Dear Diary,
I, Thapki Chaturvedi, now Thapki Pandey, wanted to share my talkings to someone …..n I found no one here , who would like to listen me…..huff Sad. As long I was Thapki Chaturvedi , I used to share my every feelings to my sister Aditi , but now….the time has been changed. I’m married now. Every girl has to face this phase in her life. But I….I’m not counted in “every girl”. Yes I’m special…. I’m special bcoz I stammer. Is it such a big thing, such a big issue!!
U know dear, I’m a simple girl. I just had a simple dream like “every girl”. I loved a person n we were also about to marry even!! But….of course !! My life seems next to impossible without the word “BUT”.
I was cheated there too. My fate played with me there too.

The man whom I HATE the most is my HUSBAND now!! Yes, this is bitter truth of my life, n bitterest phase of my life. But I had to face this, bcoz of my family , my papa. I had to face his lie. I had to live this lie.
I just hate him to the core of my heart. His name is Mr. Bihaan Pandey , the goon, who enjoys beating n torturing innocent people …that’s what he did with me!! To save his so called brother’s life, he destroyed mine!! Am I a toy!! Oh sorry ….I’m a “special girl”…a “special toy”!!
I don’t have any feeling for him instead of “hatred”.
I want to get free from him, it is like a trap to me. N I’ll never forgive him, for ruining my whole life. Never.

I just HATE him.
Thapki Bihaan Pandey
She closes her diary n took a long breath, closing her eyes, relieved.

She goes to n sees the door locked from inside
“Open the door, I have to come in” she shouted impatiently

“Wait for a sec” she heard outside the room.

