hatred turned into love sixth episode

Hello guys I am sorry for the late update but I am in my grandfather’s house so I am not getting time to post. Anyways thank u for the beautiful comments.

Ep6: –
Recap: – kavya to execute her plan
Sanskar goes to Ragini’s room to console her there he saw Ragini crying badly sanskar talks with her and asks her why she is crying? Ragini says nothing just I am missing my parents badly. Sanskar it’s okay Ragini just calm down I can’t see tears in your eyes Ragini was glad after listening this from sanskar. Kavya was noticing all this from behind and was fuming in anger.
Kavya (in mind) : – Ragini u want to snatch my sanky from me I won’t let this happen Ragini now see what happens with you. Saying this she smirks and calls somebody and says today only the work should be done understand and cuts the call.

Scene 2
@ swara room
Swara is thinking something when laksh comes to her room and says would u like to come with me for outing if u have no problem swara says okay I would love to come give me 10mins I will get ready and we will then leave laksh says okay and leaves. After 10mins swara gets ready she was wearing a white knee length gown with sleeveless hands she was looking stunning and beautiful laksh was mesmerised seeing her. Laksh was not able to take his eyes from her. Then swara asks him where are u lost laksh he was still staring at her swara shouts loudly and says laksh where are u lost laksh says why u are shouting swara can’t u say slowly swara says oh wow these many times I was saying u slowly only that time u were not listening to me and now saying that don’t shout wow laksh amazing.
Laksh; – I am sorry swara by the way u are looking gorgeous in this dress.
Swara was blushing after listening this laksh notices this and says to her.
Laksh; – now stop blushing and come with me we are getting late.
Swara; – I was not blushing and I am coming.
Saying this both leave in laksh car.

Scene 3
@ Swaragini house
Ragini says to sanskar that she has to go to shopping so she is leaving u also go to ur home. After saying this Ragini leaves for shopping and sanskar was about to go when kavya comes there and says to him that sanky I think u have totally forgotten me sanskar says no dear by the way let’s leave to my house. Saying this kavsan leave to sanlak house.
Scene shifts to swalak
Swalak decided to go to movie. They both go to watch romantic comedy movie. While watching the movie swara was laughing like mad and laksh was staring at her and was admiring her beauty.
Screen freezes on swalak faces.

Precap: – still thinking

So guys how was the episode let me know through ur comments.
Love u all
Keep smiling always

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