hatred or love episode 4


Hi guys sriya here with the next part of hatred or love. Hope u all are liking it guys and don’t worry ragsan will be united but it will take time to set all things right. Guys a request please don’t throw rotten eggs and chappals on me after reading this a request from me. Thanks a lot guys for showering love on me guys till now I want everyone to comment on this episode.
Episode 4

We see a girl in lawyer uniform talking to her clients she was looking beautiful. She was our Ragini (shocked rights guys there is a flashback but it will not reveal now it will reveal after few episodes). After talking with her clients on the way she passes with sanskar and sanskar was fuming in anger after seeing her.
Sanskar pov
I hate you ragini gadodia I hate you so much after what u did with me I can’t ever love u played with my feelings didn’t think about me once also you are so selfish I can’t believe Ragini that I thought you are my soul mate but I regret myself for thinking like that. I will always keep hating you Ragini gadodia. You have said to me move on in my life see now I will move in my life.
Sanskar pov ends

While sanskar was walking a girl comes to sanskar and hugs her she was wearing a pink crop top her belly was visible and blue jeans with makeup. She was swara maheshwari. Sanskar was shocked seeing swara after so many years he sees Ragini feeling jealous seeing their closeness. Swara leaves and asks him who is this girl he says once my marriage was going to happen with her. Swara feels angry listening this so u both are married sanskar says no it didn’t happen due to some reason I will tell you afterwards. Sanskar says now let’s leave to the house babes. Swara was on cloud9 listening this she happily leaves from there with sanskar. Ragini was burning in jealous there a boy comes he was looking handsome he was ranveer 9 shakti arora )he says hi to Ragini she says hi ranveer after so many years you no I missed you so much handsome. ranveer says u are flirting with me Ragini says yes handsome why I can’t flirt with u ranveer says oh god please pinch me someone I am dreaming no this cannot happen Ragini gadodia the most eligible lawyer and the most beautiful lady flirting with me Ragini beats him playfully and says stop pulling my legs and by the way you are also flirting with me. Ranveer tells some jokes they both were laughing seeing this ranveer was mesmerised seeing her laughing here sanskar watches all this and was fuming in jealousy. Ragini sees him seeing her angrily she gets teary eyed and leaves from there running. Sanveer feels bad for her sanky is about to go to Ragini but later stops going after whatever happened in past and leaves from there with swara. Here ranveer goes to Ragini why she is crying she lies him saying that nothing something went into my eyes ranveer says okay lets leave. Saying this swasan and Ragini ranveer leaves in opposite directions.

Precap: – Ragini ranveer and swasan in same shopping mall. Ragsan emotional scenes. Ragini ranveer romantic scenes. Sanskar jealousy.

So guys now two more new characters in ragsan life will they help ragsan in uniting or will create more problems in their life. So guys how was the 4th episode please don’t throw rotten eggs or sandals on me. Thanks a lot guys for showering your love on me today I want everyone to comment. Love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments.

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    love rags
    but it tooo short

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    Same pinch sriya I an to randeep fan ….
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