Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 6

Arshi arrive at Ishu’s apt.
Kushi in mind:This is Shagun’s apt.Hope I get a chance to see her.
She walks absent minded and hits somebody…….She is about to fall down but Asr holds her.They are lost in eachother……..Rabba ve plays…….Kushi straightens herself.
Arnav:Cant u walk properly?
Kushi:Sorry sir actually…
Arnav:I Dont wanna hear anything.
Kushi:Aise kaise? U will hav to hear me
Arnav:Just shut up and come with me
Kushi stares at him.Arnav lift his eyebrows.Kushi follow him.They are in Ishu’s apt.Ishu see Arnav and runs to hug him.Kushi gets shocked. Anju sees Kushi and thinks she has seen Kushi somewhere.Ishu is crying bitterly saying she dont hav a life now…….Arnav is asking reason. Anju explains everything. Arnav gets angry.
Arnav:Where is he?
Anju:He is n the parking.
Arshi, Anjali and Ishu go down….Arnav was dragging Ishu. Somewhere Kushi was confused with all these may be she thought Ishu to be his girl friend.Arnav sees Raman.Kushi is shocked to c Raman there so as with Raman. Kushi call Shagun.Arnav stop Raman. They merge into a fight.A hits R hard.R holds his collar.
Arnav:How dare u ruin my bestfriend’ s life.
Raman:Ok….so now I understand Madrassan has gven contract to a Gunda for beating me….
Arnav:Mind ur language I am Arnav Singh Raizada.
Arnav:Just stay away from her u dont know me……
Ishu:Stop it! Mr.Raman Kumar Bhalla there are kids here and I dont want to make a big scene her so plzz go out.And Arnav just let him If I can handle tht situation thn this is not at all a situation.
Arnav holds her signing her not again

Scene 2,
Akash is with his friends in a cafe.He looks around for a table and find Payal. She was with a friend he guessed.He moved towards her and says hi.
Payal turns:Hi Akash ji.
Akash:U here?kya kar rahi hoo(wht are u doing)
Payal:Yes….I hav come to buy 200tonnes steel .can u help me?
Akash:Nice joke
Payal:Buddu ho kya.Y do u come to cafe for F&B right?
Akash nods and says:So stupid of me.
Payal laughs. He is lost in her the way her hair was enjoying her laugh……the way her fingers curled her hair……the way her eyes showed the happiness….he thought to himself:Is it the happiness of love? I wish it was.Akash was disturbed by a loud noise of car horn.
Payal:Chi! Horn……
Akash closes her ears.She widens her eyes.He smiles flirtiously……
Payal:Ji….take ur hand
Akash:Oops sorry……Ok thn I am leaving.
Payal nods.
Aakash:Bye to bol sakti di (she could have said bye)
Payal smiles. Aakash turns to see….and see her smiling
Next day morning,
Kushi wakes up and thinks abt her past few days…..How she is fighting with Asr…….How he is caring her…reminces yday in staircase how she was abt to fall down and Asr holded her…..Kushi smiles
Payal:Oh my drama queen is blushing…..dreaming abt??
Kushi:Jiji kuch bi…..
Kushi hits her with pillow. Payal hits her back.They spent some masti…..

Precap:Past revealation.who heard this? Who said this? Will Raman make Ishu happy? Stay tuned……..

*Tnq all for ur comment.And Arshi dear Varsha is my neighbour cum bff cum loooooonggggggg relative.Ayesha..ur comment made my day….

Credit to: Veronica


  1. ayesha

    Thank you sooooooooo… much nick for mentioning my name in ur ff I really liked it when u posted my name there it really makes me feel so good btw episode was mind blowing and fabulous there are not enough words to describe ur ff keep it up.

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