Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 4)


I am back with the next episode.Thank you all sooo much for your precious comments
recap…Suman is dating someone.

Sumo….Are yaar,he was Sanskar,our bro.(sona u were right…but don’t worry the jealously track will stay)
Preeti…yipi..yaar when is he coming????
Sumo..Can’t wait for him na,don’t worry he is coming tomorrow. Chill
Preeti..Sanky,ki to aise  ki tesi.
Sumo..Whatever you want to do tomorrow.
Preeti smirks as she thinks of an idea.
(Pushvan are not aware that Sanskar is Suman and Preeti’s elder bro.Sanskar never lived with Nanaji but lived in a hostel near the school. He studied in the same class as Shravan. Shravan always remained jealous of him because Suman always used to support Sanskar and he had also once seen that Sumo hugged Sanskar and from that day he broke friendship Sanskar but never told him the reason.He confronted Sumo but she started laughing and ignored his question.this was also one reason why Shravan left to India.)
Suman sleeps while Preeti starts making a plan.
The next morning Suman wakes up and starts making Sanskar’s favourite dishes.
Shravan comes to the kitchen and sees all the dishes and starts remembering Sanskar.He avoids the thought and takes a glass of water.
Pushkar also opens his eyes and comes out sleepily.Preeti is wide awake and smiling like never before.
She hears the door bell and starts to execute the plan.She opens the door and pretends to be very sleepy.She peeks from the corner of her eyes and sees Sanskar.She runs down the stairs as if she didn’t sleep at all and hugs him he carries her and twirls her around.Pushkar rubs his eyes 2 or more times to see that he is not dreaming.
Suman…Bas ,Bas
Preeti breaks the hug as Suman hugs him.
Shravan feels jealous but doesn’t see the boy’s face ,to control his jealously he picks up his phone and starts typing something.Pushkar also takes his phone and messages shravan
“Who is he?”
Shravan smiles and replies “Feeling jealous huh”
Shravan is not aware of Preekar’s love towards each other.
Pushkar quickly says no and add but you are surely feeling jealous.
Shravan Me and jealously are world’s apart.
Both brothers continue their fight while messaging and don’t see what is happening around.As Shravan looks up from his phone,he sees that the trio is not there .He suddenly looks up to see ‘the boy ‘ chasing Preeti and they have a huge Tom and Jerry fight across the whole house ending up in Sumo’s room.Preeti throws a pillow at Sanskar and they both have a pillow fight while Suman comes out Preeti ‘s room smiling. Pushkar sees the smile and says “The boy is sure special if he can make Sumo smile.They like each other for sure.” This comment doesn’t reach Sumo but reaches Shravan who glares at Pushkar angrily.Pushkar avoids eye contact in fear.
As sumo enters the room ,she sees a huge mess of feathers and says”Clean up this now”Sanskar and Preeti gulp down in fear and start clearing up the room. On the other hand Suman laughs as she throws a pillow on the duo. All laugh happily and hug each other .The trio spend the day in the room ignoring Pushvan completely. In the night,Shravan sees ‘the boy ‘sharing room with Sumo which angers him but he tries to control and goes to his room to sleep.
Both Pushvan don’t get any sleep thinking about the girls and go to the terrace to get some fresh.As Pushkar was climbing the stairs he sees Shravan standing there already and runs back down thinking that bhaiiya would tease me if he sees me.
Shravan also back down after sometime and sleeps.Pushkar also sleeps.but for the trio sleep was far away from their eyes.

Precap:Full on masti

Sorry guys for the short update .I have an exams upcoming in September and currently a competition. I will try to post everyday but they will be small.
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  1. Sharmansangel

    Maza aagaya

  2. Ahahaha. It was super interesting. Post soon ?

  3. Marie

    Heyyyy anu mast ep….!! Amazingggg loved it dear…..hey plz post daily no matter its short ir not

  4. Hahaha…
    Full on masti..even in this part…
    Except pushvan jealousy..
    Arey bhai.. pura..ek din gujar gaya..lekin ye dho mahaan bhayiyon ney…Jo ki lawyers..hai…ye find hi nahi kar paaye..ko aakir..vo Jo bhandha aaya hua hai..vo sumo preeti ka kya hai??????
    Shaayadh inkey ghar k deewaron ko..khaan nahi hai..?????????

  5. Nikita

    Mazza aa gaya..
    Bichara PushVan jealous..
    Post soon !!
    Small is fine, but post daily..

  6. Anushika

    Thank you all sooo much.?

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep .. really it was very nice ..
    Nd pushVan’s jealousy .. hahahaha .. dono pagl kch r hi smjh rae hn ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

  8. Ariana

    Jealous bros….Awesome….actually i pity the boys but finally Sumo is happy. Wonderful epi. Loved it a lot.
    Lots of love nd blessings

  9. Neeti

    hhehehehehe sweet jealousy track, bechara Sanskar kahi jealous logo se mar na khaye..?
    hehehehe Shravan feels jealous seeing Sumo sharing room with other boy hah hahahaha
    bahi ko bf bana diya is Pushvan gadho ne…
    best of luck Anushika di
    by by, luv u -Neeti

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