Hatred to Love a Bful Journey intro


Hatred to Love a Bful Journey

Hi all I am Veronica.I am here with a fan fiction. Its the 1st time I am writing an ff.I am doing my bcom 1st year.I hav read 2-4 ff’s on Arshi and Ishra though i am a silent reader. I like Arshi’s Treat to Ishra and Arshi fans.Thn Akshaya’s I am alive because of u with Ishra and Arshi. Ammu’s Love lasts forever.I am a diehard fan of Arshi and yah Ofcourse Ishra.I know all are fed up with so many ff’s include me also in the fed up list(Just Kidding) but plzz comment.

Raman. Kumar Bhalla is an short tempered business tycoon.Loves his family especially sissy.
Shagun Kumar Bhalla is Raman’s pyaari sister. She love her brother a lot and is the pet of her family.She is a doctor.
Dr Ishita Iyer neighbour of Raman but doesn’t talk with eachother.As both are busy with work

Arnav singh Raizada is a business tycoon.He is an angry young man.Luv his brothers.Brought up by his grandma.Parents died in young age in an accident.
Akash.Singh. Raizada bro of Asr.Loves his family and has a crush on somebody. He is helping Arnav
Manoj Singh Raizada (Yhm doc whom shagun marries.hope u all remember) is staying in London looking after business there.Bro of Arnav and Akash.

Kushi kumari Gupta the drama queen.From a middle class family. Looking for a job.Dance well.
Payal.Kumari.Gupta (Dnt noe whether its correct) is working in Raman’s company.

Ishgun are good friends. Shagun and kushi are best friends from childhood. Arnav and Ishita are bffs from school days.Raman and Manoj hav studied together during college days.Akash has a crush on Payal. He doesn’t know her name but hav seen her in many business parties.
Will destiny bring them together? stay tuned…….

I will introduce characters in the middle.The main focus is on Arshi and Ishra.As I am maaad fan of these.Hope u all like my ff.Everybody plz comment with ur name and details. (Just for fun).Tell me if u are writing some ffs.I would surely love to read those.
Yours Veronica

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Hi veronica, I am no. I hope it’s a good start…… Waiting for ur next episode….

    1. Tnx Jo.Wil update 1st part soon

    2. Hi jo….wil update 1st part soon.

  2. Nice intro dude……….continue.I am Varsha studying in 11th and I write an ff Yeh hai #yaariyan #aashiqui. Welcome to TU

    1. Hi Varsha.Wil surely read ur ff.Thnq for ur support

  3. Nice yaar

    Plz update regularly
    And i am safna
    Studying 9th
    I am not writing any ff but i am reading each and every ff of ishra

    1. I will surely update regularly….And hi safna or safu……

  4. Beautiful intro.. Hi I am Varsha.. And u had brought together the characters so well.. Eager to read the first part.. Post it soon…

    1. Wil post it soon.Tnk u for the encouraging comment. So 2 Varsha’s? ? Wow…And we all hav V
      Varsha and Veronica……cool

  5. Hi Veronica
    Nice start
    Upload soon..
    Welcome to tu Veronica
    Thanks for mentioning my ff ☺☺also

    1. Tnx Ammu.
      .Ilovd ur ff a lot and sad tht u stopped writing.

    2. Ammu where is ur ff dr?

      1. On the way ude ☺

  6. Hi Veronica . good story. Please be regular.waiting for ur next episode.

    1. Yup sure akshaya…tnx for support

      1. Veronica thank u so much for mentioning my name . please post ur episode soon yaar.

  7. Wow beautiful Veronica………and I too love the ffs that u mentioned on the top……….and I must say that ur ff also will be a lovely one……….so then if someone ask from me what’s my favorite ffs are I can say ur ff Also……….thanks for giving such a nice ff………
    ?? ?? ✌✌ ?? ?? ?? ✋✋ ??

    1. Tnq soo much for the encouraging comment.

  8. And I’m udeshi…. I did my O/L last year and now got the results………..I’m 17years old girl who lives in Sri Lanka………

  9. Wow its nice… and i m much overwhelmed as u mentioned my ff.. and i will surely read this story.. cont soon

    1. Im Reena… just now completed bcom and got married…

    2. Woow Arshi we are bcom galzz…..Tnx for support

  10. Seems interesting… .
    but plz update regularly….

    1. Surely shree

  11. Thanks for such lovely comment Veronica
    I’m writing one more ff ma definitely maybe!! Wait and watch guys tomo arshi’s new ff..intro

    1. Woow……so much excited for ur nxt one

  12. Superb start…….plz post the first part soon……….& Ha Best of luck for Ur FF………..

    1. Yah hav already updated it.And tnx for ur wishes

  13. awesome intro….please continue……….waiting for you first epi……….

    1. Yes dear u wil get it soon

  14. Wow!! Soooo nice.. Liked it very much… And always try to follow ur ff..?

    1. Tnx Kushi

  15. Hi veronica dr… nxt to arshi i cmntng urs only but i like all of othrs ff too but i didnt hav time to cmnt others am xtremely sry guyz but this is a nice intro like my arshi . But i had a req to u plz dont stop until ur imaginative stry ends. Becoz we fed up with lot of unfnshd ff thtz y yaar and cnt. Ur wrintngs….. all the best

    1. Tnq sooooo much for ur support.Yah I will not leave it half way.

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