Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 10)


Hi guys ,I am back with my next update.This is the tenth episode ,I am really happy that I have reached soon far.This ff I think will be till 25 episodes.This FF I will show Sumo and Shravan’s b’day.

So the next day,it is Suman’s b’day.Sumo wakes up very cheerfuly hoping that Shravan would remember her B’day.she suddenly gets a phone call from office.It was her employee,Ma’am you have a meeting with the client, he called us to inform you.He didn’t want to Shravan sir.
Sumo…Sighs I will be there in an hour.
Employee…Thanks ma’am,pls wear a saree like the last meeting.
Sumo..Yeah I know.
Employee …Ok bye mam,take care.

She didn’t want to go to office in her b’day but what could she do.No one u remembered or knew her B’day except Preekar and Shravan.Since the past ten years,Preekar would only wish her and then used to go back to their normal routine.
This year Sumo felt that there might be a change and for the first time wanted to stay home on her birthday.Sumo got ready in a Saree and goes down .As she is running late,She doesn’t eat her break fast but cooks it for Shravan.She leaves a note
Shravan,I have to go to office for an important meeting ,I have left bf on the kitchen slab

Sumo leaves for the office.
Shravan wakes up and sees the note and smiles.He gets ready and eats breakfast .He keeps thinking that he is forgetting something but ignores it.
At office:
Suman goes inside but there was no one .The lights were also closed .She whispers strange and goes to switch on the lights, She suddenly hears a shout “SURPRISE”. The lights open automatically and the whole office is lighted up and there are photos of her ,Preekar and Shraman in childhood. She looks so happy looking at the collage.
Sumo…Who did all this??? It is sooo amazing. Never in my life,I had expected such a big surprise .
Employee:Mam we did it.
Sumo…wow,How did you know today’s my birthday.No one knows it .it has been 10yrs since I celebrated my b’day.
Employee:Remember in a meeting,you needed a calendar and asked me to get it from your desk?
Sumo…yeah,But my Birthday was not marked on it.
Employee:Below that there was diary.It fell down when I was taking the calendar,In that I came to know your Birthday.

Sumo…Wow,You guys are surely observative.
But where did you get the photos.Especially my childhood ones with Shravan, Sanky,And Preekar.
Employee:That we called Preekar sir\mam and they gave these photos.
Sumo…I am awestruck by your effort.Guys,there is a meeting, get me the file for it.
Employee:hmmm mam uhhhhh.The employee stumbles while others giggle.
Another employee says:Mam,she made an excuse for the meeting so that you come to office.
Sumo laughs and says it is alright.guys,I will treat you guys to pizza for lunch.
Employee.We have already planned Lunch, so can you treat us to dinner.
Sumo…sure why not??

The whole day Sumo enjoys with her employees and goes home.She had forgotten to inform Shravan that she will be coming late.She is in a happy mood and enters the house happily. She assumes that Shravan would be already asleep.
To her surprise, Shravan is awake.
She enters the house….
Shravan starts to scream at her….Too much partying huh,Is there anything special that you are coming late in the night.
Suman has tears in her eyes,she runs to her room and starts crying.Shravan finds it strange but was more excited for his upcoming birthday.He goes to bed dreaming about it.
In the morning ,Shravan sees Sumo,her eyes were slightly swollen and her face had lost it’s natural glow.She goes to Shravan gifts him a watch and says happy birthday Shravan.
Sumo turns to leave when Shravan holds her elbow.
Shr…every year you used to fulfill one wish but not this year??
Sumo…But that was in childhood.
Shr…I am the birthday boy.

Sumo…Okay want do you want???
Shr… You have to spend the whole day with me.
Sumo..Fine,Anyway it is Saturday and I have a day off
Shr…ok,I am going to freshen up and then we will eat bf together.
Sumo…Okay freshen up fast.
The breakfast was already cooked so Sumo switched on the TV.
Shravan came and snatched the remote.
Sumo..not fair
She snatches it back.They have this small fight on the sofa till finally
Shr…I am the b’day boy so I get to choose.
Suman brings the bf on the sofa.

Shr…Let’s watch conjuring it is coming in 5 mins
Sumo..no but…
Shr…Sumo is scaredy cat.
Sumo…No ,I am not a scaredy to watch it.
Shr knew she was scared but didn’t tell her anything.
After 15mins Suman was hugging Shravan and he was feeding her bf.
At the end of the movie,sumo released her position and apologized.
Shravan smiles and says you should also apologize to me because I fed you your bf.
Sumo feels embarrassed and turns crimson red.

Precap:Don’t know depends in comments

Sorry for the short update…exams are around the corner

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  1. Marie

    Anu dear….!! This one was a great ep…..!!
    Post nxt one ASAP ASAP

  2. Sharmansangel

    Next one please and it was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to gôooooooooooooooooooood

  3. Superb epi anu
    Wanna kno k jb shravan ko sumo ka bday yaad aayega to wo kya krega
    Plzz post asap

  4. Nikita

    Oh !! So the next part depends on us ? Well I have a idea, tell that Shravan realized Sumo’s b’day and Sumo gets angry on him, and he plans a surprise..
    Anyway, amazing episode, post soon !!
    And I loved how you showed shravan;s jealousy and suman’s employees..

  5. WeirdSister

    I m short of words….literally…I m so sorry I can’t help it..so just one word…
    Luv ya..??

  6. Angel_pari

    This was superb,,such a great epi loved it post soon

  7. AWESOME!!!!!!
    Really loved it.
    Post when you get time ?
    Best of luck for exams ?

  8. Oh..gud
    But..didn’t get one thing..did shravan not said a single word to sumo..on her birthday..at least..he should remember this on his birthday ..that the yesterday was sumos birthday..how he didn’t remember it??
    OK..let’s wait and watch??

  9. Ariana

    Awww….So sweet. Shravan acts like a kid. Nd how come he forgot her bday? Its like IMMMMPOSSIBLEEEEEE…. I should wait nd watch. Something isn’t fitting the puzzle well. Dear post soon and fix this puzzle with the missing pieces. I’m waiting.
    Lots of love

  10. Bt what about suman’s b’day?
    Will shravan get to know that yesterday it was sumo’s b’day or not?
    Will he do something special?

  11. Neeti

    woooowwwwww so romantic ending imean closing……
    Shravu didn’t remember her bday uper se uspar shak kia vry bad…huh khadhus Shravu…..
    Sumo was crying and Shravu didn’t even notice it huh….ganda Shravu…
    plsss Anu di agla wala long and more romantic….
    pst asap
    luv u – Leeti

  12. Hi guys,Thanks for your comments.
    Shravan doesn’t remember Sumo’s birthday because she never celebrated it with him.I will explain clearly in the upcoming episodes.It will be in Monday,most probably

  13. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome ep ???
    Best of luck for ur exams ..
    Nd plzzzz try to update ASAP ASAP ASAP ..
    TAKE CARE ..

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