Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 7


Shagun wakes up and thinks abt the whole incident.She recalls how Ishu was disturbed by her past.
Shagun:Anjali?May be…..
Raman on the other side :I think I should talk with Ishu.
Shagun calls Anjali. She pick up,
Shagun:Hi Anjali
Anju:Hi whose this?
Shagun:Shagun Actually…I am sorry but being Ishu’s friend can I know abt Ishu’s past.I know its awkward….but
Anju:Sorry I cant tell u.
Shagun:Plz…ok fine can u just meet me in Cafe coffe day?
Raman leave to office and sees Ishu.She was on her usual kurti with her hair open.The good west wind made her eyes to blink.Raman noticed that.Her eyeliner and Kajal just increased her beauty….Raman was staring at her…..She also noticed this.She just gave him an angry glare went ignoring him.
Raman(hesitantly):Ishita plz listen…
Ishu:What do u wanna say?
Raman:Thank u for listening to me.Can u meet me in……
Ishu:Sorry I cant waste my peaceful evenings on some emotionaless……
Raman:Stop! I am fed up of this drama
Ishu:Me too I also just left tht thing there. So no making any big fuss out of tht.ok?
Raman:Yah….but plz meet me in the park…
Ishu:Ok….but dont think I forgave u….
Raman(excitement):Thnq so much
And is abt to hug her.
Ishu:Stop there! (almost giving him a death glare) I just felt like talking to u.And now b4 my mind changes plz leave from here.
Shagun was hearing all these.Raman left tht place.Ishu go after he left.Shagun think of a plan……

Scene 2,
Kushi reach office and seeAsr shouting at the peon for something. She goes there and asks a staff.
Staff:Kushi di its because Arnav sirs tea was hot..
Kushi laughs….Asr stares at her.She is laughing uncontrallably.Akash who was controling his laugh also laughs in a way it doesn’t bother Asr.
Arnav:Kushi What the…..
Kushi (laughing):Are u a kid tht u cant drink hot coffee? And u dont add sugar also in tht..oh god! I cant control myself.
Arnav:I will fire u…
Kushi:I really think u are a kid…..I mean u will fire me for such a simple reason….chi chi sir.
Akash laughs hard.other staffs also stare they all were showing mixed emotions of scare and laughter.Kushi was enjoying the moment.
Arnav:Dont teach me……
Kushi:I wasn’t teaching
Akash was getting uncontrollable he went to the washroom and laughed hard remincing Kushi’s words.
Arnav:What the…..
Kushi felt like the office revolving. She suddenly fell down unconscious. Asr lifts her and takes to hospital.Akash looks on.They reach hosp. doctor checks Kushi and says she is weak.She should eat healthy foods.Asr listen all these carefully.Akash looks on
Akash to himself:Am I with Arnav Singh Raizada or someone else.?? Am I just dreaming?? (pinch himself) No so tht means bhai has changed.
Asr takes Kushi to her hse and grants her a day off.She thank him.He smiles. Akash is surprised seeing change in Arnav he decide to talk with Ishu and Manoj once Manoj arrives.

Scene 3 ,
Its evening, children are playing in the park.Ishu was enjoying the momentShe was lost in the kids and her own thoughts.The wind made her hair blew backwards…Raman was standing behind her…..her long hair was tickling him.The smell of Jasmine made her long hair more bful….Ishita-Raman called. She turned. Raman was lost in her…Dil kahin rukta nahin plays……
Raman:Actually I wanna befriend u….
Ishu to herself:Y is this Raavan Kumar being soft.Is it his nxt plan against me?
Raman:Say something
Ishu:I cant trust u
Raman:ok just friends what say?
Ishu:Ok will look…
Raman:No looking I want correct answer.
Ishu:Dont order me…..its my wish
Ishu:Say sorry
Raman:For what?
Ishu:For what not?
Raman:Ok….sorry (hesitantly)
Ishu smiles.
Ishu:Ok friends…..Anyways I didn’t like tht guy who came yday he looked like a tamil film villian….yuck!
Raman laugh.
Raman:Y did u slap me?
Ishu:Did it hurt .no rigt?
Raman:Mard ko kabhi dard nahin hota (A man doesn’t feel pain)
Ishu:U ppl are robots?
Raman:Yah kind of for women an ATM machine for a boss a Working machine.
Ishu:We also hav feet to stand.
Raman:But u need a man…
Ishu:Yah….but as a partner no as an Atm machine.
Raman (smiles):But atlast the job is on our heads…
They fight cutely…

