Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 13)


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Recap: beach cute arguement .

Shravan and Sumo are watching TV when the doorbell starts ringing.Suman says Shravan go and see the doorbell
Shr…No you do.
Shr… You.
Sumo…You said me so you go and answer the doorbell
Shr…Let’s go together .
Sumo…The door bell has stopped ringing it must be a salesman.
Shr…At 11 pm in the night.
Sumo…Who cares anyway???

They never knew that outside the door were Preekar. They tried calling them but they had already blocked them.
Preeti…. Why aren’t they answering the doorbell??
Preeti….Let’s go through the backdoor.
Pushkar… yes
Preekar go and see that the backdoor was also locked .
Pushkar…What will we do now??
Preeti…you think of that
Pushkar….Let’s lie down in the garden .
Preeti… and count the stars
Pushkar…perfect plan
Preeti…uhhh what can I do with this boy????
Pushkar….You can do a lot of things and winks at Preeti.
Shraman see all of this from the window.
Shravan…. Preekar, the backdoor is open just push it a little hard.
Preekar push the doors and enter the house.
They fail to see Sumo who was giggling behind the door.
She runs up to her room while Preekar go to their room and then they go to Sumo’s room.
Shravan also comes there.Shraman keep talking about their cases ignoring Preekar completely.

After some time, Preekar get irritated and say we are there as well
Sumo….Oh I completely forgot about that.
Shraman Hi-fi
Shr…I am feeling sleepy,I am going to sleep.
Preekar… You just read our mind
Preekar leave while Shravan pretends to follow them.As soon as he sees that they are in their rooms ,he runs back to Sumo’s room .
Sumo..Time to put our plan in action.
Shr….Yup,Enjoying to disturb our sleep now see how we will disturb yours..
Shraman first switch of the Fans and AC of Preekar’s room.
They heard Preeti murmuring am I in a desert,Why is it sooo hot????
Preeti comes out of her room and goes to the terrace to keep get some fresh air.But she sees the terrace locked.
Pushkar had no better scenario’s either.
He tried to go to the garden but all the door were. Locked.they both take a bunch of paper each and start waving themselves.
On the other hand,Shraman were holding their stomach trying to control their laughter. They had taken revenge in their full form.

The next morning
Sumo…I had never had a better sleep,
Shr…Me too
As they both try to control their laughter.
Preeti..I had the worst sleep,the fans and AC were not working
Sumo…Oh Sad night,I need to get ready we have the case today,If we lose then there will be a lot of loss
Shr…yup,I will get ready and come.
Both get ready and go together to the court.They take a last glance at the evidences as the case begins
The case was tough but surely Shraman won.
Both say let’s order pizza tonight.We will eat without Preekar..
They are Happy but go home with a frown on the face telling that they lost.
At night, Preekar are in their room while Shraman are enjoying pizza.They are laughing and thinking how they fooled Preekar

Precap:Still yet to think

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  1. Ananya98

    Nice epi anu….
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    Luv uh

  2. Nice one..
    Loll…their plan was so..nice to irritate preekar..☺???

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anushika !!!! Very nice ep ..
    Nd ShraMan’s plan .. lol ????
    ShraMan r real devils ????
    Story is going really well ..keep it up ???????????????
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

  4. Ariana

    Wow the story is being so cool. Keep rocking with the epis. Post soon. Take care. Lots of love

  5. pretty preeti

    Really Anu it was wow epi
    I loved shraman plan
    U r awesome my darling
    Great epi
    Precap aaram se soch kr epi post krna
    I m waiting
    Love the epi
    Love u
    Take care

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