Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 8)


Hi guys,I am back with my next episode….. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
Recap:Truth or Dare
In the night,all have slept except Sumo ,she is pacing around her room continuously looking at her phone.Suddenly,she hears a beep on her phone.She immediately opens the msg,her face turns into a frown when she sees it is Shravan’s mesh
Shr…Hi,I know you are awake…What is going on between Preekar??? I have heard you call them Romeo and Juliet.. Pls tell me at least as a freind ,don’t regard me Pushkar’s bro in this atleast.
Suman. Giggles

Shravan….stop giggling
Suman…opens her eyes wide and stares at the phone
Shr…don’t open your eyes wide
Sumo….how do you know what I am doing???
Shr….Look behind you
Sumo turns behind and sees Shr smiling
Sumo….how did you get in???
Shravan…I have been sitting here for the past 15 mins,you have been soon busy looking at your phone.
Sumo…oh that Sanky did not call or message.I don’t know where is he???
Shravan face turns into a frown
Suman starts laughing uncontrollably… You had jealously then and now as well.
Shravan starts walking towards Sumo,Sumo keeps moving back and collides with the wall.She tries to move towards the side but Shravan blocks her by his hands.He comes close to her,she could feel his warm breaths on his face and shuts her eyes.Shravan moves towards her lips and then whispers in her ears.

Me and jealously are worlds apart.
Suman opens her eyes. and smiles,
No stop trying to fool me, your eyes clearly shows that you are jealous.
Shravan… No,A person is jealous when he loves some other person and she goes with someone else.I dont love you so with me no chance.
Sumo…Oh yeah I didn’t invite you that right???

Sumo…my engagement
Shr…Kab,Kaha,Kaise ???You didn’t even tell me once. I didn’t even see him.He starts asking all types of odd questions
Sumo…now pls don’t tell me that Shravan Malhotra is not feeling jealous.
Shr….No I am not…It is just that
Sumo…Stop trying to hide it I was just joking.
Shr…I knew it
Sumo….and Sanskar whom you are jealous of is my elder brother, you don’t know about it because he lived in a hostel.

Shr..Wow,no one in school knew that
Sumo..,I know not even Pushkar himself.He must have come to know at the party. I had asked Sanskar to introduce Preeti as his sister.
Now Preeti must be saying Bhai spoiled my genius plan of making Pushkar jealous. Now I think Shr is not aware that Sanky is our bro so why not make him jealous..Preeti must be saying all that.
Shr. If what you are saying is true then let’s also make a plan to make Pushkar jealous.
Shraman Hi-fi.They sit down on the bed and start making a plan..
Plan in muted.

After they finished they started talking and Shr fell asleep in their talks.Sumo tries to wake him up but there was no success.Our Shravan master is a sound sleeper.
Sumo remembers her childhood days:

Suman and Shravan were completing Sumo’s model.It was late in the night and that day Shravan had got permission to stay at the Tiwari Killa for the night.Sumo yawned,Shravan asked her to go and sleep but
Sumo….It is my model..I will supervise and see if you are doing everything correctly.
Shr…If it is your model why don’t you do everything your self rather than just sitting and supervising. Anyway thanks for sitting by my side.

But sumo felt offended by shravan’s words.She him to stop making it as she will make it herself.Shravan gets up and sits in the bed and starts watching her.She completes her model in 2 hrs and she was extremely tired .She sees Shravan sleeping on the bed.She pity’s him and sits on the window will to see the moon.She used to see the moon and sleep.she falls asleep over there itself .Shravan woke up in the morning ,woke up Suman and they both continued their usual day.
End of FB

Sumo does the same and and sleeps by the window sill
Shravan wakes up and sees Sumo sleeping.He feels guilty but the biggest problem was how to exit the room.Preekar will tease of they see him exiting from Sumo’s room.

Precap…Shraman’s plan.

Sorry for the short update …I had go to Science Center for competition and now I have go for a
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  1. Hahaha…
    Definetly..preekar will tease..
    After all…
    Anyone will try to take the advantage of the situation.to tease..and its all our shraman..teasing tho banta hai..?????

  2. WeirdSister

    Oh d epi…was on ‘ FIRE’ …
    hope u understand??
    Nd yaah….teasing will surely happen…if they don’t make a good plan…
    Luv u..!!

  3. Marie

    Hey anu dear…!! It’s a fab ep….!!!

  4. Neeti

    yeah, Pushkar ko jealous karne me majha toh bht aye ga…
    epi was super duper amazing chota hua toh kya hua
    ab me epi nine parne jati hu baki ka wohi par lungi me
    see u again
    luv u- Neeti

  5. Ariana

    Jealous nd Shravan… Lol his dialogue killed me. Making pushkar jealous really? I’m damn excited. post really soon. Lots of love

  6. Nikita

    Wahhh.. Amazing dialouges !!
    Great yaar
    I’m in Love with the ff
    Post soon

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Amazing ep .. just luv it ..
    Sorry for being late ..??
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