Scene 4,
In Cafe coffee day,
Anju:Hi Shagun
Shagun:Hi.. actually I wanna tell u something…
Anju; Yah…say
Shagun:Can we make Ishu and Raman marry?
Shagu:Just look how compatible they are.How they fight.How they care for family. I am sure they will make a great pair together…
Anju:Bakwaas hai (its loose talk)
Shagun:Just think abt it with cool mind.
Anjali thinks and says an unsure yes to Shagun.
Anjali:But u dont know di’s past
Shagun:I dont want to know….
Anjali:I think u should know may be it can help in bringing them closer…
Shagun:ok…if its thaaat serious just tell me.

Flashback starts,
3 years before,
It was Ishu’s graduation party day in college , she and her best friend Subramaniam aka Subbu were partying hard.Ishu and Subbu are bffs from her college days.Arnav also knew him quite well.Subbus mom and Ishu’s father were old love birds.Ishu’s appa had a crush on Subbu’s amma in his school days.But when her father came to know all these he fixed her marriage to someone else.
The party was over soon.Ishu was tired after dancing soo much.Subbu was also tired.Ishu said she was leaving. Subbu hold her hands and proposed her.Ishu was on cloud 9.Ishu accepted the proposal.Subbu hugged her.
Days passed improving their relationship. Subbu and Ishu decided to take it to the next level-Marriage. Subbu dropped Ishu home after spending wonderful time together.
Subbu:Ishu can we go to a temple tomorrow..its quite far from here.
Ishu:Yah..sure afterall I am with u
Subbu smiles.Ishu waves him bye.
Nextday Subbu came and picked Ishu. Both of them were on his bike.They reached temple and were returning. On the way Subbu wanted to eat something they entered a cafe and ate something. Subbu had forgotten his purse in bike.He goes to take tht.And doesn’t return after 30mins Ishu worries.She pays the bill and go where their bike was parked and finds no bike there.She tries his number but it rings in her bag.Clearly she didnt know what to do.20m apart she saw a crowd an ambulance and a bike.She went there crying.It was infrnt of an Atm.She went near the ambulance and askd a person standing nearby what happened?
Man:A man has died.A lorry hit is bike and his head hit the post.The doctor said he is no more…
Ishu cries bitterly.She looks at the person’s face and see Subbu.She rushes clearing the crowd making her way.Sits near him and cries.She takes his body for death rituals to his house.Ishu is in shock.Her tears are still not listening to her.Its flowing.Subbu’s mom is crying….but she also cant believe he is really dead.While crying she says I wish it a bad dream.Ishu is also wishing it to be a bad dream.But it was reality.After the karma’s.Ishu sits near subbu’s mom to console her.But this breaks down Ishu.Subbu’s moms words,
Subbu’s mom:U are the reason for my sons death.If u wouldn’t have come into his life, he would have been alive right now.The day u came in my sons life he only had bad lucks.He lost his job….3 accidents which was minor bcoz of gods grace.And his sister ran away.It was all because of u….
Ishu cries.
Flashback ends

Shagun was listening to each and every word.
Anjali:Ishu di had been like a robot after tht hos to home.Sometimes Arnav bhai comes and she talk and laugh.may be a fake laughter for his happiness.It was just a few months back she overcame all those.But she is not my old Ishu di the fun types crazy types…who does all the weird things …I really miss her.She was the light of our hse…the happiness packet.May be it was her fate.
Shagun:Lets gve her life colours
Anju and Shagun shake hands……

Precap:Shanoj (Shagun-Manoj)nok-jhok.Arshi scenes.

*hope u all enjoyed the long episode. …

Credit to: Veronica

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