Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 11)


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Recap:Shravan’s birthday was celebrated with Sumo.

The next day:
Suman wakes up gets ready and bids bye to Shravan and leaves for work.Shravan sits and was watching TV because he only has a meeting with their client in the evening and he is free.He sees Suman’s phone lying on the table.He thinks it to return it to her and then they can also go to the meeting together.he gets ready and leaves for Sumo’s office.He is going inside but the employee stops him not knowing that he is Shravan.Sumo is exiting her cabin when she sees Shravan.She shouts out “Hey Shravan,What are you doing here?”The employee immediately apologized and said sorry” Shravan sir,I never knew it was you ”
Shravan looks shocked”How do know me ”
Suman slaps her head in dismay.Employee sees her and says oh nothing,it was just that Suman mam had mentioned you while discussing the case.
Sumo gives a victory smile.Shravan notices Sumo going back into the cabin.He follows her insode ,When he enters he is shocked to see the pics.
Shr…Wow,I never knew that you missed us solo much that you put all of our photos.
Sumo… That’s not the case.My employees did it for my birthday day before yesterday.Sumo defends but as soon as she realises what she said she bites her tongue.
Shr….Starts remembering that her birthday is one day before his.He asks why didn’t you inform me then,I also scolded you for no reason at all.
Sumo…It is OK my employees made it special.
Shr….Okay ,that means you only like your employees and don’t want to spend time with us.
Sumo…That is not the case,it is just that they don’t know the story behind why I don’t celebrate my birthday. Suman bits her tongue again as she remembers no one knew this secret.
Shr…What story??
Sumo…WO nothing,Anyway why did you come here??

Shr…Don’t divert the topic,answer me .
Suman tries to move away but Shravan pins her too the wall.Answer me,Don’t try to hide anything.
Tears start rolling down Sumo’s eyes.She cries.
Shravan does not seem to be affected but asks the reason.She knows that there is no way out and he might ask it in front of Preekar so she decides to tell him.
Sumo says first promise me you won’t tell anyone.all this Nanu told me when we reached high school,From then I never celebrated it.

I was 5 yrd old then,Papa and Muma and planned a huge surprise for me but forgot to buy me a birthday gift.I had sent them back asking them for my Birthday gift.After they got it,while they were coming back,they met with an accident .They died on the spot,I still have the gift which they were to gift me.Till this I have been living with the guilt of killing my parents. Tears keep rolling down Suman’s face.Shravan hugs her to calm her down,she quiets down slowly.
Shr…sorry,I didn’t know about it.
Sumo…It is not your fault either.
Shr…We only have an hour for the meeting,do you want to discuss the file.
Sumo…Yes ,let’s discuss the file.
Shr…ok ,I will bring mine while you bring yours.
Both bring their files and start discussing.
Sumo gets a call
Person… Hi Sumo di
Sumo…Hi Preekar
They were on speaker.
Preekar… Did you like our surprise?

Shr…Even I want to talk to them put it on speaker as well.
Sumo….Thx for the surprise,it was very nice.
Sumo puts the phone on speaker
Shr…Hey Preekar.
Preekar..Hi Bhaiya,where are you both sitting?
Sumo..We are at office
Preekar…. You are having a joint case together??
Sumo…Yes,the client wants it like that.
Preekar… Di\Bhaiya I have some work niw ,will call you later
They end the call and discuss the case.
Sumo…I will call the client over here.
Shravan..Not here in the conference room.
Sumo…OK fine.

The client comes after 15mins and they discuss their files.
Client…I am very happy with your hardwork ,I forgot to discuss your price rates.I will give both of you 1 lakh per hearing.
Sumo…It is fine
Shravan was about to say something when Sumo stamps his foot.
He wanted to scream but because of the client,he tried to cough which became an awful failure.
Sumo started laughing .
The client laughed and left after sometime.
Shravan…Was it necessary for you to step on my foot?
Sumo…revenge is sweet

Shraman go home together because Shravan had come in a taxi.Both had a lot of nok-jhok while coming..

Precap:Shraman to shout at Preekar

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  1. Ariana

    Aww dear such a sweet epi. Loved it a lot…Wonderfully blended the emotional nd romantic scene. Beautiful. Sumo’s fb was so sad. I guess Shravan can make something huge next time. The precap is sooo gd. Making me really curious abt the next part. I wonder wht did PreeKar do. Post soon
    Lots of love
    Take care

  2. Great episode. Loved it.
    Precap is quite interesting.
    Post soon. Take care ?

  3. Nice one…
    Im thnkng…wt can b the reason behind shraman shouting on preekar???????????

  4. Marie

    Hey anu that was a really great ep……!!! My dear…..!! I loved it to d core….awww their nok jhoks r just amazing …….wow ….!! Post nxt part ASAP
    Love u…..!!! Take care

  5. Nikita

    It was emotional..
    I was crying when you told that reason
    I loved the episode anyways.
    The romantic and emotional scene combo was wonderful..
    excited with the precap.
    loved it!
    post soon

  6. Anushika

    Thanks a lot for your comments,
    @Nikita,sorry for making you cry

  7. WeirdSister

    Nice epi?

  8. Marie

    P.S my cmmnt is frm our neeto also…. She can’t cmmnt cause she is sick…….pyaar fr her better health……… 🙂

  9. anushika epi was wonderful!! a mixture of all emotions . post asap

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anushika!!! Amazing ep ..
    Luv it ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care

  11. pretty preeti

    Hey Anu sorry I m late but ur ff epi was too gudd I liked it
    It was emotional. And heart touching I actually loved it a lot
    Post soon
    Shouting will be waited by me
    Love u

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