Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 7)


Hi guys ,I am writing another episode as I gave a very small episode previously …I didn’t get any comments as of now but please comment so that I would want to continue

Soon let’s start

Recap:Mysterious guy who helps Sumo.
The goons go away and Suman hugs the guy and cries.
Guy…I didn’t know that our wrestler also feels scared.
Suman smiles and starts beating him playfully.
Sumo…I forgive you for whatever you have done
Shravan …I knew that you can never stay angry with me for long.
Sumo…I may have forgiven you but I will never forgive Ramnath uncle for what he has done.
Shravan ….One day I will surely prove you wrong anyway let’s leave.

Shravan and Suman leave in their separate transport but went side by side laughing.
Both reach home and Preekar are shocked to see Shraman coming together .
Pushkar…Do guys want to play truth or dare??
Preeti..Yup why not
Shraman also nod positively.
They bring a bottle and turn it lands on Suman
She chooses dare
Preeti says “Propose Shravan ”

Pushkar says yes we are waiting to see that.
Shravan is extremely happy inside but outside he shows he doesn’t want it
Suman too tries to say no but they are Preekar so Suman ended up proposing Shravan.
She sits in her knees and says :Will you marry me??
She gets up and sits on her place back …I did it now happy??
Preeti..but didi it was such a boring proposal please do it nicely
Sumo…to bad to sad…I did it you didn’t specify
Next the bottle lands on Pushkar
He chooses truth
Suman..do you ?Preeti??

Pushkar.. Replies in a no but winks to the sisters picks up his phone and messages them
I love Preeti but I can’t tell Bhai
Suman says ok let’s continue
Next goes on Shravan and he chooses dare
Pushkar:Give a peck to Sumo on the cheek.
Suman …that’s not fair
Pushkar…. Everything is fare on love and war
Shravan …..Bends forward and kisses her cheeks lightly.
Preeti was the last one
She being daredevil also chose dare

Shravan:Dance with Pushkar
Both of them agree in the first time
Shravan looks at them in shock.
Both dance to gerua

All have fun seeing them dance
Shravan is still confused about Preekar he thinks to confront Suman about the same .
All go to their respective rooms and sleep

Precap: Shravan trying hard to know the truth

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  1. Awesome epi anu
    I did not expected him to be shravan
    Hehe…. Nice twist
    N plz continue this ff
    M loving it

  2. Ariana

    Awwwww…..such a cute epi. I really had no clue it would b Shravan. I thought Preeti’s bro. But u made my day! How sweet. nd SHravan’s dare. AHEM AHEM. Boomed it. Post next part soon

  3. Nikita

    Aww ShraMan are together..
    And PreeKar…. Ab kya kahe..!!
    You are amazing man !!
    Bichara shravan..kuch nai pata usko..
    Anyways, keep writing
    Post sooon.
    Loads of love,

  4. WeirdSister

    Loved it Anu…post soon…nd make it longer….love u..??

  5. Sharmansangel

    Awwwww kitna cute tha aur bahot acha bhi I really loved the way you write it’s adorable

  6. Amazing episode. Loved it ?
    Post soon

  7. Hahaha..
    So shravan not getting sleep due to preekar..????

  8. Hi you are Ishita right??

  9. Marie

    Hey anu…..!! That is a romantic…. Ep I loved every bit of it….!! Shraman away he saved her…n d game it’s my favourite game yr…..!!!
    Do post ASAP ASAP
    Take care
    Lots of luv…..!!
    Frm maria

  10. Anushika

    Nikita,I hate you.. I am Ishita

  11. Wow Ishita ……….. I had no idea you could be SO creative?

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    The epsiode is just amazing haha and i play truth and dare with my Friends frequently 😛

  13. pretty preeti

    Hey Anu its really nice
    So sweet of u
    Loved the epi
    It was cool
    Post next one soon
    Amazing sissy
    Love u

  14. Neeti

    sry fr being late bt this time I was nt at fault cs mera cmnt pst nai hua
    ye patch up
    sry again bt cmnted on latest epi already ?
    luv it
    luv u also- Neeti

  15. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwesomistic ep ..
    Nd again sorry for being late ..
    Take care .

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