Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 15)


Hi guys,Thanks for all your comments on both my Os and my FF.Sorry for the late update but I was extremely busy studying.
Recap: Shravan comes to know his father’s truth and comes to the terrace to find Sumo crying. They hug each other.
Shraman hug each other .Suddenly it starts raining just to help these romantic love birds.
Sumo abruptly breaks the hug and starts dancing while Shravan runs back in the shelter.He gets mesmerized by Sumo and starts walking towards her without noticing the rain.His chain of thoughts are broken by Sumo.
Sumo…Shravan,where are u lost??

Shr…In you
Shr..Oh no nothing,I was just saying that you will catch cold.
Sumo…Just relax,nothing will happen to me
Just then she starts sneezing.
Shr pulls her to the side.
Shr…You are not some angel that you won’t get sick .
Sumo…But dancing in the rain is sooo fun.
Shr…not more than your health.
Sumo….Why are you sooo worried about me?
Shr…Because you are my child hood friend.
Sumo…now lets go,I am feeling sleepy.
Shravan …let’s go
In Sumo’s room,
Shravan was just about to go but then he stops.
Shr…How do we reveal my dad’s truth in front of all?
Sumo’s smile fades,Shravan notices it but doesn’t react.
Sumo..Let’s sleep we will discuss this tomorrow.

Shr…Why not now??
Sumo…Because I am sleepy,pretends to yawn
Shr leaves unsatisfied.
The next morning:
Shravan wakes up to hear screaming sounds of his dad at someone.He gets up immediately.
He first thinks to check on Sumo and sees her sleeping peacefully like a small child. He thinks what could be the problem then.
He goes to his dad’s room and sees him talking with someone.
Ramnath sees Shravan in the mirror and changes the topic.
Ramnath…Sure sir,I will surely win the next case.
Shravan feels nothing suspicious and goes towards his room.
But in between he gets an urge to go and meet Sumo .He goes inside Sumo’s room and doesn’t see Sumo.In that time,Sumo comes out of the bathroom rubbing her eyes. She asks Shravan what was he doing here???
Shravan…Get ready and I want to discuss the plan.

Sumo… Why are you so eager to do that???
Shr…To spend time with you.
Shravan doesn’t know why he spoke that but to defend his statement he adds that …I want my dad to show his real face to all of us.
Sumo…Wait,This will happen soon,we can’t let him directly confess.
Shr..Then why can’t we keep talking about Nanu ‘s praises so he will get irritated and disrespect him.
Sumo…Let’s see how this will work out.
Shr….Now get ready we need to go for the case.
Sumo… First look at yourself and then tell,you are also not ready yet.
Shr…I am going

Shraman get ready and leave for the office.Ramnath fumes in anger and smirks as if he thought of something that will make Sumo away from Shravan forever.
In the office:
Shraman discuss the case and talk happily. They go out for lunch together where they meet their old friend Ishita.
Sumo hugging Ishita:Hey Ishu,Long time no see

Ishita…Yeah where have you been??
Sumo…Right here and you??
Ishita…France,Am a fashion designer now.
Sumo…Finally fulfilled your dream.
Ishita…Yup and you what are you now ??
Sumo… Lawyer
Shravan…Even I am there.
Sumo..Yeah,for a change you are quiet
Shravan… What do you mean???
Ishita…Stop guys,So Shravan what are you now???
Sumo…to trouble me all the time.

Ishita and Sumo laugh.
Ishita…Yeah one more thing,there is a reunion party,tomorrow night.You guys can come as a pair only.
Shraman …Fine.
Ishita…Can I your ph no.
Sumo :yeah, 9********8
Ishita..Thanks and Bye.
Ishita leaves.
Shr..That was sooo mean of you.
Sumo..I know
Shr…Let’s go back to work,the client must be coming.
Sumo and Shravan go back to the office and meet the client.The meeting goes well and the client asks them to start preparing notes .
At late in the night as Shravan was about to leave,he sees Sumo’s cabin lights open.
He enters and just then there is a power cut.
Sumo…Who is there???
Shravan walks forward.
As soon as Sumo sees Shravan she hugs him.

