Hatred to Love -Shraman ff (Episode 1)


Hi guys,I am back with the next episode of this FF.Thank you so much for all your comments.
Sooo let’s start.

A girl is on the kitchen and cooking her dinner.All the lights of the house were closed except the kitchen. She was alone as Preekar were travelling.Suddenly she hears the sound of the door opening. She rushes outside to see the main door opening and a tall man standing.She knows that Pushkar is not so tall and he doesn’t have the keys of the house.She realises it might be a thief and screams ‘thief ‘multiple times.The man runs and pins her to the wall.She recognises his hazel eyes to be Shravan. She surpresses her anger and sadness and moves to the kitchen saying that the food is burning.Shravan brings his luggage in and follows her to the kitchen and sits on the kitchen slab.He tries multiple times to start a conversation but she ignores him and keeps moving away.Shravan gets angry and pulls her hand and she falls on his chest.
Shravan…Can’t you even spend 10mins for your child hood friend who has come back after 10 years???
Suman….What childhood friend???A friend is one who helps someone when they need help but you were happily enjoying when we needed help.

Shravan….oh really,Who was the one who did your H.W?Who use to bear all your tantrums and go with you for shopping??Without me you are know one as soon as I left you,you became completly became a zero.Now look at yourself,you are jobless.Suman quickly switches off the stove and runs inside the room.
Shravan also walks to his room when he remembers.

The cab had already arrived bit Shravan was looking for something and his room became completely messed up because of this.What was he searching for??

Tickets, Passport etc


He was looking for Sumo and his pic together which they had clicked on Diwali.As soon as he found of he ran for the cab to the airport after bidding everyone bye. He thought that he would clean his room when he is back .
End of F.B
He was expecting a messy room but to his surprise there was clean room.There were photos of every one except Sumo.He knew that only Sumo could clean his room so well. He was feeling happy extremely happy inside but due to the incident which happened just now he was feeling furious at her for touching his room.
He rushes and enters Sumo’s room with a bang.
Shravan…Who gave you permission to clean my room?
Suman… I have no interest and time to clean your room.Sometime after you went Nanaji was missing you so he came to ur room and was shocked to see the room in such a big mess.He had asked me to clean it and that’s when I did it.Ok?Happy??
I wonder why Nanu trusted you and your family …I wish that he knew that he will receive only insult from a family like yours.
Shravan… Sumo(screams)Why did you also not inform us that Nanu died???
Suman….I guess no one would have ever had so much patience to call you so many times as I had done.From you I only received scoldings for calling you soo many times while Ramnath uncle insulted Nanu?
Shravan couldn’t bear the insult and slaps Sumo.
Shravan… My dad can’t do such a thing and exits the room

Precap:Preekar entry

I am done with the 1st episode.
Pls comment -shoes and rotten tomatoes are allowed.

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  1. Didi superb yaar. Update soon. Lots of love

  2. Wowwwww.. what an episode ?
    There are so many questions in my mind right now. Post soon and a longer episode if you get time for that.
    Much love

  3. Nikita

    It waas superb..
    Nanu died?
    And Shraman live in the same house?
    Post soon pls..

  4. Angel_pari

    Nyc epi though bit confusing but loved it post soon…….

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anushika !!! Very nice ep … just u rockkkk girl .. nd so many questions r popping in my Mind .. bt hope so as the story proceeds I would get all my answers ..
    Post the second part soon ..
    Bye ..

  6. Ariana

    Wow. A blockbuster entry. Awesome from the very beginning. Post the next epi asap. Loved it sooooo much

  7. WeirdSister

    Hey Anu…. It was really good… But too short sweety… Plz plz make it long….
    Luv u lots nd lots…
    Post soon!!??

  8. Anushika

    Thank you so much!! All your confusions will be cleared in the next epispde .There will be Flashback’s of how Shraman live in the same house.I forgot to add that Ramnath lives overseas.Nanu passed away when Shravan was in London.

  9. Nandini aka Nandu

    Omg anushika u have done. A fab job yaar. Keep writing. post soon. Omg..what Shravan slapped sumo??????? lots of love dear.

  10. Ruchi

    Hey !!
    howz u?
    Amazing epi..
    interesting storyline..

  11. Marie

    Hue anu (can I call u dat) 😀 well well the ep was so amazing yr I mean Frst ep nai hi chakke maar dia I wonder upcoming ep Kia Karen gai so many questions in my mind ri8 now so plz plz plz post ASAP ASAP ASAP !!! It’s a request cause ur ff is too good…!
    Love u
    Take care
    Frm maria

  12. Anushika

    Well surely you can call me Anu,Thank you soon much Di,I have already submitted the next part ,just waiting for it to get posted

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