hatred to love-os on chakor & sooraj


chakor hates sooraj like hell sooraj also didnt like her much
they were like jani dushman
they knew eachother because of their families as chakor father and soraj father were childhood besties [here chakor father is a rich bussinessman guys] they frequently visit their houses chakor was elder daughter of her father and ilmiya was younger one
ilmiya had nick name imli
on the other side soraj was elder son of his father and vivaan was younger son
one day soraj father decided to change theirr friendship into relation
he asked soraj to marry chakorsoraj was like hell shocked
soraj;me??? u r asking me to marry chakor???
father;yes i m asking u to marry

soraj;no noway
i cant suicide at the age of 25 only
papa;what do u mean by that??
soraj;marrying chakor is suicide which i cant commit i really love my lyf
papa;but she is gud gir
soraj;but i m not gud naw i cant marry her plzzzz papa save me from her plzzzz
papa;but i want to convert my friendship in relationship
soraj;i think u should take help from vivan i cant help u in that
he leaves
his father goes to vivan and asks him to marry chakor but vivan loved imli
vivan;but y papa ???
papa;because i want to turn our friendship into relationship
vivan;dad i cant marry chakor
vivan;because she is elder than me
papa;so what koi bat nae
soraj enters
vivan;but dad idnt want to marry chakor
soraj;see he also dont want to do suicide
vivan;no its nothing like that chakor is gud but she is elder than me naw
soraj;so what papa u want to turn friend into samdhi hain???
soraj;then make him get married to ilmya
vivan;yeah thats ok
papa;u will marry imli….
vivan;annnn yeah i dnt have problem with that dad
soraj;wah wah shahbash vivan so papa u talk to uncle
papa;ok i will make this relation happen and will talk to him
he leacves
vivan;thank God
soraj;i think u should thank me also
soraj;cuz i made ur work easier
vivan;wwhich work
soraj;see i know u love imli so i helped u
vivan;u know???
soraj;yes thats y i helped u
vivan;thank u sooooooo much
he hugs him
soraj;ur welcome and thank u too
soraj;cuz u saved me from that chakor
vivan;hahaha ur welcome
soraj;i just hate her
vivan;but y???

soraj; i dnt know
vivan;shee is very nice girl
soraj;now plzzz u dnt start ok??/
vivan;ok sorry
soraj;its ok
he leaves
next day all family memberas go to imli house
soraj and vivan sit with their faher after greeting everyone
imli enterxss carrying some files then she sees vivan
she goes to them take ashirvaad from everyone and sits wityh her father
chakor was still absent

vivan;where is chakor???
rajesh-chakor father
raj;she has gone out with her friends
imli;i will call her
she goes to call her
chakor enters home while talking with imli on phone
chakor;reached imli phnch gae hun yar
she cuts the call
she greets evryone than sees soreaj and makes face
soraj gets irritate
sameer ;soraj father
sam;i want to turn our friendship into relationship
chakor gets shocked listening that she eyes soraj angrily
soraj smiles

chakorin heart;no no no
ssam;i want ur daughter hand for my son
chakor;oh shit phans gae chakor
raj;that will be pleasure for our family
sam;yeah i want ur daughter imli hand for vivan
chakor gets relaxed;thank god i m saved
raj;imli hand for vivan
raj;bring sweets chakor we dnt have any problem with it
chakor rushes to kitchen
chakor;thank god i m saved warna mjhe to laga tha……
soraj comes;k tmhari shadi mjh se hone wali h
chakor turns;what the hell u r doing here???
soraj;oye miss square talk with respect i m ur sisters jeth
chakor;so what???
soraj;so nothing pani lene aya hn ab tm mjhe sakoon se pani b na pene dena
chakor;g nae pe lo tm
soraj;btw the rthing u were thinking of getting married with me will never happen
chakoer;i dnt want this to happen
soraj;me too cuz i hate u
chakor;i hate u more
soraj makes face chakor gets irritate he takes water and leaves
chakor;annnn i hate thias man
the alliance gets fixed enagement date is decided to be tomorrow
chakor was asked to do all the preprations from bride side and responsibilty of prepration from groom side was given to soraj
inli;chakor di i have selected ring for vivan u take it from jeweller shop plzzz
chakor;ok but in evening not now
imli;no problem
she leaves
where as soraj was asked to take her mother set from jewellery shop
both leave in evening to the jewellery shop
chakor reaches first she goes inside shop some work was remaining so she was asked to wait

soraj enters jewellery shop he sees her and takes uturn
soraj;ye qayamat kahan se agae???
chakor sees soraj;ye soraj haina?? what he is doing here
soraj again turns ignore chakor and takes set from jeweller
chakor;hey what r u doing here???
soraj;main loundary se kaprey lene aya hn ……chaval nazar nae ata mom ka necklacee lene aya hn
chakor;to itna bharAQ ku rae ho jesse paise dne ho maine tmhare
soraj;bharaq nae raha hn
jeweller handsover her ring
chakor sees it;ye to vivan ko fit nae hone wali
soraj;ho jAE GI
chakor;im sure nae hogi
soraj;it will
chakor;ok give me ur hand