“Fine I’m leaving, enjoy in ur room” she shouts irked.
She was leaving when she heard someone talking to bihaan in room, in a low voice.
She tries to hear, but was unable.
Door suddenly opened n she manages to hide behind the wall
She saw maa leaving from room
N then enters the room sees bihaan standing staring at the opposite wall.
She comes in room n sees him but ignores
“What was maa doing here this time?” She asked genuinely.
“Do u care?” He said harshly
“Not at all” replied she.
“Actually I was leaving when I saw maa coming out the room” she said “so thought nothing’s serious right?”
“Leave all this n let me sleep for God’s sake” replied he, again in a harsh tone.
“Fine, I don’t care” said she while covering her face with the blanket on the floor, other side of the bihaan, meanwhile, bihaan was sleeping on floor on the next side of bed.
They both slept.
Thapki wakes up in search of water, n doesn’t finds bihaan on bed.
“Where’s he now!!” thought she.
She goes to find him
She searches for him n finds him talking to dhruv
“Thapki, u came!! I was about to wake u up” bihaan said in a low tone
“But why ? What’s the matter? Everything’s fine?” She asked worriedly
“Sshhh…chuk chuk gadi…. Volume down…anyone could hear us” bihaan said looking around the house , worriedly.
“Will u answer me?” She irked
“U both just run away from here, otherwise ur love will be incomplete” he said staring dhruv n keeps his hand on dhruv’s shoulder.
These words of bihaan created an ocean of anger in thapki , she turned bihaan to herself forcefully n slapped him hard.
Bihaan n dhruv looked shocked.
“How dare u??” She shouted
“What u think of urself haan!! ” she breaks down
“R u a God?? Why will u decide my fate? Who r u to take my decisions?”
“U cheater….once u prevented me to marry ur brother bcoz of my flaw…what happened now?? Did I stopped stammering??” She presses his collar n punches at his chest
Everyone comes to them listening all these.
“It’s nothing like that ” he tried explaining but shocked seeing vasu maa there.
“Dhruv, what’s all these?” Asked vasu maa
“Nothing maa, u…u go n take rest” he said.
“Thapki beta what happened?” Dadi asked
“Ur grandson is thinking I’m an use n throw toy” she said angrily gnashing her teeth staring at bihaan “he’ll make me marry his brother for my happiness… So big hearted I must say bihaan pandey!! (She claps)
Everyone stares bihaan while he looks down with teary eyes.
“What’s this bihaan” bauji shouted
While the sound of tight slap echoed in the house
Everyone was stunned, when they turned n saw bihaan holding his cheek n vasu’s hand raised.
“How can u even think of ruining my son’s life!!’ Vasu yelled “what did u thought haan!! ?? That after sending dhruv out of house, u will own it??”
Thapki looked shocked on bihaan.
“No maa…I…”
“Just shut up”
Thapki somewhere knew that bihaan can’t do this!! N looks at him , staring
“U want to destroy dhruv’s life” she questioned
“Not at all…. I did it…” He said in a low tone
“Maa u r misunderstanding him” dhruv interfered
“No dhruv…u will not understand these type of dirty bloods” vasu stares bihaan n bihaan looks her in tears. “Can’t u see my family happy my son happy??” She continued “we raised u, we gave u shelter , we even gave u name n u….u wanted to ruin my son’s life”
Bihaan looks at her, hardly seems to speak anything.
“No maa…I can’t even think of doing it” he speaks anyhow
“Oh shut up !! Blood relations r beyond ur thinking, n u thought to become a member of this family ” she yelled angrily
“Now leave all this n all of u proceed to ur room” dadi ordered
Everyone leaves including vasu
Thapki was standing still n bihaan breaks down on his knees
She thought to console him but it was impossible for her to take even a step towards him, she runs to the room.
She sits n cries on the floor with her head lying on her knees.
Everything was echoing in her head
“Am I that bad to ruin anyone’s life?” She asked to herself
N cries covering her face with her hands.
Someone enters the room
She wiped her tears n stood up
She saw dhruv
“Sir plzz I don’t want to talk about anything” she said
“I know n I understand thapki , I just came here to say that plzz don’t misunderstand bihaan…” Dhruv says n goes
Thapki looks him leaving
She goes to take bihaan to room but she didn’t finds him there.
She again comes to room
N sees her diary
“Where’s he gone!! I should call him” she dials his number but he was not answering .
She sits down thinking “dirty blood”
“How can maa say him so!! He respects her a lot, n she thinks this for him??” She said to herself “he is hurt, but where’s he??”
After sometime
Thapki slept sitting on floor waiting for him when she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder. She woke up n looked behind , it was bihaan, she suddenly stands up n says “u scared me” bihaan looks at her n laughs “yeah I did it” he says n laughs “look at ur face, so frightened!!” He continues
