hatred or love episode 1

Hello guys sriya here. Thank u for ur comments and thank u silent readers.
So here we go with first episode
We see a girl sleeping her parents scold her and she gets up with a bright smile on her face and they say her to that today a boy and their family is coming for a marriage proposal and gives her a saree and say her to be ready.
After they left from her room. The girl is crying badly as she was not interested in the marriage and she wants to fulfil her dreams. So she thinks to reject the marriage.

Scene 2
We see a hot and handsome boy jogging and their a blind old man is walking with a stick but there a car is about to hit the old man luckily the boy saves him. The blind old man was thankful to him and the boy goes to his house.(the boy was Sanskar kapoor)
Scene 3
We see a boy is flirting with the girls and asking them their phone numbers it was his hobby and another boy says to him u will never change u are impossible and they all laugh.(the boy was laksh kapoor)
Scene 4

The girl gets ready in the saree and the boy and their family reaches the proposal she offers the tea and the boy’s family ask the girl if she is ready to do the marriage. The girl says I don’t want to marry because I want to fulfil my dreams and this is not my age to marry and leaves from there. Her parents ask them sorry but the boy’s family leave from there. The girl parents were angry at the girl.
Girl’s pov
I will fight for my justice and achieve my dreams. I will fight from this crucial society which always dominate women. This society is cruel. But I will fight against all odds. (Yes the girl was Ragini) I will become lawyer no matter what happens. God I know in this world there is someone who will be made for me and will stand against the crucial society for me and will help in achieving my dreams. I know that day will come when I will find my better half.
Hero pov

I am Sanskar kapoor I am a famous lawyer and I am searching for my better half. I know she will be different from other girl’s she should know how to make me happy she should not care about society she should always fight for justice and she should be a independent girl. She should help and respect everyone and ya she should me love like no one ever can. She should stand for me no matter what happens and take care of me like a mother does to their children.
Hero pov ends.

So guys how was the episode. let me know through ur comments. Till then bye.
Love u all
Keep smiling

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