chakor;just give
she pulls her hand and make him wear the ring
soraj;bola that naw mjhe hogae to use b hojae gi
chakor;yeah right now take it out
soraj pulls it but it doesnot gets out
soraj;oh shit its not getting out
chakor;what??/ let me try
she pulls it hardly
soraj;its paining me
chakor;its ok i have to take ring out
she pulls it more
soraj gets cuts but ring doesnot comes out
soraj takes his hand;now see my blood is coming dnt u dare to do it again
chakor;but ring
soraj;shut up……bhaya ese ek r ring bna do isse
jwllr;ok sir chakor fee;s sad that bcz of her experiment soraj got hurt
chakor;ok chalo tmhare hath ki patti krte hain
soraj;no thnaks i will do it myself he leaves
chakor;sunu to…….oh god
she also leaves
ring is delievered at night
engagement day
full house is lit everything is prfctly done by chakor and soraj
guest come in house for function
chakor is wearing red lehnga with white choli and red dupatta light jewellary light make up
imli is wearing baby pimk lehnga with whit choli heavy jewllary
soraj is wearing whit shrwani with red dupatta around his neck
vivan wearing baby pink sherwani with white dupatta around his neck
all r looking amazing
chakor takes imli downstairs vivan ses imli andgets mesmerized
soraj ses chakor but doesnt notice her much but for the firsat tym in her lyf chakor sees soraj and gets mesmerized he was just perfect in his looks
chakor;soraj is not that much bad hold on hold on what m i thinking about him……..no chakor control
chakor goes to soraj;sorry soraj for yesterday but i was worried for ring
soraj;hold on u r saying me sorry……seriously????
chakor;yeah bcz of me u got hurt naw
soraj;dayan hoi meharban kese???
chakor;soraj uuuuuuuuu
soraj;ok ok plzzzz say that again
chakor;fyn sorry soraj
soraj;better its ok miss square
chakor;dnt call me square
soraj;chakre means square
chakor;no ye wo wala chakor nae ye wo chakor bird wala chakor h mr sun
chakor;soraj tumse to bat krna hi bekar h
soraj;to mat karo naw jao yahan se
chakor;thats y ihate u
chakor leaves
.enagement happens everyone claps
imli and vivan were very happy in fact more than happy
chakor was sad that her sis will go away from her
soraj;hey square what happened rowani shakal ku bana rakhi h??/
chakor;im sad for sisi she will go away from me
soraj;bss itni si bat tmhara jb dil kare tm ajana milnay apni sis se
chakor;han phr b
soraj; to tm esa karo ramu se shadi kr lo he also lives in our house then u nd imli will live together
chakor;who ramu??
soraj;our nokar
chakor;sorajjj uuuuuuuuu
soraj laughs;hahaha yar my idea is not that much bad
chakor;shut up
soraj;acha ab hans do rowani shakal bnao gi to ramu b shadi nae kare ga tmse
soraj;acha acha ab nae krn ga tang

soraj;ab hans do naw
chakor smiles
[arty gets over
chakor was continuously thinking about soraj first tym in her lyf he was in his mind
chakor and imli were sitting together
chakor;tell me one thing imli….how did u realize that u love vivan
imli;ammmmmmm bs pat chal gaya
chakor;wohi to kese
imli;ammmm first of all i cant see vivan in pain not even the pain of single cut
chakor remebers tym when soraj got hurt
imli;secondly whenever i see him i get mesmerized
chakor remebers tym when she saw soraj today
imli;third he can make me smile and can change my mud evrytym
chakor remembers that tym when she smiles bcz of soraj
imli;whenever i close eys i see vivan face
chakor closes her eyes and sees soraj face when he makes her smile when they fight together
chakor sudenly opens her eyes
imli;thats it these things r enough for a person to recognise his true love ok gotta go gud night di
she leaves
chakor;noooooooooooo chakor kal tk u hate him now u love him thats not possible u have gone mad
she sleeps
n dreams she sees soraj and her dancing together on a romantic song
she wakes up
chakor;tera chal gaya h chakor dnt u dare to think about him again
she again sleeps
she wakes up and sits on bed
she sees soraj in foront of himshe stands up immidiately
chakor;what r u doing here???
soraj;jb khawabon main aa skta hun to kamre main ku nae??
chakor;nae wo to bs ese h
soraj gets closer to her more closer more closer
she shuts her eyes
her mother shouts;chakorrrr
she opens her eys and founds no one there
chakor;oh god what has happened to me……..mom coming
she goes down and founds soraj there

