks dese r♥
    kunj fought fr girls respect was d best thing n wid his own brother
    luvd it to core d episodes till now n really
    m excited to know wat hpnd n i will cm to know bcoz i saw it has ended
    sry m late naa………….. 😀
    luv u lods didu♥♥♥♥♥

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