Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 16)


Hi guys I am back with the next episode.This episode will be small.
Recap:Shraman emotional talks.

Sumo and Shravan get ready for the party. Sumo wears the blue and white dress.(the one she wore in the serial)Shravan wears a black coat and pant and a blue tie along.
They get ready and leave together.At the party,Urvashi sees Shravan and falls in love with him.As soon as she sees Sumo with Shravan she burns on jealously. She wanted to know who is this lucky girl and her so called love.
As soon as she heard Sumo calling him Shravan,her love vanished in to thin air.
Urvashi murmers a little loudly about her self respect which will go if her friends see her with the grown up chashmish who is now handsome.
Shravan hears this and feels bad .Sumo squeezes his hand in assurance that she will never leave him.
Shr moves to the garden as he wanted some fresh air.Sumo follows him.
Sumo…Why are you feeling so bad??
Shr..No its nothing.Can I ask you something??
Shr…That you will never ever leave me.
Sumo…I will never leave you I promise
Shraman hug.Urvashi’s best friend sees this and says. “Any girl would be Soo lucky if she has him”
Urvashi sees this and smiles wickedly and says “Then no one can stop me for being with Shravan.”

Later a waiter who comes with drinks to give to Shraman.
Shraman say at the same time that they don’t drink. The waiter look at them in surprise and leaves. Urvashi slaps her forehead in dismay.
Another waiter comes to Urvashi’s hired waiter and says”The Lady over there is asking for you.Give me the tray.
The waiter hands over the tray and goes over to Urvashi. Later the waiter with the tray comes to Urvashi to give drinks.Urvashi drinks this and feels dizzy all of a sudden.She sees the glass carefully and realizes it was the glass with drugs
She moves out of the party almost unconcious.
Shraman see all this and thank God.

Sumo side hugs Shravan. Shravan also puts his hand around her.
Shravan asks her of they want to go home.
Sumo nods in positive.
While they are going they see Urvashi fainted.
Sumo goes to her carries her and drops her to her room.
Shr…Why did you do that she was trying to hurt you???
Sumo…Just because she was doing that it doesn’t mean that I should so the same thing.
Shravan stands their impressed by Sumo.
Sumo…Let’s go now.
Both are in the car,Sumo is looking out of the car as it starts raining.She looks at the rain with full desire.Shravan notice it.
Shr…Fine,I will stop the car at the side ,you can get wet for 5mins.
In excitement she kisses Shravan’s cheeks.
Sumo..I am sorry
Shr…Its okay.
Sumo goes and enjoys the rain .
Shravan looks at her mesmerized by her beauty.

After 5 mins there is an slight alarm sound…
Shr…Sumo, 5 mins are up
Sumo enters the car all drenched.
Yes,Shravan had put a alarm for 5 mins because he knew that looking at her he would not keep track of time.
Sumo..Challo,let’s go now.
Shr…Uhhh yeah
Both leave for home.Ramnath feels angry and sad to see Shraman together.Both go to their room to change.Shravan comes out of his room is walking to Sumo’s room when Ramnath calls him.
Shravan walks to him…
Shr…You need anything..?
Ram…No nothing.
Shr …Why did you call me???
Ram..Just like that,I didn’t get to spend to time with you.
Shr..Can we do that tomorrow?? I need to meet Sumo??
Ram has no option but to let him go.

Precap:Still yet to decide

Sorry for the short update but I have exams on Tuesday.
Sorry also because I was not able to comment on anybody’s FF.
Love Anu

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  1. This was too good. Loved it. ?
    ShraMan be the cutest ?
    Take care. Best of luck for your exams ??

    1. Anushika

      Thanks Zainab…Take care too

  2. Ariana

    It was short but cute!!! Suman kissed Shr’s cheek!! Awwwwww. Nd the way Shr said to Ram he would prefer talking to Sumo. yah tht guy deserves tht. Post soon dear. I’m waiting

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ariana Di….Yes,Ramnath deserves even worse…I will post soon

  3. pretty preeti

    Anu too good fab
    It was really nice
    Post soon
    Love u

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  4. Nikita

    Wow !!
    ShraMan scenes were very cute..!!
    Adorable yaar..
    Loved it..
    Hayye.. Ram behaves like he’s jealous of
    Loved it!

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Nikita….
      Love Anu

  5. Marie

    Hey anu….!! That was a great ep n romantic too shraman together aww so sweet amazingggggggggg ep….!!
    Loved it
    All d ver bst fr ur exams….!!!
    Go rock d examination hall sisoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love u so much
    Cm soon…!

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Marie Di…Will surely rock the exam hall
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  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anu !!!
    This ep was Cutest ????
    Love this bonding of ShraMan ???
    Nd kiss wala scene was awwwww ??????
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    1. Fatimagulesarfraz

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    Awww such a cute and adorable epi loved it…..

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