soraj;mahrani u r still sleeping marriage is in 10 days
chakor;oh god another dreams
chakor;dekho ab m jag rae hun so no more dreams
soraj hits his head
soraj;pagal ho gae ho kaya???
chakor comes in senses
soraj;u surely have gone madd u should consult a doctor
chakor;no no no its nothing lyk that
soraj;its lyk that only u mad
chakor smiles
soraj;i just said u mad
chakor;i know
soraj;ohhhhh god
lets move
soraj;decorator se milna haina???
chakor;ya right lets go
they leave
they reACH decorator office
chakor sees rng in soraj hand
chakor;its still in ur hand
soraj;ya it didnt come out
chakor;oh let me try
soraj;noooooooo way stay away from me just stay away i said
chaakor;promise khenchon gi nae
soraj;no thanks i will try it myself
chakor smiles;stop behaving lyk a kid let me try

soraj;hansna band karo tm
chakor;ok fyn as u wish
they meet decorator and come home back
imli brings water for both of them chakor takes water when imli was giving water to soraj glass accidently fells dwn and hurts soraj foot
blood stasta coming
chakor;what the hell u did imli r u mad go bring the first aid box
imli;i m sorry
soraj;its ok plzzz bring first aidd box
chakor;jao jaldi
she brings first aid box give it to chakor and leaves
chakor;ddekhao hum patti kr dete hain
soraj;no i will do it myself
chakor;smjh main nae ata tmhein
she takes his foot and starts doing patti
sorj screams chakor eyes starts flowing
soraj;y r u weeping chot to hamein lagi h

chakor; i know
soraj;so y r u crying??
chakor;i m not crying
soraaj;u r see ur tears r flowing
chakor;ankh main kuch chala gaya hoga
soraj;jhot y r u crying
he was continuously askng the same wuesrtion
chakor;u r hurt naw thats y
soraj;hahaha i m hurt thats y u r crying??
soraj;hahha tm pagal ho gae ho chakor
chakor;nae to
soraj han to hahahah
he was continuously laughing chakor gets irritate
chakor;han ho gae hun pagal tmhein kya h maska kiya h tmhar han??
soraj;main to ye poch raha tha k chot mjhe lagi h ro tm rae ho ku???
chakor shouts because i love u
soraj shocked
soraj;hold on hold on what u said
chakor;i said i love u smjh man nae ata tmhein
soraj;pagal ho gae ho tm
chakor;han ho gae hun
soraj;hum tm se pyar nae krte
chakor;i know but…….
soraj;shut up

chakor;hamari bt to sunu
soraj leaves
chakor shouts;soraj soraj
but he leaves
chakor cries
chakor;how could u love someone wwho hates u alot how could???
soraj sitting in the car;how could she love me we both were enemies nw
but go to their room
days starts paiing chakor stopped fighting with soraj
soraj was finding reasons of talking to her but she was like no talks she became chup bilqul chup hich was becoming unbearable for soraj
one day
soraj;what happene dto u???

she starts moving
soraj holds him;then y dnt u talk to me and y dnt u fight with me??
chakor; i dnt have caliber to fight with u
she frees herself and leaves
soraj was now missing their fights he wished thata chokar talk to hm fight with hm but just smile and be with hm which was not haappening soraj and chakor lived a fightfull life with eachother butnever knw that their fight depicts their love
they love eachother thats y they fight with eachother
soraj was slowly slowly realizing his love towards chakor
on the marriage day of vivan and imli
chakor was wearing baby pink lehnga with orange contrast wnd was looking ammmazing
soraj sees her and gets mesmerized he goes to her
soraj;aj to bijliyan gir rae hain
soraj points towards her ;here
chokar;soraj plz hamen nae larna tum se
soraj;hum to tareef kr rae hain tmhari yar
chakor;ok thanks
she starts leaving
but soraj hold her
chakor;let me go
soraj;pehle btao tm ne hum se bt krna ku chor dia
chakor;kunke hum jb b bt krte hain larte hain r hum tum se larna nae chahte ab
soraj;acha chalo mazaq mazaq main hi lar lia kro
chakor;nae mazaq m b nae
soraj;acha tmhein pta h papa ne hamari shadi te kr ddi h
soraj;haww tm ne kaha tha k tm hm se pyar krt ho
chakor;han to???
soraj;tu hamain laga tm hum se laro gi is bt pr k hum kisir se shadi ku kr rae hain
chaakor smiles;larte zaror larte agar tm b hum se pyar krte
soraj;han to hum krte haina
mazaq kr rae ho to bta den bht bura mazaq h
soraj;no i m not joking seriously i love u yar
soraj;no not joke
he sits on his knees
soraj;i really really love u chakor plzzzz marry me
chakor;mazaq to nae kr rae ho??
soraj;nae yr
chakor gets happy and hugs him;i love u too
both hug eachother tghtly
then part away
soraj;wese kafi moti ho gae ho
chakor;haaaaaaaaaa hum ne nae bolna tmse
soraj;hahaha mazaq kr rae hain yr
both smile
scene splits on their happy faces
the end

ohhhhhhh god so sorry fatii if u dnt lyk it firstly i dnt know the chemistry of the pair secondly my hands r also breaking sorry yar
but this ones the last one
i hope i made ur b.dd gift special
happy birthdy yar
love u take care

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