Thapki looks him confused
“R u fine?” She asked when she looks at bihaan who was walking towards the door, she towards him to stop him
“Bihaan where r u going” she holds his hands “come n sleep its been too late”
“Chuk chuk gadi, stop following me, n go to ur platform” he said blinking his eyes, smiling n was standing holding the wall
“R u drunk!!” She asked widens her eyes.
“Nope” bihaan replied shaking his head
“Come in n sleep now” she says while turning towards the bed
But no reply comes from behind, she turns n sees bihaan is not in room.
“Go wherever u want I’ll not stop” she says annoyingly n goes back to sleep.
“But what if again he did any mistake!! Maa will….. Oh no no…I should stop him” she thinks n goes
“Where should I find him now!!” She thought n saw bihaan walking slowly
She goes to him n catches him
“Listen just come to room” she ordered
“Oho chuk chuk gadi, can’t u see I’m on a mission” he said her with a tone of responsibility
“Mission!! Can I ask which type of mission??” She asked
“Mission of searching dhruv’s room” he said proudly
Vasu maa’s door opens n thapki suddenly thapki keeps her hand shutting bihaan’s mouth n hides behind table
“Shhh bihaan” she said in a low tone “keep quite”
Bihaan gestures her to leave him, but she forcefully makes him sit on floor, meanwhile,vasu goes to take water n comes again to her room n closes the door.
Thapki gets relieved, n leaves bihaan “now come to room” she orders
“U want to kidnap me!!” He says annoyingly
“No stupid…just come with me” she ordered again
“No first I’ll search dhruv ” he said.
“If anyone will see then it’ll be a trouble for u stupid, why don’t u understand, just come with me, we’ll search dhruv sir later” she requested
“No it’s very important to find him” his eyes roams to the whole house which is dark bcoz of night
“What’s so important? Tell me” she asked worriedly as if someone couldn’t caught them
“He will marry u” he said “after all u both loved each other… N I ruined ur life” he said innocently
“Bihaan listen …its impossible now he’s my past” she said
“I want my brother’s happiness, I don’t know about past n present” he said rigidly
“For that only u married me right??” She said tauntingly “for ur brother’s happiness u broke his marriage”
“No for hers happiness” he said smiling
Thapki looks at him “who” she asked curiously
Bihaan smiles “now u both can start a new life!! Just run far from here” he said
“OK now come, we r in front of maa’s room… Let’s leave fast” she said hurriedly n worried
She gets up n was about to move when bihaan, who was still sitting there comfortably, holds her hand, she looks at him
“Will u miss me in ur new life??” He asked smilingly with his blinking eyes
While she too sits with him after hearing the sound of door opening
She ties bihaan’s mouth with her dupatta n gets up hurriedly.
Vasu – r u ok thapki?I heard some voices
“Yes maa I’m fine, I just came to take water” she pretends to smile
“Go n take rest” she said caressesing her head n leaves.
Thapki hurriedly goes to bihaan
Bihaan gestures her to open him
She opens
“I’m sorry bihaan” she said “but we should go in room otherwise maa will again scold u”
He laughs with pain “she don’t like me!!” He said
Thapki looks at him, for the first time she realized his pain
“Every mom will scold their children on their fault” she said n pulls him to get up although she knew about what he faced n that was not his mother’s scolding, but it was in the something else, she couldn’t recognize!!
“There’s dhruv’s room come let’s go” he says n pulls her towards dhruv’s room.
“Bihaan… Bihaan… Stop!!” She holds him still while he trembles slightly.
“Ssshhhh….let me complete my mission ” he said responsibly
“Look u r drunk…we’ll talk in morning ” she said worriedly looking here n there.
“I’m not drunk…can’t u hear? Ok wait I’ll proof….” He says “I ….(he was about to shout when thapki takes him behind the wall)
“U r scared!!” He laughs n keeps his hands on her shoulders
He trembles but manages to stand properly
“Ok now come we’ll leave to our room” she says worriedly n looks in his eyes, her eyes stops, so innocent n his mischievous smile, took her beyond the word.
“Chuk chuk gadi let’s go to dhruv” he says, which grabs thapki out of her imagination.
“Ok fine come” she takes him in front of dhruv’s room
“See he’s sleeping…his door is closed. Do u want to disturb him?” She asks softly
“Oh sad….mission failed…” He says “phisssshhhh” (he takes his right hand with his forefinger pointing to the sky)
Thapki smiles seeing his drama
She takes him to room
“Now sleep silently” she ordered
Bihaan comes to the radio n clicks on ‘on’ button
The song “hai apna dil to awara” plays
Bihaan jumps on bed n starts dancing

