hatred or love episode 2

Hello guys I m back with my ff. Thank u for ur valuable comments and thank u silent readers. Guys ragsan meet will be in this episode.

Ep2: –
Ragini house
Ragini ‘s parents are very much angry with Ragini. They both again decide to do her marriage as soon as possible so that they can get her out of the house. So shekhar calls boy’s family for marriage. They agree and say that they will be coming the next day.
@ Ragini room
Ragini’s parents tell Ragini that be ready tomorrow boy’s family is coming to meet u and don’t u dare to say no otherwise from now u we will not let u do any job. Ragini unwillingly agrees. After her parents leave from the room Ragini starts crying loudly.
Kapoor mansion

Laksh says to sanskar bhai tomorrow we are going to meet the girl’s family for doing ur marriage sanskar says what the hell laksh how can u agree to them I m still searching for my soul mate and u decided my marriage u should have asked me before deciding. Laksh says please forgive me bhai at least meet her once what if she is the girl whom u want to be ur soul mate. Sanskar says okay I will meet her once if she is not like this then I will not marry her. After this they both go to sleep.
The next day
Ragini gets ready the boy’s family reaches there. Ragini ‘s parents greet them they were two boys who were looking cool dashing and handsome(they were sanlak). They both starts talking and Ragini comes and offers them tea and biscuits. Sanskar says that he wants to talk to Ragini alone. So ragsan leave from there.
Ragini: – look Mr whatever ur name is I want to clear few things that I m not interested in this marriage I want to become a lawyer I want to be a independent women but because of my parents are forcing me I came here to meet u. Decision is urs if u want to marry me or not but I will make sure that this marriage won’t happen. Mark my words.

Saying this Ragini leaves from there. Sanskar gets in thinking.
Sanskar pov
She has all the qualities which I wanted to be in my soul mate I know that still she is not a independent women but after our marriage I will make her dreams come true. If she breaks the marriage then I will be shattered no I have to convince her before anything she does to break the marriage.
Sanskar pov ends

Precap: – sanky trying to convince Ragini.
Will sanky will be able to convince Ragini before it’s too late?
Will ragsan marriage happen or destiny will play its game?
Will Ragini will break the marriage?
If yes sanskar will start hating Ragini or not?

To know stay tuned to hatred or love. So guys how was the episode let me know through ur comments.
Keep smiling

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