Shravan ..What happened??
Sumo…Am afraid of darkness.
Shravan….Let’s go home then
Sumo… Yeah
Shraman leave for home and sleep.
The next morning
Shravan gets ready and is about to call Sumo but he hears Ramnath call Sumo. he follows them and overhears their conversation.
Ramnath… I have called you to ask an important question.
Sumo sees Shravan hiding behind who asks her to keep quiet.
Sumo.. What question??
Ramnath: Here is a blank cheque and on the other hand is Shravan.Whom would you choose??
Sumo with no reluctance replies Shravan feels extremely proud to have a friend who doesn’t care about money but values friendship more.
Ramnath smile turns upside down on hearing this and leaves angrily.
Sumo also leaves to her room.Shravan enters and locks the door.
Sumo…What are you doing here??
Shravan …Thanks a lot for choosing me over money, this statement of yours has given me proof .

Sumo…Proof for what??
Shravan..That my dad told this.
Sumo..How ?
Shravan shows Sumo the video of whatever he recorded.
Shr..In this was I will tell Papa that I love you.He will have no option to refuse because you chose me on money .If he refuses then I will show him this video.
Sumo..All these things Preekar should be unaware of.
Shr..My promise.
Shravan…Let us leave now we need to come home early due to the party.
Sumo agrees as they leave together for the office.
In the car
Shravan.. You are the first lawyer who ever won me in a case.Did you know that I would be against you??
Sumo laughs and says yes

Shravan…Why didn’t you tell me??
Sumo…Sadness and anger overcame me,but you taught me how to smile again and mainly you saved me from those people even after everything.You also are going against your dad for Nanaji
Shr…First of all thanks but don’t you consider him as my Nanu as well.
Sumo..I didn’t mean that.
Shr…Without Nanaji my dad would be a beggar on the street.
Sumo smiles.
Shravan …So what did you do when I was in London???How did you become such a successful lawyer without me???
Sumo…So you mean to say I can’t do anything without you???
Shr..No,but it is that I used to help you in every thing related to studies and do your HW.So…yeah
Sumo…After you left I started taking studies seriously and that’s why I am so successful.
Shr..Why didn’t you keep in touch??
Sumo…I didn’t keep in touch??It was you who didn’t
Shr..Practically you are right.
Sumo..I am always right.
Shravan.. We will see

Suman and Shravan keep talking
till they reach the office .


Sorry for the short update, they will also many errors as I didn’t proof read it.Please shower your love with comments .
? Anushika.

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  1. Hey…anushika…
    Nice one dear..
    Didn’t felt it short…
    But I think u mentioned its a rain dance of shraman..in last part as precap..
    But..wtever…story..is going..perfectly smooth????

    1. Anushika

      Sorry Sona actually I wanted to put it in but I got better ideas so this is why O just a small sequence. Thanks for your comments

  2. Nikita

    Amazing.. ShraMan’s bond was so beautiful.. And that Ramnath’s n Suman’s scene where she choses Shravan waas precious..
    Do post soon!
    Love ya!

  3. pretty preeti

    No worry Anu study and post aaram se
    I loved it
    It wasa nice one dear
    Shraman nice
    Precap party dekhenge hai
    Mujhe invite nhi kiya party mei
    Love uuuu

  4. i know studies r d most important thing in our life { per our parents} i am sure u manage it well along wid ur ffs as u right soo good ffs . waiting 4 d party post when ur free …

  5. Angel_pari

    Hey this was really amazing post next one when u get time…….

    Loads of love take care 🙂

  6. Ariana

    This was soooo good!!! The way u showed Shravan supporting Sumo nt Ram. The show should surely take some ideas. Did he just say he’ll marry her? I reread tht part 5 times. It sounds nd the precap sounds so cool. Pls post soon.
    Love u

  7. It was too good. Really liked it. ?
    Curious to read more.
    Post soon. Take care. ?

  8. Rukhsar

    It was really nice but plz unite shraman soon and plz bring some romantic moments too

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