hatred turned into love second episode


Hello guys I am back with my ff second episode. Thanks for ur comments and lila I will keep gap between the paragraphs and dolly I am happy that u laughed reading ragsan fight.
So here we go with 2nd episode:

Recap: – swaragsanlak go to frnds party and ragsan swalak dance.
All reach their house. Sanlak go to Swaragini house. There a postman and gives a envelope and they open it and find it was an invitation to party. All are welcomed there and it is at 6pm.
Ragini:- swara laksh get ready for the party and u good for nothing boy don’t create a scene there also like u did in college.
Sanskar: – hello miss Ragini I don’t create a scene u started if u have not stamped my foot this won’t happen u rude arrogant short tempered girl don’t teach me how to behave understand u know what u just go to hell and fight there manner less girl and u don’t create a scene if u do then u will see the real Sanskar.
Ragini: -who the hell u are to tell me manners and I am not scared of any guy and u know u go to hell how dare u Sanskar to tell me a rude arrogant short tempered and manner less girl I promise if u will create a scene there u will also see real Ragini.
They both angrily leaves from there and swalak were laughing like mad holding their stomach.

@ 6pm
All get ready for the party Ragini was wearing a knee length white dress with half hands. Swara is wearing a pink knee length dress. Sanskar is wearing tuxedo and laksh is also wearing tuxedo.
They all reach the venue. It was very beautifully decorated. All the people are enjoying there.
Swaragsanlak see their frnds and reaches to talk with them. They all have fun when one person comes in the stage announces that they all are going to play all asks what is the game? The person says in one bowl we will put the chits in which there are girls name and in other bowl boys name who are present in the party. All boys and girls will take the chits one by one and whose name will come and girl has to take the chit from boys bowl and boys have to take the chit from girls bowl. The boy and the girl whose name will come in the chit have to dance together.

All clap and take the chits one by one Ragini gets Sanskar name and Sanskar gets Ragini name swara gets laksh name and laksh gets swara name. Swalak and ragsan dance with each other Swaragini gets some feeling when sanlak touch them and sanlak also gets some feeling but they ignore this feeling. Swalak and ragsan have a cute eye lock. Sanskar twirls Ragini ragsan dances romantically for a second they forget their hatred anger and fights. Ragini is about to leave but Sanskar twirls her again and same happens with swalak they forget everyone present there sanlak are mesmerised by Swaragini beauty.
The dance finishes and all clap they leave each other hands and feels awkward. The party is finished. Swaragsanlak go to their homes.

@ Swaragini house
Ragini remembers the way she danced with Sanskar and unknowingly smiles thinking about that. Same happens with other three and they all slept thinking about each other’s dance.
Next day
Swaragsanlak plan to go a trip for himachal pradesh. They decided to go after two days. They booked their tickets. They decided to do trekking skiing ice skating and horse ride.

After two days
Swaragsanlak had done their packing for the trip. Their flight was at 9am. They have been ready by 7am. They reach himachal pradesh their climate was cold Ragini was shivering and had not wear any jacket so Sanskar gives jacket to her. Ragini smiles seeing his act but stops and starts fighting with Sanskar.
Ragini: – Sanskar how dare u don’t behave nicely with me I know by behaving nicely u want to make me fall for u. I understand ur stupid tricks.
Sanskar: – hey hello I was helping u behaving nicely with u is just a waste of time. and ya I don’t want a girl in my life who doesn’t believe in love understand I don’t want to be after u because there are many girls after me.
Ragini: – oh look who’s talking about love who doesn’t know definition about love. And ya I also don’t want a boy who believes in love which doesn’t exist in real life. It only exists in fantasy and movie world.
Sanskar: – it’s only for u and my bro not for me and ur sis understand Ragini and u know what u don’t know anything except fighting I have shouldn’t shown kindness to u. I will take my coat back stay like this only shivering cold.
Every time swalak used to enjoy their fight but this time they were fuming in anger.
Swalak(together): – stop it u guys we are shivering in cold and u both are fighting don’t u feel like stopping ur fight and became frnds otherwise from now ur are not our bro and sis.
Ragsan: – okay sorry we will become frnds but nothing more than this.
They talk about their favourites and Ragini laughs whole heartedly by listening sanky’s stories about his girlfriends how they left him.
They all reach the resort. They all were tired so they spent whole day talking and making fun of each other.

Precap: – swaragsanlak enjoying their trip.

Guys so how was the episode. Tell me through ur comments. Till then bye.
Love u all
Keep smiling always

Credit to: Sriya

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  1. Wow I m just in love with this ragsan???

    1. thanks priya dear and I am also love with this ragsan

  2. Love Ragsan…superb epi

    1. thanks lila dear please post the power of true love ur ff is amazing dear no words to say about ur ff

    1. thank u abdul hafiz

  3. ragsan woww

    1. thanks lovely dear i am glad that u like ragsan in this ff

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