hatred turned into love third episode


Hello Guys sriya is back. Guys sorry for the late update actually I was busy from 28th I will update regularly cause that time I will stay in grandfather’s house and I will have no work to do. Thank u for ur comments and thank u silent readers. Silent readers please comment once.
So here we go with 3rd episode: –
Recap: – swaragsanlak enjoying the trip

It was early morning all get up after taking the rest. They get ready as they will go for outing. All were excited they all enjoy outing . They all take selfie ragsan and swalak pose their selfie pic making pouted funny and angry faces. They all enjoy after that they go to Rohtang pass by doing horse riding. (It comes in the way of Manali and we have to go to Manali by horse riding because if we walk there it will become difficult)

Ragsan were moving fast but in between Ragini gives a flying kiss to Sanskar (guys it was only to divert his mind not that type so don’t think naughty ideas in ur mind throw them away hehe) Sanskar stops in between and Ragini reaches there and Sanskar comes out of dream world and reaches there and tells to Ragini it is cheating no fair Ragini says everything is fair in love and war and laughs.

Swalak reaches there and Ragini tells this whole thing to them and they also laugh like mad while Ragini was laughing she moves backward there was a stone her leg touches the stone and she is about to fall but Sanskar holds her at the right time and they share a cute eye lock they both are lost in each other’s eyes and forget about the whole world. Swalak sees this and coughs to divert their attention and ragsan gets up and feels embarrassed.

After that they do skiing they go fast swara was adventurous girl so she was enjoying but laksh was about to fall but swara holds his hand at the right time to save him they also share a cute eye lock they were lost in each other’s eyes they both were about to fall but ragsan save them and asks them where are they lost? They says nowhere and ragsan says okay but be careful next time if we were not there u would have been fall down. Swalak says okay.

After that they do ice skating they all enjoy very much but Sanskar is about to fall but this time swara saves him they also have a cute eye lock and there Ragini and laksh were fuming in anger (guys actually they were jealous but they don’t know about this feeling) seeing their closeness and they both go to swara and Sanskar and they both say Sanskar and swara u are fine? They say yes. And they all take selfie but this time swasan take pictures together and make funny faces. They all enjoy the skiing and ice skating and they go to have food and after they leave for the resort.

@ Resort
Swasan were in one room and were laughing and talking about their favourite things and Sanskar teaches swara how to play guitar and she start liking to play guitar and while playing her hair falls on her face and Sanskar takes the hair from her face and they have a eye lock. Raglak were fuming in anger and they go to swasan and Ragini tells Sanskar that teach her also how to play guitar? He says okay and they both go to Ragini’s room and laksh tells swara that he will teach her guitar and she says okay.

@ Ragsan room
Sanskar teaches Ragini how to play guitar and while teaching guitar he touches her and she unknowingly likes this and smiles. And she gets to know how to play guitar and starts singing hasi ban gaye(in female version)
Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aa o… aa…
Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye

Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
aa… o…

After the song finishes Sanskar gets impressed by her song and says wow I am impressed by ur song beautiful lady. Ragini blushes listening this.
Screen freezes on Ragini blushing face.

Precap: – swaragsanlak going back from the trip and a new entry in swaragsanlak life.

So guys will this new entry will create problems in their life?
or this new entry will help in swalak ragsan realising their love?
So guys how was the episode? Let me know through ur comments. Wait for next episode. Till then bye.
Love u all
Keep smiling

Credit to: sriya

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    Keep smiling

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