Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 45


The epi starts with Raman seeing Ishu inside ward.
Raman:Sh….I know….Wait for 3 more months everything will be alright……
Ishu smiles and hugs Raman…yhm plays
Ishu:Thank u for making me a mother…I have almost gone through 3 surgeries for this…U are the reason for all this.Thank u soo much Raman.
Raman:I also wanna thank u Ishu for being there with me in every decision making….
Arnav,:Wow….Thank u game.I just love it…….Ishu I also wanna thank u for…
Ishu beats him playfully and says:Idiot…U spoiled our cute romance.
Arnav:Dekha babes aapki aane se pehle hi mamu ko daant rahe hai(Before ur enter ur mom has started scolding me)
Arnav makes puppy face.Ishu cups his face and says:How cute..Right?
Raman nods.

Arnav:Come on let’s go back home.Ur saas(Mother in law) is waiting for u
Ishu:My saas is world best…..
Raman:Saas bahu ek saat are unbearable(Arnav laughs)
Ishu shows face.Raman gives a small kiss on her cheeks…Arnav turns his face.Ishu blush
Raman:Arnav shall we?
Arnav nods…..
Ishu is taken back home.Ishu is in her room after a saas bahu drama…Raman comes there with a book.
Ishu:Whats this book ?
Raman:My girl should have a name right?

Ishu:Ofcourse…I hav a name in my mind…
Raman:No never…..
Ishu makes pout face
Raman:What about Rinky?
Ishu:Raj ko bhi doond lo(Find Ran for her also)
Ishu:No…Kavya..How cute?

Raman:I didnt like it.What about…
Shagun enter,
Shagun:I will suggest a name…Ruhanika…we can call her Ruhi
Ishra:Good idea
Raman:Ok fixed.Ruhanika.Bhalla..
Ishu hugs Shagun.Shagun leaves to Raizada mansion after spending time with Ishra and family……..
Raizada mansion,
Shanoj reach there and see Mihir and Anjali back after a loong vacation.Shagun hugs Anju.Manoj also hugs her.Mihir and Manoj talk about their trip.Arshi and Akayal enter along with Nani.
Nani:Mihir…Anjali betiya.U were supposed to come next week right?

Anjali:Nani…I was not well….so just came back….Mihir I wanna eat something sour
Nani,Khushi.Shagun and Payal giggle.All look at her happily
Anjali:Here I am dying of headache and u ppl are giggling.
Nani: I think I am going to become badi nani again….(Ps.Akayal have a daughter her name is Rishika)

Anjali:I am not understanding
Shagun:Oyy u tube light.Nani thinks u are pregnant…
Anjali feels shy and covers herself in Mihirs’s chest.Mihir smile
Mihir:See guys she is still behaving like a kid…and now I dont know about my child…..
all laugh
Khushi goes to her room thinking something.Arnav follow her.Khushi locks herself in the room.Arnav is puzzled.Arnav knocks on the door 2 times but no reply.And atlast he gets angry and shouts Khushi.Arnav breaks the door and get inside.He is stunned to see Khushi in a sari which he gifted for their 6 months anniversary.Arnav hugs her from behind.
Arnav:Y didnt u open the door till now
Khushi:Woh…I wanna say something
Arnav:Say know
Khushi:Arnav ji….U hav 2 happiness to celebrate today

Arnav(doesn’t understand):What?
Khushi:U hav 2 same happiness parties……
Arnav:Oh..now I understand u hav come back and.Anju is pregnant right that’s the reason?
Khushi:Offo….Arnav ji I wanna eat something sour(Lifts her left eye brow)
Arnav:So thats the reason u locked urself inside.ah?
Khushi:Arnav ji I am pregnant(shouts)
Arnav couldnt believe his ears..He asks Khushi to say again.
Khushi:Yes U heard it right….
Arnav jumps like a small child…..Khushi admires him.He is about lift Khushi.Khushi keeps hand on her stomach.Arnav kiss her….A lip to lip kiss as he couldnt control his happiness.
Khushi:Calm down….Lets tell this matter to everybody?
Arnav:Ofcourse…When did I know that?

Khushi:Yday i went to hospital for check up as I had a small headache…..Doc said that I am pregnant….
Arnav holds Khushi and asks whether her head is ok now Khushi nods.Arshi come down.
Arnav:Shagun and Manoj u ppl shift to my room from today
Arnav:Cause my child needs special care
Shagun:Come on Manoj lets shoft
All look at arshi and Shagun puzzled.
Akash:Am I going to be a chachu?
Nani:Badi nani?

Khushi nods…All hug her in excitement.Khushi hugs Arnav.Arnav kiss on her forehead…kyun khwabon pe tere saaye hai……..Rabba ve plays…(happy version)

Precap:Nk propose and reveals something to La……La is shocked but accept Nk.

*I know the precap is quiet boring.But trust me there are Ishra and Arshi scene in my next epi also

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  1. Nice di…..enjoyed it.Ishra fighting on name….ha ha…..wow…Khushi is pregnant so as with anjali…Update soon…Nla scene eagerly waiting

    1. Veronica

      Thanks varshuu

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ishra arshi,mihir anjali scenes were nice.anjali n khushi too preg.wow.rly excited abt nk la precap.plz show payash scene too

    1. Veronica

      Sure will show payash scene

  3. jasmine Rahul

    when ishra fought over name shagun gave d best suggestion.ruhanika.so that pet name can b ruhi.wow

  4. Wow wow wow wow wow!!!
    Vero di!!!!
    What a sweet Arshi scenes!!!!!
    I was sooooooooo much happy while reading that part when Khushi told Arnav about her pregnancy…
    Oh! It was AWESOME ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Veronica

      My update was specially for u….I had told me about pregnancy yday… So thought of that……:-) Thank u for supporting

  5. Honey

    Wow, its do nice episode yaar

    1. Veronica

      Tanx Honey

  6. Love it such a cute moment

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwww!!!!! Loved it……..Sooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeee

    1. Veronica

      Tnq soo much reshma

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