“Hai apna dil to awara
Naa jaane kis pe aayega
Hai apna dil to awara
Naa jaane kis pe aayega”

(English – Heart of mine is wanderer
Don’t know who it will fall in love with
Heart of mine is wanderer
Don’t know who it will fall in love with)

Thapki looks at him,shocked, smiling seeing his childishness.
He dances while thapki sees him,
He grabs her to the bed n both jumps, bihaan tears the pillows n thapki sees him laughingly

“..Haseeno ne bulaya
Gale se bhi lagaya
Bohat samjhaya, yehi na samjha”

(English – Beauties called
They also abrraced
It not understood even on making it understand)

Thapki n bihaan jumps down the bed holding each other’s hand
They laughs seeing each other.

“Bohat bhola hai bechara
Na jaane kis pe aayega
Hai apna dil toh aawara
Naa jaane kis pe aayega”

(English – This poor is very unmature
Don’t know who it will fall in love with
Heart of mine is wanderer
Don’t know who it will fall in love with)

They both rotates holding each other’s hand n falls on bed
They both laughs seeing each other

“Bihaan I didn’t knew u r so childish when u r drunk” she said seeing him “why u always hide that u r…”
“Chuk chuk gadi u should go far from this house, from me, with dhruv” he said staring at ceiling
“Go far” he said with a smile “chuk chuk gadi”
Thapki looks him n then at ceiling
“U want me to go far from u?” She asked
“Go with dhruv, otherwise u can’t live happily” he advised
“But u married me for his happiness n now u r saying I should marry him” she says glaring at him
“Hmm…. I ruined ur life, I ruined my brother’s life, I’m ur culprit” he said sadly.
Thapki looks at him, his eyes r closed n murmurs “I’m a culprit” she closes her eyes unknowingly n sleeps.
Thapki wakes up n finds bihaan holding her hand n sleeping
“Oh my God!! What I did!! Thankfully he’s not awake yet” she thinks n leaves to the washroom.
She comes in front of mirror n washes her face
She closes the tap n stares herself in mirror
She hears something in the room n stays silent
“Wake up now” she says to bihaan
Bihaan wakes up n is on cloud 7 when he sees her
“Maa u..” He said happily
“U want to ruin my son’s life n sleeping here peacefully!! Not bad!!” Said vasu annoyingly
He was silent
“Anyhow I managed to save my son’s life by that stammering girl!! N u want to again ruin my son’s life!! ” vasu said angrily
Thapki listens all this n gets utter shocked, she gets tears n keeps hand on her mouth, which was opened by the shock.
“Bihaan listen if u ever even tried to hamper my son’s life, I’ll not forgive u!!” She said warningly
N leaves
Thapki slowly opens the door slowly n sees bihaan sitting on ground leaning his head on bed n covering it by his both arms, scratching his bed n punches his hands on the bedsheet, it seems he was hugging his bed n leaning on bed’s chest crying
Thapki comes to him while all things flashing in front of her eyes
“His twinkling eyes”
“Chuk chuk gadi”
“Irritating her always”
“His innocence”
“Bihaan” she said keeping her hand on his shoulder, in tears.
He turns n see her, he hides his tears n wipes them hurriedly.
“Yes what happened chuk chuk gadi?” He asked normally smiling slightly “where were u I searched u so much, where’s my watch? I’m unable to find it” he says
She gets tears n goes to washroom saying “I don’t know, find it urself”
Thanks for reading guys
Hope u enjoyed it?
This is specially for all my dearest readers who were wanting me to come back ???
An OS on Thahaan ❤
Plzz do comment ❤
Will write these types of OSs whenever I’ll get time ?
Luv u all ?
Stay blessed?

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  1. Vinni Di ….. ?? … I missed u ….
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    Loved it di ❤❤
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    Love u di ?
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    1. Vinni7

      Aww darlo ? I missed u too
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  2. Alm.Abi

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    1. Vinni7

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      Thank u so much dear❤
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    hello vinni dear hw r u miss u and ur ff ….thank u for writing an os for us …love u dear ….take care… this os is superb and also soooo heart touching….best of luck …..God bless u…

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      I wrote this specially for my curious readers ?? glad u liked it this much ??

  10. Vinni7

    Hey guys actually I’m sorry I was busy so posted it without reviewing … N I did a big mistake that I didn’t stated that “this OS is inspired by the OS – when love sneaks up silently -by Amina Zahra” I just created it in my own way by hers concept ?? hope she too reads n likes it!!

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