Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 5


Its another day in their lives.Ishu woke up moved to the balcony and straightened herself.She felt reborn after 3 years.Her past always called her in dreams, day&night but nowadays she was more happy and was again a warrior.As if she was ready to fight anything life sends.But now also she wanted somebody beside her. (Guys i will reveal the past soon).A voice called her from the ground floor it was Shagun
Shagun:Hi Ishu gud morning
Ishu:Hi Shagu…

Suddenly a voice startled her it was Raman’s from the adjacent side.
Raman(loud voice):Shagu….where is my new shoes..
Shagun:Bhai I hav worn tht…sorry (Cute way holding her hands on ears)
Raman (Smiling):Ok my girl.I will buy another one.
Ishu to herself:This Raavan Kumar is cute with his family but only with others he is Raavan.
Scene 2,
Akash again goes to the temple where he saw Payal the last day.Wishing to see her.And as his wish he sees her.Akash move towards Payal. Payal see him
Payal:Ji aap….phirse meri maa ko ghoorne nahin aaye na? (U haven’t come to stare at my mom again right? )
Akash laughs.Akash:No no….actually we left our conversation in the middle…
Payal:I know now u will ask my name….abt my siblings. ..mom, dad..my favorites etc right?
Akash:Correct….I mean…..

Payal:No mean vean tht was the whole point.
Akash(Not audible to Payal):She is intelligent
Payal:Its not my intelligence its just experience. ..
Akash:Can u just gve me ur hand…I just wanna shake hands…seriously u are amazing.
Payal:Ok then I am leaving.
She leaves
Akash:She could hav tld her name and gone
Just then Payal turns and says:Btw ji my name is Payal.Kumari. Gupta.
Payal smiles and leaves.He moves towards the entrance and says:Palat (Turn) again says palat and 3rd time also says but she doesn’t turn back.
Akash:Only Srk can do this in movies……..
A voice:She is not gonna turn back beta
Akash turns back and sees Kushi
Akash:Hi Kushi
Kushi:Hi sir….By the way na my di is very straight forward so sorry.
Akash:Yah. tht I understand she just fused my bulb

Kushi laughs. Akash smiles.
Scene 3,
The house was decorated like it was her marriage. But just an function for the bride and groom to see eachother. She was very excited to meet him.Somebody called her.
Ishu:Aa rahi hoon amma. (Coming mom)
Amma:They have arrived beta.
Ishu checks her hair and saree.Someone comes on the door and knocks
Ishu:Anjuu…..uff thank god u just came now.How do I look.
Anju:Awesome! .
Ishu:Thnx Anjali…..
Anju:I like Anju…. (makes puppy face)
Ishu hugs her.Tears come from their eyes.
Amma:Anju….when did u come?
Anjali:Just now

Ishu to Anju:U have come to meet him right.
Anju hits her.
The groom’s family come in.Ishu serve them snacks and tea.
Amma to Pranav (The boy):Beta hav this laddoo Ishu made this
Ishu widens her eyes.Amma stares at her.Pranav smile.Suddenly, Raman come there.Ishu is shocked. He looks for Ishu.He move towards her drags her
Ishu:Leave me…
Raman:Jhansi ki Rani its important
Ammachoddo usse.
Raman:Sorry its very important.
He takes her to his home and then to Shagun’s room
Raman:Ishita her teeth is paining please treat her.
Ishu:Badtameez.I will treat her later.Now, its abt my life.
Raman holds her hand and pulls her close to him and asks her to treat her.
Ishu:Ah.. leave me it hurts
Shagun:Bhai leave her.I am sry Ishu I thought of meeting u after ur function but bhai saw….I am really sorry

Ishu(rubbing her Tears):Its ok.But dont think that I will forgive ur bro.
Raman:I dont want u to forgive me.Just treat my sister.
Ishu treats Shagun. Shagun thanks her and says sorry.Ishu return home and find nobody there only her parents and Anjali
Ishu(break down):I knew they would go.
Anju consoles her.
Amma:Now I will show these Punjabis
Ishu:Amma wait This time I am gonna show them.
Ishu goes inside Raman’s house and slaps him hard.
Ishu:Dont show me ur fingers.U can only understand the pain of a mother and father when ur sister is in this situation. I thought u hav some emotions but I was wrong.U are an emotionless Badtameez ….
Raman:Shut up!
Shagun:Guys stop it.Ishu I will explain them

Anju:What are u gonna explain.
Shagun:I can explain thm the whole thing
Ishu(break down):No use.I will think that it wasn’t meant for me…
Shagun and Anju console her.Raman feel bad.
Raman:I am sorry Ishita.I will explain them
Ishu:No need.Abhi tak jo kiya us keliye thank u so much (Whatever u hav done till now for that thank you so much)
Ishu leave from there
Anju to Raman:Mr.Raman Kumar Bhalla….u dont know what she has gone through.And I am not interested in saying that to u also.So I am begging u plzz dont disturb her again.These people had accepted her past and u just…….leave it
Shagun:I am really sorry on my brothers behalf.
Anju:No use….

Anjali also leave. Shagman feel so bad.
Shagun to herself:I shoulnt have become so selfish for my bro.God will also not forgive me.But what is this Ishu’s past I should know it.I should ask Ishu.
Raman to himself:What did I do now.I broke a girls dream.God plz forgive me.
Scene 4 ,In Arnosh F.H,
Kushi:Arnav ji….
Arnav:Call me sir….
Kushi:ok sir….u have a girlfriend?
Arnav:Y do u wanna know abt my personal things.
Kushi:Simply sir….

Arnav:I am not interested.
Kushi:But I am interested.
Arnav:See…I am(phone rings and its Ishu)…wait its very important
Ishu (cries):I wanna meet u come to my flat….
Arnav:Just reaching
He hangs up the call
Arnav to Kushi:Kushi come we hav to go to my friends house its very imp. And u complete ur wrk there. I will drop u home
Kushi:Yes sir….

Precap: Arshi meet Ishu.Arnav and Raman have a fight.Ishu stops them.Akash and Payal meet in a cafe….

*Sorry guys for less Arshi scenes……

Credit to: Veronica

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      .he he :p.Thnq thnq thnq so much for ur lovely comment. Abt autograph sorry dr I am helpless……Btw I likd the name nick

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